Shark NV501 Review

Shark NV501 Review

With the huge popularity of upright vacuums, it is no surprise that more and more brands are coming up with their own versions. Deemed easier to use by many people, those who use it swear by it, and it is not hard to understand why.

What makes upright vacuums different is that it comes with one solid body. The suction directly connects to the dust cup, which is comparatively larger than a canister one. They are also much easier to clean.

That is not all, and we are going to discuss more about them in our Shark NV501 review, the budget upright vacuum cleaner. And we’ll also see if it lives up to the hype or not.

Shark NV501 Review

Shark NV501


  • Provided caddy allows turning the upright vacuum into a canister vacuum
  • Lightweight design makes it possible to clean hard floors, stairs, ceiling, etc.
  • HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology cleans and traps dust and 99.9% allergens
  • Easy mobility and maneuverability
    •Comes with seven different attachments for cleaning various surfaces and areas
  • Large capacity dust bin is easy to clean with a button
  • Boasts LED headlights to not miss any hidden specks of dust and debris
  • Not too noisy


  • Some parts are of plastic, might not be durable
  • Turns on with the cord plugged, doesn’t have a switch on the handle
  • Getting replacement parts is expensive

Vacuum cleaners are generally not that cheap, especially if you are looking for a great, long-lasting performance. And when it comes to upright vacuums, going below the $500 mark is a long way down from the features and performance you could get above that price point. But you can have this vacuum under 200$.

It is what makes this one all the more fascinating. It is nearly half or less than the high-end ones in the market, but its solid list of features and overall construction makes everyone question, is it really the budget upright vacuum cleaner we have all been looking for?

The answer depends on you and your needs. However, it does give a solid competition to the other premium brands out there. The number of attachments and accessories you get with the package could easily set the deal for most people.

And with all that said, without further ado, let us get into the details of this product.

Design and Features

It might be difficult to tell looking at it at first glance, but it can function as two different vacuums. Generally, it works as an ordinary upright vacuum, but you can separate the dust cup from the machine and use it as a canister vacuum cleaner as well.

This makes it possible to add more mobility and reach the nooks and crannies, which might be difficult with the original style. Thanks to it, you can vacuum other parts of the room that would otherwise be dangerous with the upright design.

Besides that, with its default design, the Shark Rotator, as the name suggests, can rotate with the Advanced Swivel Steering on its sides, giving you better and more stable control of the machine. It is perfect for cleaning carpets and hard floors.

As a result, you are getting the benefits of both the efficiency and power of the upright and also the canister's convenience and mobility. It is also a very lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, it comes with LED headlights on the nozzle of the product, which makes it easier to see the debris and other particles hidden in the carpet, on different floors, etc. It is also especially convenient for people with poor or low vision.

Dust Bin Capacity

One of the reasons people consider upright vacuums to be easier to clean with is because they usually have a larger dust cup than a canister. With a canister vacuum or ones with a smaller compartment, you can only clean so far before it gets filled up.

And this one has an XL or extra-large dust cup, which means you can clean more rooms and places in one go without having to empty the holder frequently. You can thoroughly clean your carpets, rugs, and vacuum hairs, pet hairs, etc. more efficiently.

Once you have finished cleaning, the best part is that you can simply take the dust cup and dunk everything inside into your garbage bin or bag. It has a button on the side, and pressing it opens the bottom of the dust bin – causing everything to fall swiftly.

Moreover, the dust bin or cup is see-through. So, you can clearly tell how much it has stored and when it needs cleaning. This feature alone can qualify it as a commercial vacuum.


A good filter is what makes a vacuum cleaner all the more worth it. It is especially the case if you or any of your family members are sensitive or allergic to dust or other allergens.

Shark NV501 Review

And fortunately, this vacuum comes with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology along with the HEPA filter, which is arguably one of the best in the category. It has gone through an ASTM F1977 test having a vacuum seal of particles that are of 0.3 microns or larger.

There are a lot of vacuums for allergens, but few do as well as this. It traps 99.9% of allergens and dust, such as pollens, dust mites, pet dander, etc. with its seal. As a result, it gives you and your family a completely clean, immaculate, and safe environment to breathe in.

Accessories or Attachments

Attachments mean an extra set of features and more flexibility. It is kind of the staple before buying anything to check if it comes with accessories or attachments or not. It not only ups the value but depending on the price, it could be an excellent deal.

And so is this as it comes with a large turbo brush, a dusting brush, a wide upholstery tool, a multi-angle dusting brush, a 12-inch crevice tool, a straight suction nozzle, and the canister caddy. So, that makes it a total of six attachments and the caddy.

The brushes make it easy to clean carpets thoroughly and hard floors as well. Furthermore, the canister caddy has two types of brushes or suction nozzle attached: the turbo or furniture brush and the hard floor brush. So, you can conveniently vacuum pet hairs from furniture and clean hard floors efficiently.

With the crevice tool and its long 12-inch tube body, you can easily reach the corners and crevices around the room. And of course, the canister caddy allows you to turn it into a canister vacuum, making it easier to go around the room, stairs, etc.

Cord Length

Yes, like most upright vacuums in the market, this one also has a cord as a means of power supply. The cord is 30 feet long, perfect for the mobility and efficiency of this vacuum’s two in one design.

But you do need to be careful not to get tangled up in it. Also, as it doesn’t have an auto cord rewind feature, wrapping and storing them every time after use can become a hassle.


Unlike canister vacuums, it is definitely quieter. It doesn't make too much noise and shouldn't disrupt your family or neighbors. It is good enough vacuum to use in apartments or small houses as well without causing much disturbance.


Make sure to empty the dust bin as often as possible or once it is full. If you are not cleaning it properly every or a couple of months, check and remember to remove any dust or particles caked on or stuck to the bin.

After removing the bin, you can find the filter. The company recommends washing it every 2 or 3 months. However, if you vacuum almost every day, then it is better to wash once a month. Besides that, you also need to cut off the hair stuck to the brushes evenly, as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can the canister bin store exactly?

The canister bin has a capacity to store up to 1.3 quarts.

How much does it weigh?

With its default style, it weighs 15.5 pounds or 7 kg.

Does it come assembled?

No, since it comes with brush and nozzle attachments, you need to assemble it yourself to your requirement.

Can the wand be extended?

Yes, using the attachment, you can extend the wand while using it as a canister vacuum.

Can you clean or wash the filter?

Yes, you can separate and wash the filter without worry. However, you do need to get a new one after a certain number of washes.

Final Verdict

From our Shark NV501 review, we think it is an excellent budget vacuum if you don't want to spend too much but also want great performance with lots of handy attachments. While it might not compare to the high-end brands in terms of quality, we can't complain because it does its job very well, like the others.

You can also check out a comparison between Shark NV501 and the Shark NV500. Because the NV500 is the only vacuum that gives it a fight.

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