Shark NV501 vs. NV500

Shark NV501 vs. NV500 – Which One Is Better?

Shark is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands and sellers of vacuum cleaners in the market. They have a good range of different types, but what actually makes them so popular is their flexibility and attachment choices at an affordable price for the vacuum.

Luckily, in our Shark NV501 vs. NV500, we can gladly exclude that difference between them. Both come with equally great design and features to love, so we will leave it to you to make the final decision.

And for that, we reviewed both the products and did our research to find the differences between them that make them apart. There are a few, but it could be the one you were looking for.

Shark NV501 Review

Shark NV501

Upright vacuum cleaners are not the most affordable in the category, especially with its increased popularity. But that is where this one shines with its great features, a great price point and set of handy attachments, and more.

Starting with the vacuum’s design, it is a two styled vacuum in one. This acts as an ordinary upright vacuum, but you can take the dust bin apart from the unit to use it as a canister vacuum. It even comes with a caddy for the full transformation.

The dust bin has an XL capacity or 1.3 quarts, to be precise. So it can store a lot of dirt and debris before you need to empty it out. You can easily clean multiple rooms in one go because of it, and if you vacuum often, you could even do your entire house. This enormous capacity makes it one of the best commercial vacuum cleaners.  

What is more, is that the bin is see-through, so you can tell when it is getting full. Its set of brushes and the Advanced Swivel Steering allows a smooth cleaning operation. Alongside, the front of the nozzle comes with LED lights so you can see the hidden debris.

Moreover, the attachments and accessories it comes with further improve the experience and performance of the vacuum. It comes with a total of six accessories, which is great for cleaning different types of floors, including bare and hard floors. Accessories for cleaning pet hairs and carpeted stairs are there too.

Besides, it uses the best in the business, a HEPA filter! The filter can trap particles down to an impressive 0.3 microns. It traps up to 99.9% of allergens and dust, such as pollens, dust mites, pet dander, etc. Thus it makes it ideal for people who are allergic to such.

Furthermore, with further convenience, it has a 30 feet long power cord. And adding it to the length of the wand, you are getting more reach, allowing you to freely move around the room. Plus, the vacuum is comparatively quieter than most upright vacuums.

If you want to know more about this vacuum, we have a whole page dedicated to the Shark NV501 vacuum cleaner.


  • Convenience and easy maneuverability
  • Traps dust and 99.9% allergens
  • Large capacity dust bin
  • Quieter compared to most upright vacuums
  • Comes with seven different useful attachments


  • Has no on and off switch
  • Getting replacement parts is expensive

Shark NV500 Review

Shark NV500

The first one is the 500 series, also called the Rotator, which shares many of its features with the one next in line. Starting with the design, it is also a two in one vacuum cleaner that you can turn into a canister vacuum.

It comes with a caddy on wheels, which you can place the bin on for it to easily move around the house, vacuuming the stairs, walls, ceiling, etc. Besides, the motorized brush is excellent for deep cleaning carpets.

Moreover, the NV500 also comes with the Advanced Swivel Steering technology. It helps in improving maneuverability and provides a better grip on the handle as you vacuum around the corners and edges with ease.

Along with that, the suction brush has LED headlights for you to see every speck of dust on the surface, especially carpets. It is also great for a room with low-lights and people with poor vision.

For filtration, it uses the same HEPA filters. As a result, you are getting a powerful quality filter that traps all the allergens, including dust mites and pollens, for a clean and safe breathable environment for kids and people with allergies.

When it comes to accessories, they have got a great set as well. Along with the caddy, you will be getting brushes, nozzles, and other tools to help reach almost every area around the house for a spotlessly clean home.

All around, the unit measures 14 inches in length, 9.9 inches in width, and 33.7 inches in height. So it is tall enough to not cause strain on the back for people with back problems.


  • HEPA filter for the best filtration
  • Comes with Advanced Swivel Steering technology
  • Tall enough for people with back problems
  • Comes with useful and handy accessories
  • Provides convenience and flexibility


  • Hard to store all the attachments
  • Cord doesn’t have an auto rewind feature

Shark NV501 vs. NV500 Comparison

Both the models share many features and look almost identical, so it might be hard to tell the difference. But our research let us to a few differences between the two.


When it comes to size, both are quite different. So you might be able to pick that up if you see it in person — the NV501 measures 12.1 inches in length, 12.2 inches in width, and 45.7 inches in height.

Shark NV501 Review

On the other hand, the NV500 measures 14 inches in length, 9.9 inches in width, and 33.7 inches in height. Along with the height-adjustable wands, the NV501 gets an advantage here for comfortability with its initial height.


Getting the best lightweight vacuum cleaner is very important, especially for people who have problems carrying or lifting weight. The NV500 weighs around 23 pounds, which is equivalent to 10.4 kilograms.

The NV501, on the other side, weighs around 15.5 pounds or 7 kilograms. That makes a difference of 7.5 pounds or 3.4 kilograms!

Attachments or Accessories

Both models do share similar but not the same accessories that could make the differences for you. The NV500 comes with a power brush, a multi-tool, a suction nozzle, and an 18-inch crevice tool.

Shark NV500 Review

The NV501 comes with a multi-angle brush, a suction nozzle, a large turbo brush, a dusting brush, and a 12-inch crevice tool. All of them do the same job at cleaning and vacuuming, but it depends on your needs to determine the performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do they come assembled?

No, since they come with so many parts and attachments that work in different ways, you probably would end up reassembling them again. So it comes unassembled so that you can do it according to your requirements.

2. When do you need to clean the filters?

You can clean it once every couple of months, but the company recommends doing it every 2 or 3 months.

Shark NV501 vs. NV500

3. Are they too noisy?

No, for an upright vacuum, both are very quiet. But it is loud enough for you to hear it from the other room, which is just normal.

4. Does the caddy have wheels?

Yes, both the models’ caddy has wheels on them that can rotate 360 degrees.

5. What about maintenance?

Both of them are easy to maintain. Things to remember and practice are: empty and clean the dust bin often, wash the filters every 2 or 3 months, and cut the hair stuck to the brushes as needed.


From our shark NV501 vs. NV500, we can tell you that, in general, the 501 is a lighter and a bit more improved version of the 500. But that doesn’t really rule it out as the best. Both are great in terms of performance and have equally versatile accessories, so in the end, it is up to you to decide.

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