The FREE SOBCon Colorado Preview Webinar: August 16th, at Noon EST

Hi all – In anticipation of SOBCon Colorado on September 17 and 18, 2010, in Broomfield, our great friend and online guru Chris Garrett will be hosting a preview webinar on August 16th, 2010, from Noon to 1PM, EST.

His guests will include SOBCon Colorado speakers:

Liz Strauss (SOBCon Co-Founder)
Terry Starbucker (SOBCon Co-Founder)
Jonathan Fields
Shelly Kramer
Erika Napoletano
Sally Hogshead

We’ll be talking about the magic of SOBCon, the Colorado event, and how this “one-day business incubator” will give you a lot of tangible content from which you can learn, take home, and use in your busines.

And of course, we’ll be sharing some of our tips too!

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