Porter Cable PCE980 Tile Saw Review

Porter-Cable PCE980 Tile Saw Review – Worth the Money?

With the gradual development of technology, men have revolutionized the way of cutting tiles. Before, we used to cut tiles with hand-held tools, and now, we cut them with electric saws specifically designed to cut different types of tiles. Although using handheld tile cutters could be handy sometimes, the tile saw will always be the primary tool.

One such variety is the tabletop tile saw. A tabletop tile saw is kept at a comfortable altitude. It is connected to a power outlet which causes the diamond blade to start rotating. Then, water is used as a coolant for the diamond blade.

Today, we will review a tile cutter which is one of the best-selling products in the industry of tile cutting.

Porter-Cable PCE980 Tile Saw


  • Stainless steel deck
  • Splash hood that minimizes water sprinkling
  • Sliding cart
  • Removable cart
  • Feet with a strong grip
  • Handle to carry easily
  • Cuts ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles
  • Easy to attach
  • Edge guide


  • Less portability
  • High price
  • Does not feature a battery system
  • Not for professional use

PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Wet Tile Saw Review

You are looking at one of the best, if not the best table top tile saws out there.

First, let us talk about the company. Porter-Cable has started their journey as a jobbing machine and tool shop in 1906. They have been known for building quality products for over a century. PCE980 is no different. It is one of the best tile saws the company has to offer.

This product can easily cut through ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles as it has a powerful 1.0 horsepower motor. May I remind you that ceramic and porcelain differ a lot. You will find the commodity to be quite compact and lightweight.

It has a body dimension of 26.9 x 22.7 x 8.9 inches. The size is a little bit bigger than the typical tabletop tile saws.

Its cast-metal cutting cart provides cutting up to 17 in. of tile and supports accuracy to within 1/16 in. over a 12 in. cut. It also allows diagonal cuttings of 12 x 12 in. Tile.

It comes with a manual, 7-inch thick blade, and blade wrenches. For comfort and accuracy during cutting, a miter square and an edge guide is included in this wet tile saw.

The product features a pretty smooth sliding cutting cart which comes with a lock pin. The cart is removable. It is quite simple to remove and re-attach the cutting cart. You can start to slide the cart after the removal of the pin.

Four rubber-made feets are attached to the saw which gives it a good grip to stay put with all the water getting sprinkled around. You will find the water reservoir under the sliding cart which has a rubber stopper and markings.

You can attach a height adjustable splash guard over the blade that reduces water sprinkles to mere mists. This decreases the amount of mess around the saw. So, you don’t have to worry about the water splashes causing rust as the deck is made of stainless steel.


It provides precise cutting within 1/16 inch which is quite commendable. The rubber feet underneath also contributes by increasing the grip of the machine. The blade is placed in a comfortable place so that you can cut the tile easily.


The rolling cart which comes with it, is quite a unique gift. It creates a lot of ease by providing smooth movement. Also, the splash hood works pretty well in terms of reducing the water splashes. After usage, water can be easily drained out with the drain plug.

Easy Movement

It is not as portable as handheld tile cutters. Nonetheless, it weighs less in comparison to its body size making it easier to move from place to place. The strong handle on its side contributes to portability too.


The smoothness of the moving cart and the diamond blade is a feature that ought to be mentioned.


The product is sturdy enough to create a solid feeling while using it. You can certainly rely upon it in terms of cutting tiles and rocks. Moreover, the stainless steel deck prevents corrosion and adds to the overall durability.

Technical Specification

  • Company: Portable-Cable
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 26.9 x 22.7 x 8.9 inches
  • Model number: PCE980
  • Style: Wet tile saw
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 1300 watts
  • Batteries: Not required

Precautions to Follow

Always use safety glasses and hearing protection while using the tile saw. If you use the saw for a long time without taking proper hearing protection, it can cause long term hearing problems.

You can find the on/off switch on the side with a big toggle button. The button has a red and a black part. If you don't want anyone to start the machine, then you can simply remove the red part of the toggle button.

Customer Feedback

Customers seem to be happy after using this product. More than 75% of the customers find it to be worth the expense. People are happy with the design and the build quality.

Though it costs comparatively more than other similar tile saws, customers are content with its quality. They are happy to increase the budget a bit more for better quality.

Customers are happy over the fact that it doesn’t create much mess. One fellow user, however, objected that the saw doesn’t cut perfectly and needs the user to be extra careful. He was also of the view that it was a no go for professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it do miter cuts and diagonal cuts?

Yes, its adjustable miter square provides accurate, repetitive rip and diagonal cuts.

Q. Does it use batteries?

No, this product does not use batteries. It is a corded device.

Q. Can it cut over 18 x 18 in. tiles diagonally?

No, it only allows the cutting of 12 x 12 in. tile on a diagonal.

Q. Is the rolling cart sturdy enough?

Yes, it is pretty robust.


Porter-Cable PCE980 is one of the best tabletop tile saws in the market. But it is not recommended for professionals. This gadget is quite good for casual and non-professional uses. Its users are quite positive about its service.

The machine can cut through a variety of tiles both straight and diagonal. The sliding tray and splash hood will give you quite the convenience and you will enjoy using the product.

You can use it occasionally for your day-to-day fixes. It will certainly save your expenses as you won't have to hire the professionals for doing the job.

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