SOBCon08 Devoured; SOBCon09 in the Oven

Thank you, Thanks you, Thank you for 

attending and supporting the SOBCon08 business school for bloggers.

SOBCon09 is already being planned. Send us your feedback and your ideas or leave a comment right here.

7 Precious Responses by SOBCon08 Participants:

“The subtitle of the conference should have been ‘Hugfest 2008′. [...] This will be one of my enduring take aways and I am deadly serious. [...] One thing is for sure. You have to make SOBCon09.” – Chris Garrett

“It’s been quite a weekend, by any measure of meaningfulness. [...] So, what am I going to do with this information? I’m going to concentrate on my readers more and stop trying to drive traffic as a primary goal. If I take care of them, they will take care of the rest.” – Jesse Petersen

“People, if you’re not here, you are missing out big. I’m so, so serious about this. SOBCon is one of the least expensive and most valuable conferences I have attended to date.” – Kristen King

“One of the big themes I picked up from the event is the importance of community. I used to think it was conversation that was important, but there’s a difference between the two. Trust develops among a community.” – Matthew Murphy

“The session Saturday was so packed full of ideas that inspired me and lightbulb moments that my brain was numb by the close of the session.” – Chris Brown

“My head is so overstuffed with ideas that I couldn’t possibly write them all down.” – Sonia Simone

“After all, in the blogosphere, it really does boil down to people.” – Timothy L. Johnson

And on that note …

SOBCon08 Photos – Business is About People


More SOCon08 images here.

Once again, thanks to all who helped make SOBCon08 an unforgettable professional and personal experience!

What did you think of SOBCon08? What lessons did you take home?

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