Wagner 0282014 915 Review

Wagner 0282014 915 Review

I do not know about anyone, but for me, cleaning my bathroom tiles is one of the hardest tasks. Just hearing it gives me goosebumps. Nonetheless, I had to use all those toxic chemicals to get rid of all the stains that gathered in the tiles, not to mention the huge one that takes to remove this.

So when I heard about the Wagner Power Steamer and Cleaner, I was excited to see the power of this steam cleaner. After using it for many days now, I will write a review of this product down below.

A Quick Look at the Features

Let us first see all the key features briefly that makes this cleaner this much impressive.

  • Looks vibrant to the eyes with a bright, beautiful yellow colored body
  • Modestly lightweight with weighing of only 16.4lbs and dimensions of 19.5*15.2*12.9 inches
  • A steam system with heavy, powerful pressure of 1500 watts
  • The steam that can be controlled in fingertips
  • Comes with multiples accessories
  • Does not require any chemical for the steam operation
  • A great feature is the inclusion of indicator lights
  • Old wallpaper removal feature
  • Can kill bed bugs because of the high temperature

Wagner 0282014 915 Review

Wagner 0282014 915


  • Can effectively kill bed bugs
  • Comes with indicator lights
  • It provides chemical free cleaning
  • Easy to set up
  • Looks good to the eye
  • Assures 20 percent faster cleaning
  • Controllable steam production
  • You can steam your clothes


  • Can take time to fill the tank
  • Hard to remove iron stains

I have discussed all the essential features, but now for better understanding I will explain all the important features in details.

Steam Control at the Fingertip

This cleaner is modified to be used in two different modes of steams; either continuously or discontinuously so you always have enough steam for the type of your work. The changing of this mode is very easy and can be done within reach of fingertips.

A Perfect Pressurized Steam System

Build to provide solid power of 1500 watts and work with 120 volts; the steamer packs enough capacity to complete even the hardest of cleaning works.

It has a unique feature to remove old wallpapers or wipe out the oil from kitchen broilers, stoves and most importantly getting stains from washroom tiles.

You are sure to get all bacteria to eliminate from your floors. It is a single equipment with multipurpose cleaning that will save your money and time. You can also have the benefits of laminate floor mop with it.

Chemical Free

If you have kids around your home, you have to make sure to avoid using nontoxic elements in the house. This cleaner uses only water to produce steam and clean. This also has a low setting to be used in delicate items.

Indicator Lights

The Wagner is designed to provide you with perfect cleaning at minimal time. Hence, it comes with indicator lights. As you fill the water tank with water, the indicator light goes red to indicate heating.

The color changes to green when you start steaming. This unique feature makes your life so much easier that you do not have to check yourself every time whether the steamer is steaming or not.

Multiple Accessories

Different surface requires different accessories to clean. So to make your life easier, the Wagner comes with multiple accessories like cleaning brush, extension rods and spray gun and many more. These make it an excellent spray mop.


If you are getting worried about how to attach the accessories to the cleaner, I assure that it is very easy, even a toddler would find it easy to attach and does not take more than a couple of minutes. The use of this steamer is immense starting from dirty tiles to your walls and many more.

The Killing of Bed Bugs

If you are tired of bed bugs, you have to use this cleaner to help you get rid of these bugs. The water tank can hold 48 oz of water that reaches up to 100 degree Celsius of temperature which is enough to kill any sort of bugs. If you want more heavy duty vacuums, you can read the review of McCulloch Mc 1375 and McCulloch Mc 1385.

Fast and Effective Cleaning

This steam cleaner is different. It is 20 percent faster due to the pressure it can create while steaming. This pressure along with a jet nozzle can clean all surfaces and even clean the mud from your dirty tires.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not uncommon for you to have some questions. Here I will try to answer some of the questions down below.

Q. How Long Should I Wait for rhe Water ro Start Heating Up?

Believe me or not, it takes only 5 minutes to heat the full water in the tank and start producing steam.

Q. Is It Possible to Steam Clothing Using This?

Although the list of features does not say anything about using it on clothing, I have personally used it to steam clothes, and it works beautifully on clothes.

Q. If I Want to Remove My Wallpaper, How Long will It Take?

Well, removing an old wallpaper is not an easy task. It takes both time and effort. However, using this steam, the wallpaper can be easily scrapped by its pressurized steam power.

Q. Can I Use It on Carpets?

Yes, you can, but my honest opinion is that you should avoid using this steam on carpets.

Q. Can It Clean Furniture?

It is a multipurpose cleaner, so it can clean any things or surfaces. You name the furniture, and your work is done.

Note that Worth

Let us hear it like this, if you want a minimal steam cleaner that doesn't take much space around your house to store but comes with massive power to take care of all your cleaning needs, the "Wagner Power Steamer and Cleaner" is the device for you to go to.

With an output power of 1500 watts and using only water to produce steam over 100 degree Celsius, this cleaner is sure to clean all types of surfaces and items at your home. Talking about the price on the other hand, this handy powerful device comes for a pretty cheap price range.

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