Skil 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw Review

Skil 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw Review – Is It Good Enough?

Why do you need a wet tile saw for cutting tiles?

The question may seem curious, but the answer is pretty simple. A wet tile saw serves multiple purposes. It is best fitted for large scale tiling projects as it can cut plenty of tiles within a quick period.If you want to try curved cuts with intricate design, then a tile saw is preferable to a tile cutter.

A powerful diamond blade is the life-blood of this machine as it can smoothly cut tile made of different materials including porcelain, stone, masonry or glass. Unlike tile cutters, a tile saw uses electricity and requires expertise for operating it.

Today, we are going to review a wet tile saw from Skil that has raised the eyebrows of many critics and already made a name in the market.



  • Accuracy
  • Cuts large tiles
  • Cuts most of the tile material
  • Resists rust
  • Allows bevel cuts of 22.5 and 45


  • The power cord is only 6 inches long
  • The blade guard is not sturdy
  • Water containment reservoir is non-removable
  • The fence is hard to adjust

SKIL 3550-02 7-inch Wet Tile Saw Review

Skil has been producing compact and premium tiling products since 1924. They entered the market in 1924 with their flagship item known as Skilsaw, which was the world's very first circular saw.

The company has specialized in building products that are lightweight and portable. They have contributed to shifting the tile industry from heavy tools to the transportable ones. Now, it is a dependable name in the industry with a luminous history of glory.

The 3550-02 wet tile saw is a modern model developed by Skil in 2014. It is a lightweight tile saw weighing only 19.75 pounds. Its 7-inch sharp diamond blade is powered by a motor that uses 5-amperage of electricity and can rotate 3600 times per minute.

This wet saw comes with hydro lock water containment system that can quickly clean the blade and keep it cool. Aluminum is used as a material for table-top that can withstand rough use. You can slide the side extension and worry less about larger tiles as it can provide support for tile up to 18 inches.

Moreover, an adjustable rip fence including a miter gauge is provided for achieving accuracy during complex cuts.

Seamless Cutting Experience

The cutting blade is 1/8 inch thick, 7 inches long, and diamond coated. The motor may look undersized, but it is powerful enough to rotate the blade 3600 times per minute. It can swiftly cut a wide variety of tiles that include ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone and glass.

The blade has the ability to extend so that it can cut tiles as thick as 1.75 inches. You can use the cover of the reservoir as bevel table by extending the folded legs. The saw supports 22.5 and 45 bevel cut which is an added advantage.

Moreover, the sliding slide extension can be used on both side of the saw to cut larger tiles up to 18 inches


The 3550-02 includes a rip fence that is adjustable. A plastic miter gauge is added with the rip fence which is easy to adjust. The miter gauge helps in providing accurate reading during straight and miter cuts.

For correctly aligning the tile in the required width, an imperial scale can be found on the top and bottom end of the work table. However, if you don't know how to cut vinyl tiles, you should not attempt to with this saw.

Easy to Clean

Normally, when you use a cutting saw, it creates a mess as you would end up with plenty of spilled water and debris. As a result, most people use a segregated workspace such as a garage or yard for cutting. But, this cutting saw enables you to cut tiles inside your house.

The modern water containment system features the hydro lock facility that is easy to clean. With the help of creative upper and lower guard design, it contains the water near the blade.


The table top is durable and made of aluminum that is corrosion resistant. The rigid table provides a wide workspace and can be flexibly mounted on both sides of the saw. Blade guard and blade wrenches are provided with the package to keep the blade clean and functional.

Though plastic is used as the primary material, the body is pretty robust. The most outstanding feature of this wet saw is the water containment system that keeps the blade cool and clean. So, you can constantly use it for a long time without worrying much. However, if you want to cut rocks with the tile saw, you might have a reduced longevity.


Most of the tile saws are heavier and needs assistance while carrying. However, our tile saw is 22 x 18 x 8.5 inches in dimension and the shipping weight is less than twenty pounds. As it is made of plastic, it is easily portable and handy.

A built-in cord wrap is included near the side of the saw for the convenience of transportation.

Technical Specification

  • Brand/ Company: SKIL
  • Model Number: 3550-02
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 8.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 19.75 Pounds
  • Material: Plastic Body with Aluminum Table-top
  • Style: Wet Tile Saw
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric
  • Voltage: 120 Volts AC
  • Amperage Capacity: 5 Ampere
  • RPM: No Load RPM of 3600
  • Included Components: Bare-Tool
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Certification: Certified Frustration-Free
  • Type of Cuts: Straight cuts up to 18 x 18 inches

Feedback from Customers

After analyzing the feedback from the customers, it is safe to predict that this tile saw is a fan-favorite. Customers like the fact that they are getting a portable tile saw that comes with the patented hydro lock water containment system.

It is lightweight, easy to handle and amateur users can quickly learn how to cut with this tool. Moreover, the tile saw can effortlessly cut tiles up to 18 inches and cuts are precise. Along with its other innovative attributes, it is undoubtedly value for money product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is unique about this model that the previous variants lack?

It can cut larger tiles and has an aluminum work table. The patented hydro lock function is the key feature of this tool. The upper and lower guard reduces the splash of water and keeps it contained near the blade.

Q: Does it include a blade guard?

Yes, it includes a diamond blade, blade guard, and blade wrenches.

Q: Will this cut porcelain and stone?

Yes, with a little effort, it is supposed to cut porcelain and stone.

Precautions to Follow

Operating a wet tile saw is trickier than a tile cutter, so you need to exercise more precautions during the operation. Wear protective glass and gloves. Work in a non-slippery place and wear appropriate footwear.

Put on the blade guard and clean up the spilled water after using this tool. Dump the sludge in an appropriate place.

It is important to mention that you may need to practice a few times in order to perfect your skill. We recommend practicing under the supervision of the experts as you may accidentally hurt yourself with the very sharp diamond blade.

End Thoughts

To sum up, we reckon this is a perfect tile saw for the amateurs as well as the experts. It is the ultimate power tool for household tile cutting tasks. The sturdy construction, innovative design, and flexibility have made it one of the best tile saw in the market. The QEP 22400Q is a tile saw with similar characteristics.

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