Shark Rocket HV300 Review

Shark Rocket HV300 Review

What is a more convenient vacuum than the one that is lightweight? Stick vacuum cleaners have a wide favorability among people for their lightweight nature and portability.

With its slim stick-like body giving it the name "stick vacuum," it is possible to reach and carry it to places with ease. And when one of the most reputable brands like Shark releases a stick vacuum, you know it is worth checking out!

So, we did research and found out many things that make it stand out from the rest. In our shark rocket hv300 review, we will go through all of its unique features and also why it could be the one for you.

Shark Rocket HV300 Review

Shark Rocket HV300


  • Ultra-lightweight with a powerful suction
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comes with two filters that trap dust, pet hairs, hairs, and other smaller particles
  • Attachments allow cleaning different floor surfaces, ceiling, fans, furniture, blinds, etc.
  • Comes with a variety of accessories and cleaning tools
  • Brush attachments help to trap dust allergens
  • Has a 25 feet power cord that wraps around the provided hook
  • Very quiet 


  • Needs support, can’t stand on its own
  • Filters can’t trap allergens
  • Small dust bin needs cleaning often

While ordinary upright vacuums are very powerful and efficient, they are not the most lightweight vacuums in the department. Their solid body attached to the canister bin definitely makes them on the heavier side. So, what if it combines with the lightweight nature of a stick vacuum?

That is precisely what it is! The brand provides a range of ultra-lightweight stick vacuums with an upright design from their popular Rocket series. And this model is arguably one of their most popular ones.  

When it comes to price, it is also hard to beat. With less than $100, it provides a powerful suction combined with its light and compact body for an easy, deep clean. It also has the versatility to clean around the house, whether it is the floors or ceiling.

We will get into the details in a minute. But to overview it, its overall construction and set of reliable features definitely make it an option to keep in mind if your budget is around its price point.

Design and Features

The construction of this vacuum is quite simple and has a modern look to it. It has a long wand, so it is easier to maneuver without the need to bend down. Thus, it makes the machine suitable for people with back problems or other similar medical issues.

This vacuum has a corded design, so you have to plug it in the power supply for it to work. Besides, its upright design gives this thing a great suction power that doesn't get lost or lowers over time.

However, because of its lightweight stick design, it can’t stand on its own. This thing needs support against a wall or needs hanging.

Moreover, it comes with two brushes with rolling speeds, allowing you to precisely clean different floors and surfaces. The brushes spin to deep clean bare floors to give you a spotless cleaning that looks like new. This machine is also good for cleaning wool carpets and rugs. Moreover, it is one of the best vacuum for soft carpet.

With its lightweight construction, you can easily use this unit to clean your ceilings and other high areas around the house. As a result, you are getting the benefits of both the comfortability and efficiency of a stick vacuum and also the upright’s power and reliability.

Dust Bin Capacity

In order to keep the lightweight nature of this vacuum, and as a stick vacuum like any other, it has a small dust cup. It has the capacity to store about 0.42 quarts, which is normal for a vacuum with its design.

However, the small bin has just enough storage for cleaning carpets and floors with two turns for each. That means you need to empty it frequently if you are cleaning an entire room or a large rug.

But just like other vacuums from this brand, you can separate the dust cup from the unit and dunk all the contents easily into the trash can or bag. So, it also ensures no dust gets back into the air.

Besides, the dust cup is see-through, so you can see when it fills up. Thus, it makes it more convenient. Cleaning is also easy as you can wipe the bin down with a dust cloth or wash it with detergent.


Yes, it does come with filtration. But not just one, but two! It has a foam filter and a felt filter.

These two combined do a great job in trapping dust particles, hairs, pet hairs, and other smaller particles. Unfortunately, its filters don’t trap in minute allergens, so that is something to note if you or anyone in your family has allergies. However, with the price, it has great filtration.

You do need to clean the filters frequently for them to work and to get the optimum performance. The company recommends doing it once every month with only tap water.

Accessories or Attachments

The package comes with quite a few attachments. They are the hand vac, a floor brush, and an extension wand.

You can also get more accessories along with your vacuum if you want. These include a hand tool or nozzle, a hard floor brush with a microfiber pad, an under-appliance wand, a multi-angle dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool.

With the hand tool attached to the hand vac, you can conveniently clean stairs, especially carpeted ones. This thing is also great for cleaning bookshelves, car interiors, pillows, etc. It also does a good job of trapping dust allergens. You will also find it a very good vacuum for frieze carpet.

Accessories or Attachments

Besides, you can easily adjust the height to your requirement with the extension wand, giving you a more comfortable reach. Alongside that, the under-appliance rod is just what you need to get under and behind your furniture and appliances. So, you don't need to move them every time.

Moreover, the soft multi-angle dusting brush is an excellent tool for cleaning fans, walls, blinds, and ceiling lights. You can use the crevice tool to reach those tight spaces and corners for cleaning, too.

Lastly, with the upholstery tool, you can clean furniture for pet hair, debris, and bare floors as well. As a result, this versatile set of accessories allows you to clean every part of your house for a spotless and hygienic place to live.

Cord Length

Its cord is about 25 feet long. Along with the cord length and the wand, the vacuum can reach up to 30 feet or more, which gives you more than enough mobility to clean around the house, floor, and ceiling.

However, the cord doesn't have an auto rewind feature, so you need to manually wrap it up. But it does have a hook which you can wrap the cord around neatly.


Stick vacuums are among the quietest ones out there, and upright are in the middle when it comes to noises. This vacuum being both, is actually very quiet like most other stick vacuums.

However, it may get a little noisy when using the brush against carpets. Other than that, it is very quiet on bare and hard floors.


The first thing you should practice doing is to clean or empty the dust bin after every time you vacuum. Accumulating and not cleaning it for a while will only make it harder to clean afterward.

We previously mentioned that we should clean the filters with water until it runs clean, suggested once a month. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting it back. It is also necessary to cut the hairs stuck to the brushes off for them to work properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh?

It weighs around 7.6 pounds or 3.4 kg.

Do I need to clean the filters with soap or detergent?

The manufacturer suggests cleaning them using only water until the water runs clear.

What is the dimension of the vacuum?

It is 10.5 inches in length, 9.8 inches in width, and 46 inches in height, respectively.

How do I clean the microfiber pad?

The manufacturer suggests cleaning it gently with warm water using liquid detergent.

How loud is it?

It is quieter than most upright vacuums, but a little noisier than traditional stick vacuums. However, the noise isn't anything too loud to annoy or for people with sensitive hearing.

Final Verdict

Lightweight, powerful, and versatile—from our shark rocket hv300 review, you can tell why it is so popular among people. If you have different floorings and looking for a portable vacuum cleaner that offers a variety of cleaning tools, then we think you just have found it!

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