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You might have heard the story of how I lost my voice at SOBCon 2011 and how I came to give the closing keynote without saying a word … even though at the moment we started my voice had come back. If not, you’ll find the story called how to turn a fail position to a win on

In the meantime, people have asked me to offer the text of those 27 pages so they might read them again and so that others might too. So here they are … with special dedication to @LisaHorner for more reasons than one.

Not Speaking IS the New Black
by the Event Whisperer and Friends

Can you see me?

Can you see each other?

Can you LISTEN with your eyes, and your mind, and …

(i love you) your (i love you) heart? (i love you) THAT MATTERS!

Can you see, feel, hear, taste, and touch your own brilliance … and …

the amazing brilliance inside each other?

People and stars are made of the same stuff!!

Leaders believe and act!

Leaders want to build something solid

strong and valuable

balanced to serve the customer and the company,

because without balance, we fall over.

Without each other, ideas are …

hollow, flat, and too flimsy to grow.

It’s the balanced foundation that LEADS to …

true innovation. ( <3 IRRESISTIBLE IDEA!)

And it's the love of persuasion -> the fun and the meaning

that is influence, loyalty, TRUST.

Patrick Kidd and my dad taught me that

and each of you did too!

Thank you.

I’m blinded by the brilliance in this room.

believe then act.