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At SOBCon, we’re going all out to make this event insightful, memorable, content-rich, educational, different and fun! We’ve put together a powerhouse line up of presenters with one goal in mind - Help equip you to take your blogging to the next level.

So we thought you might appreciate a peek into who all these people are. We wanted to give you a savory taste of what you can expect from your interaction with each of them when you join us for SOBCon ‘07.


Phil Gerbyshak is a relationship geek who makes it great. Put simply, Phil creates and grows relationships on his blog, and in his world, and he’ll be sharing his tips on “how to be a relationship geek,” with 3 simple, but not easy, methods:

Know More - Learning more about your brand, and yourself, helps you to learn more about why others are attracted to you, and what you can do more of (and what you can stop doing)

Share More - Your knowledge…Your network…Your love…Your time…Your attention. These are things to be shared. Don’t keep them to yourself. Phil will share how he does that without burning out.

Grow More - At the end of the day, we all want to get better, to improve our life, to improve our relationships, to grow our knowledge to grow our network, to make our blogs, our business, everything, better, GREATER. Phil will share his tips on how to grow your life from good…to GREAT!


You don’t want to miss this conference. Come join us, interact with all our presenters, and learn how to take your blogging to the next level.

We look forward to getting to know you a little better there!