Why SOBCon — Not That Other One?

Conversation Means YOU Talk Too

A conversation involves more than one person talking. A conversation means you get to talk too. The best ideas come when we mash up the knowledge and approaches from different fields and when we look at ideas from all points of view.

Imagine SOBCon — a room filled with web publishers, many you have met on your blog or blogs like this one.

See the SOBCon presenters. They’re leading conversations.

Can you see it? It’s an audience of people engaged in swapping strategies, offering top-notch thinking from which you get to choose . . . Here’s just a few of the folks who will be adding value.

  • Brad, Sheila, and Marcus, who know how words make connections with readers
  • Lisa, who brings the soul of an actress and the mind of a teacher
  • Jesse, who can see how a gamer might get over a wall
  • Tony, who can diagnose a problem inside a plan
  • Dr. Wolcott, who is at the top in the field of business innovation
  • Ashley, who brings a painter’s vision and delicate hand
  • Sandra, who knows tools and techniques of visual thinking
  • Joe, who brings those grounding questions and computer expertise
  • Jeff, who understands good to great and will get there
  • Tammy, who knows the people in every part of our job and the dynamics of conversation
  • Steve, who is the extreme leadership that lifts us to try
  • Dawud, who brings those goals he wrote that prove we express ourselves in our business
  • Vernun, who knows how to celebrate others as part of our dream
  • Muhammed, who can’t help but provide energy and new ideas
  • Robert, who will be there with a practical eye toward what is real
  • Franke and Timothy, who know the “group think” of the situation
  • Easton, who knows how to organize and monetize without killing the grace of an idea
  • Ann and Kent, who are leaders that know presentation is as important as content
  • Troy, who thinks big and challenges everyone to take permission to do so

And add to that list people from every walk of business life — corporate innovators, public relations communicators, and the hippest new media contributors — no kidding really. I’ve seen who’s coming and they’re all on it.

Why SOBCon 07 and Not That Other One?

An entire room of experienced minds challenging each other to find the best ways of

  • engaging readers and connecting with customers
  • drawing people into deeper and more meaningful conversation
  • using architecture that invites people hang out around and talk longer
  • converting visitors into friends and super influencers
  • reaching out beyond the blogosphere

And of course, each person’s answer will be different.
Think about that . . . a roomful of minds all looking the same direction — toward how relationships can build a business — your blog, your business.

SOBCon 07 is more than a conference. It will be a one of a kind experience.
A roomful of incredible minds, ideas, and choices.

You can’t get that just anywhere.

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