Wow! Thank YOU So Much!

YOU Were Awesome

Awesome. How many times did I hear that? How many time did I say that myself? How many blog posts have there been?

It’s time we said our thank you to you. You were awesome, just like we knew you would be. Did you see what you did? You made SOBCon happen the way it did.

From the minute the first of you showed up at the Sofitel. It was like magnets. No one was alone. People found each other and started to talk. A few found us and immediately the conversation began. We just watched as people jumped right over the small talk to get on with knowing each other.

You even know how to say thank you in a most awesome way.

Generosity of spirit is viral. Picture 110 people in a hotel ballroom, all generously sharing business ideas and secrets, building on each other’s creativity, and offering their experience as a gift. I can’t remember the last time I was in a space where that kind of spirit abounded on such a large scale. Conflict tempts us to hold our cards close to our vest, to be cautious, to be stingy with our warmth and spirit. That stinginess begets more of the same. Generosity of spirit is so much easier…all we have to do is make the choice to do it. Thank you, my fellow SOCcon-ers.–Tammy Lenski

Thank you, Jason, for live blogging the experience so others could know what happened.

You became more than a bunch of ones. You became a roomful of minds and hearts all looking the same direction.

You accomplished that. Because you didn’t just come, you showed up.

Wendy Piersall
Andy Sernovitz
Phil Gerbyshak
David Armano
Drew McLellan
Mike Wagner
Rodney Rumford
Ben Yoskovitz
Robyn Tippins
Diego Orjuela
Vernon Lun
Sandra Renshaw
Brad Shorr
Timothy Johnson
Tammy Lenski
Sean R.
Muhammad Saleem
Lorelle VanFossen
David Dalka
Todd And
John Yedinak
Joe Hauckes
Tim Draayer
Jeremy Geelan
Chelsea Vincent
Ayush Agarwal
Paul Mangalik
Premchand Kallan
Xochi Kaplan
Michael Snell
James Bergstrom
Raj Majumder
Keith Levenson

Thank you.
LizLisa. Chris, Terry, Mike

Please let me know of any errors in the list –Liz

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