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Liz Strauss is known as a relationship blogger, a person who answers every comment, and someone who never sleeps. If you ask her about it, she’ll tell you she lives inside your computer. Some folks have started to believe that. She believes blogging is about the people and, as part of her B.A.D. Blogger program, Liz calls a blogger a day to find out more about the folks who blog.

ME “Liz” Strauss has worked in print, software, and online publishing with small companies and corporate giants such as Pearson, Reed Elsevier, and Wolters Kluwer. She conceived and drove the reader-centered strategy that turned around a sharply declining company, taking it from $9M to sell for $35M in 3 years. Her presentations are known for being fun, insightful, and packed with quality content.

Successful-Blog Thinking, writing, business ideas. You’re only a stranger once.

Jeremy Wright, CEO of b5media, has described Successful-Blog as “both a destination and an event.” Discussing topics that interest both business and hobby bloggers, highlights include an extensive series on Effective Writing, A Comprehensive New Bloggers’ Section, A Deep Archive on Net Neutrality, and several Successful Series on Business.

Following a “Blue Ocean Strategy” to be a category of one, Successful-Blog, at 17 months of continuous publishing, has achieved a rank in the top 1600 at Technorati with a Google Toolbar Page Rank of 6. It offers 1500 posts and 31,000+ comments. The community shows itself most noticeably in two places.

    § The SOB program, which stands for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers, now boasts a directory of over 500 bloggers most of whom sport the SOB badge on their blog.

    § Tuesday Open Comments Night At 7pm CST bloggers gather in the comment box to have a conversation at the rate of as many as 90 comments per minute. It’s been called live social media and been live blogged many times.

    § The SOBCon Virtual Conference at which 13 speakers presented blog posts and had interactive conversations about blogging.

“Liz is a well respected and hard working blogger . . . She has a gift for creating a community around her blog and drawing people into her work.” Darren Rowse,, founder b5media

“Liz is a real publishing talent who also has a great eye for talent. . . . Liz can spot an emerging trend before it is even on the horizon.” Matthew Sandblom, Blake Publishing

The VRP is an SOB Greg is an SOB CGR is an SOB!

I would rather participate in Liz’s Open Mic night than watch TV on a Tuesday night. Casual Keystrokes, Nov.16

“Everything I Know about Relationships I Learned Inside my Father’s Saloon and Dancing School.” – by Liz Strauss

Liz, a blogger and a publisher, will be use photographs and conversation with the audience to discuss taking your blog to the next level as a community. Her presentation will include

  • The stages of community building
  • How to set up a high-trust environment, in the writing, the blog design, in the sharing of a vision
  • How to come down from the “teacher’s podium”
  • How to use words and stories to support readers
  • How to turn comments from remarks into conversations that last for hours
  • How to let the community steer the blog without having an accident.

You will not be required to dance, but conversation is inevitable.