What Keeps @BeckyMcCray coming back to #SOBCon?

Over the coming weeks, we’re featuring some of our alumni talking about why they keep coming back to SOBCon. These are people that have been to SOBCon multiple times, and they continue to invest their resources in your community. This week we feature small business expert and co-author of Small Town Rules Becky McCray sharing why she keeps coming back to SOBCon.

I’m skeptical of most conferences, because too many are all talk. Presenters get up and lecture, while we all listen patiently. I seldom feel like I learned anything I couldn’t have learned from just reading an article or book from the speaker.

SOBCon is different. There are presentations, but they come with variety. Some are single presenters taking us through a theme, some are panels or Q&A. But every time, we come back to small groups around the table.

The magic is in those small groups. It’s usually 6 people, all working together on the theme or model that we just heard about. I get to pick how much and how intensively I share about my own business. The more I share, the better ideas I get from my table team. Everyone in the room is there because they have committed to work.

In the two and a half days, I always gain new insights on my own business, and I always feel like I’ve done good in helping others.

Joe Sorge and I talked about SOBCon in this interview, starting at: 18:09:

Thank you Becky.

For small business insights from Becky McCray, visit Small Biz Survival or check out her book Small Town Rules, co-authored with fellow SOBCon alum Barry Moltz.

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