M-D Building Products 49194 14-Inch Tile Cutter Review

M-D Building Products 49194 14-Inch Tile Cutter Review

M-D Building is a market leader in the tile cutter industry. The North American brand has started their journey in 1920 and has been producing quality products since the last hundred years. 

The company has developed the perfect set of values that comprise integrity, vision, commitment, communication and stewardship. They focus on these key areas before taking every decision regarding their products.

The love and affection of the customers for their products have earned them good reputation and reliability.

Today, we are reviewing a 14-inch tile cutter from this illustrious maker. Among the best manual tile cutter reviews, this one is the most unique.

M-D Building Products 49194 14-Inch Tile Cutter


  • Value for money
  • Replaceablecutting wheel
  • Portable


  • Not a professional cutting tool

M-D Building Products 49194 Tile Cutter Review

Nowadays, user's expectation has changed. Many of them want to buy products from a well-known brand that are affordable and only suitable for running occasional errands.

I am not saying that the demand for premium quality products has ended. But with the development of technology, people now want to perform small fixes all by themselves. For this purpose, they want to buy products which are cheap but reliable.

M-D’s 49194 tile cutter is one such tool for cutting glass, stone or ceramic tile. It can cut tiles up to 14-inch straight. But it supports only up to 10-inch tiles for diagonal operation.

The tool is armed with a replaceable tungsten carbide cutting wheel. The cutting area is designed to prevent the slip of tiles. The steel construction of the base, cast aluminum brackets, and cutter assembly indicates that the maker has given sufficient attention to make the cutter sturdy and robust.

Smart Design

The builder has given priority to the design of the cutter. Because, a smart design always draws the attention of the customer. When you incorporate convenient technology in such a model, it is definitely going to win over others.

This small tile cutter uses the snap and score method to cut the tiles. It uses a tungsten carbide wheel that can be replaceable.  Since the cutting wheel can be changed, there is no need to worry if it wears down after long usage.


Producing a durable product is difficult especially when the production cost is so low. However, the producer has become successful yet again in this area.

The tile cutter is equipped with cast aluminum brackets and cutter assembly. Furthermore, the rails are polished so that it can tolerate rough use.


It is essential for a 14-inch tile cutter to be lightweight. You do not have to worry about the portability, because this machine weighs only 5.6 lbs.


A huge number of contractors, professionals and homeowners use the products manufactured by the M-D Building Products. The manufacturer has been able to live up to their expectations.

They also maintain good communication and after-sales service with the customers. Thereby, customers feel safe to purchase their tools.

Availability of Parts

When customers buy a fragile object at a low price, they know it well that some parts of their product may wear off when they use it regularly. So they are well aware of buying a product from the company that sells these part. The first thing that needs to be replaced in most of the cutting machine is the cutting wheel.

The specific model we are reviewing comes with a reliable tungsten carbide cutting wheel. You can replace it when it gets damaged. You can buy another cutting wheel from the manufacturer.

So you may rely on M-D Building Products by considering the availability and price of the parts of this product.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand/Company: M-D Building Products
  • Model: 49194
  • Dimensions: 19.25 x 6.75 x 4.38 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Cutting Wheel: Replaceable tungsten-carbide cutting wheel.
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Batteries Required: 0
  • Types of Cuts: Supports straight cuts up to 14-inches, but diagonal cuts up to 10-inches.

Customer’s Reviews

Customers have given mixed opinions about the tile cutter. Some customers have maintained that it is worthwhile to buy the product as it does the job alright. It cuts ceramic tile well. It is easy to use and suitable only for doing small fixes.

However, a few customers have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the small handle of the cutter. One particular customer have said that he faced problems doing the square cut.

Precautions to Follow

Sometimes the manufacturer changes some of the products very often to make their product line-up attractive to new users. Many users buy refurbished products from the online market and later realize that the product has already been outdated in the market.

Before making up your mind, make sure that the manufacturer is still selling the particular products and all the parts are still available in the market. Always buy original parts from the shop.

You need to take necessary precautions when using the product. You should learn from the experts on how to use the product correctly. We heard that some people accidentally damage the product by holding it wrong when they use it.

Moreover, if you do not know the correct method, you will face a lot of hardship in cutting tiles with such a small device. On the other hand, you can easily cut ceramic tiles with the correct technique and posture.

To Wrap Up,

We cannot say this tool is a market winner. In fact, it is not a professional cutting machine. The maker has concentrated on making a modest tile cutter for domestic operations only.

So, this is a decent tile cutter that manages to do the job well. The low price tag along with other attributes of this product has made it an attractive option to buy.

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