McCulloch MC1385 Review

McCulloch MC1385 Review

The best way to get rid of your stubborn stain around your house is the use of steam mops. However, when you go to the market to choose the best mop, it is not going to be an easy task. To make this task more comfortable for you, I will share my experience of using steam mops.

After applying, the McCulloch Mc1385 canister steam system was the best one among many steam mops to take care of all your cleaning needs. I will write the review of this mop in full details down below.

A Quick Look t the Features

This mop is jam-packed with features. Features that set this mop as steam mop way above any other mops.

  • The dimensions of this steam are 13.1 x 13.3 x 19.1 inches with a weight of 13 lbs
  • This steam is a chemical free cleaner
  • The huge water tank of 64 oz along with a long steam hose of 10 feet
  • The steam can be controlled
  • Extra-long power chord
  • Adjustable steam control
  • Comes with multiple accessories

Mcculloch MC1385 Review

McCulloch MC1385


  • It takes only 15 minutes to heat up
  • Can run for over two hours on only heat
  • Comes with an extra long hose
  • Long power chord
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can clean all types of surfaces
  • Twenty-three fashionable accessories are included with the product
  • Chemical free
  • The water tank is huge


  • Limited facilities

You are not buying a steam cleaner as a showpiece. You will need a steam cleaner in your daily life. So detailed discussion about the features that turn this cleaner into one of the best in the market is necessary. Hence, I will discuss the highlights down below in details.

An Exceptional Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1385 is a multipurpose steam cleaner that enables cleaning all types of surfaces, starting from hardwoods to your expensive laminated floors. It is great cleaner for laminate floors. It works better than any mop for laminate floor. As a bonus, it can also clean heavy stains from your furniture whether it is debris, heavy stains or bad smells,

It will make sure to keep your floors always shining like new. Total cleaning of your surfaces can be assured by using this.

Easy to Carry

The design of this steam cleaner is very user friendly. It allows you to give it around the house. If you want to take it up or down the stairs, it can be done quickly without sweating. Portability is always a strong key feature for any cleaner.

Variable Steam Control


Control it at the palm of your hand; you are the choice maker on the power of steam you need which is going to be suitable for the cleaning job you will be doing.

It also comes with a huge water tank of 64 lbs of water and the heating time is so fast. It is so much time consuming that it takes only 15 minutes to heat the water in the tank to start producing steams by allowing total cleaning of over two hours.

Elongated Power Chord

This cleaner comes with a power chord of 18 feet in total. For this elongated power chord, you can reach many places around your house. Moreover, a huge advantage is there that you don't have to disconnect the machine every time from power-source while moving the device from room to room.

The Easy Access Canister System

Due to its comparatively large size, it can adopt a huge canister system that is designed to hold all your tools and detergents. This saves so much time, you do not have to find other places to keep your devices, and this comes in handy while cleaning.

Extra-Long Steam Hose

If your hose cannot hold the pressure, there is no point of having high-powered steams. The McCulloch steam is different as it contains a very long hose that can hold pressure continuously for hours and hours.

Squeeze Attachment 

A unique feature that makes this cleaner so special is the inclusion of the squeeze which helps to remove all sort of dirt from windows and other glass surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to Clean Grout, So Does this Come with a Straight Nozzle and Brass Tip?

Yes, it comes with a straight nozzle, don't forget to add the brass tip and it becomes an excellent grout cleaner.

Q. Can this Remove Bed Bugs?

Yes, I use this to kill bed bugs. The temperature becomes so hot that would not just kill bed bugs but also take care of all other bacteria.

Q. Can I Control the Pressure Too Along with Steam?

The steam can be controlled according to your need, but there is a small valve at the handle where you can control the bit of pressure using that valve.

Q. Which Attachment should I Use to Clean Carpets?

I normally use the triangle statement for auto detailing, but buying an additional extractor will come handy for further carpet cleaning.

Q. The Water Keeps Bubbling Out of the Tank as I Pour It.

There is a reason for this problem. Probably you want to refill the tank when it is still on so the hot machine bubble out the water. If you're going to refill the tank, just wait for the machine to get cool down for a couple of minutes.

Note that Worth

If you want a cleaner that is an all-rounder in the field of cleaning, McCulloch MC1385 deluxe canister system is going to be the best option for you. All the tools that you need for cleaning all sort of surfaces around your home will come along with the cleaner.

Therefore, you do not have to pay extra money to buy additional accessories. This is an "All in one" cleaner. Heat the water in the tank for just 15 minutes, and you have full juice to clean for 2 hours.

If you ask my opinion, there can be no other cleaner that does so much for this price point I can assure. You can also check out our McCulloch Mc 1375 review if you are interested in the brand. Cost Way 1500w mop is another portable option.

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