10 Reasons Why YOU Need A Good Business Blog (And SOBCon 08)

At SOBCon 08 in Chicago on May 2-4, 2008, professionals like you will learn business blogging tips and tricks from blog experts.

The sunshine of wisdom will burst through the dark clouds of confusion, doubt and fear. And there will be much rejoicing.

Here’s why YOU need to have a good business blog – and why you should attend SOBCon:

1. Your customers. They’re reading and writing blogs right now. Are you doing free market research?

2. Your competitors. More and more of them are working with business blogs every day. How will you respond?

3. Your products or services. A business blog makes conversation with customers easier. And conversation improves innovation and adds value to your business.

4. Your resume. A blog makes a powerful resume. Where’s yours?

5. Your future. New opportunities arise easily through blogs, thanks to their high visibility and relational nature. You never know who might drop by.

6. Your mind. Nothing exercises the brain like blogging – reading, researching, writing, composing, designing, discussing, promoting, networking – and nothing brings mental satisfaction like learning to master it all. Just ask a good business blogger.

7. Your lungs. Blogs help spread buzz much more effectively than shouting throughout your neighborhood.

8. Your blood pressure. Good business blogs foster loyalty, transparency … friendships … and fun!

9. Your booty. Okay, this one applies more specifically to the SOBCon conference – if last year’s calisthenics are any indication, this year’s conference looks to be a real sweatfest!

10. Your booty – er, bottom line. While business blogging can be challenging, good blogging gives you an excellent return on investment for your time and money.

Will you register for SOBCon 08?

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