iRobot Roomba 805 vs. 860

iRobot Roomba 805 vs. 860 – What Are the Differences?

The 800 series from the brand is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked and go-to high-end models of robot cleaners in the market. With great new technologies and advanced features, it is not hard to understand the reason.

But, this time, we are focusing on two of their almost equally liked models: the 805 and 860. Both look quite similar in terms of appearance, but that is not why people buy them, do they?

And it seems like they have quite a few differences internally that creates all the difference in performance and longevity. In this irobotroomba805 vs. 860, we are going to bring all of their distinctive qualities to you.  

iRobot Roomba 805 Review

iRobot Roomba 805

When it comes to the 800 series, you know it is going to be full of advanced technologies. And just like the others in the series, the 805 model is no different.

It comes with their signature iAdapt Navigation feature. This is a technology that uses a suite of sensors for navigating around the house and also adapting to it. This helps to ensure that your Roomba doesn’t fall off the stairs.

Along with that, it has the AeroForce 3 Stage Cleaning System, which the company introduced with this series. And thanks to this technology, you are getting 50% more cleaning performance.

Not only that, this advanced cleaning system delivers a suction power that is five times more powerful than the previous series’ models. So you are getting much better performance with a low maintenance requirement.

In case you are worried the cleaner will drop from the stairs, it comes with two dual-mode virtual walls. So you can program it and create barriers for the area and places around the house for it to avoid.

You can also schedule it seven times a week for it to clean as programmed. It adjusts automatically on hardwood, tile, carpeted and laminated floors, etc. Alongside, the tangle-free extractors help in more in-depth, thorough cleaning.

Moreover, it uses an AeroForce standard high-efficiency filter, which traps up to 10 microns small particles and 99% pollen and allergens as well. Furthermore, its lithium-ion battery provides a battery life that is three times more than average.

We have also compared the Roomba 805 with the 880. You can check that out after finishing this.


  • Scheduling feature
  • Filter traps 99% pollens and allergen
  • Tangle-free extractors help in more deep, thorough cleaning
  • Two dual-mode virtual wall
  • Requires low maintenance than the previous series


  • Can get stuck frequently with prolonged use
  • Might miss corners and edges around the house

iRobot Roomba 860 Review

iRobot Roomba 860

From the newer series, the 860, like the previous model we discussed, has some of the more advanced and new features and technologies. This also gives it its significant popularity.

One of its most useful and exclusive features as the newer models is the AeroForce 3 Stage Cleaning System. This advanced feature provides five times more the suction power and less maintenance than the previous 600 and 700 series’ models.

It uses its brushes to loosen and grab the debris and dirt stuck in carpets and on floors and later brings it near the suction to collect them all. So the feature ensures it doesn't miss any debris in the process. This also gives it a 50% better cleaning performance.

Besides, its virtual wall ensures the device stays and doesn't reach a particular room or area such as the stairs. It has a dual-mode virtual wall, and you can set either of the modes to create a block opening.

The first mode allows you to create a 10 feet block opening to keep it out of a specific room or stairs etc. And the second mode builds a 4 feet radius to make sure it doesn't reach an object or a part of the room.

Moreover, it has tangle-free extractors that break down all the dust particles, debris, and hairs. As a result, it prevents the device's interior from clogging up. It also allows more storage of debris and dirt along with its high-efficiency filter that collects 3 microns sized particles.

This device is great for cleaning tiles, carpets, laminated, and hardwood floors and can adjust from one floor's surface to another. It also has a scheduling feature of up to 7 days per week. And thanks to its lithium-ion battery, it can clean for 2 hours straight.

There is another comparison of Roomba 860 with 870. Read that for better understanding.


  • Five times better suction power and less maintenance than the previous series
  • Prevents clogging by breaking down the debris and hair
  • Dual-mode virtual wall to keep it out of any area or room
  • Collects hidden and stubborn dirt for a thorough clean
  • Great for cleaning tiles, carpets, laminated, and hardwood floors


  • Needs restarting or resetting it manually after charge
  • Might get struck

iRobot Roomba 805 vs. 860 Comparison

Both the models share quite a few similarities in terms of features and also a bit in appearance. And below are some of their distinctive features.


In height, length, and width, the 805 and 860 are quite different. The 805 model is 18.25 inches in length, 16.5 inches in width, and 5.5 inches in height.

On the other hand, the 860 is 13.9 inches in length, 13.9 inches in width, and 3.6 inches in height. This thus makes the 860 a better choice for cleaning under furniture.


The difference in weight between the two is not that big; in fact, the 805 is only 0.4 pounds or 0.2 kg heavier than the 860. The 805 is 8.4 pounds or 3.8 kilograms, whereas the 860 is 8 pounds or 3.6 kilograms.

Virtual Wall

Both the models come with a virtual wall or dual-mode virtual wall, to be specific. However, the 805 has two dual-mode virtual walls, and the 860 has only one.

In these modes, the linear mode allows you to create a barrier up to 10 feet with an infrared beam. And the other mode projects a 4 feet diameter barrier as an infrared ring around the object or area.


This is one of their other most significant differences. The 860 uses AeroForce high-efficiency filters, and the 805 uses AeroForce standard filters.

To get into the detail and their effects, the high-efficiency filter of 860 can trap particles as small as 3 microns. On the other hand, 805's standard filter traps the smallest 10 microns particles. However, both do trap 99% of pollens and allergens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can they self-charge?

Yes, both can self-charge by going to the charging station when they are low on battery.

How noisy are they?

They are not annoyingly noisy, but you can clearly tell when they are cleaning from a different room.

How do they perform on different floors?

Both of the models perform well by auto-adjusting to the floors and surfaces. And they both perform the best on hardwood, tile, carpeted, and laminated floors.

Which among the two is pricier?

The 860 is pricier than the 805.

How long does it take them to charge?

Both take about 2 hours to charge completely.


With some significant differences, both the models have more or less advanced features and do a great job as a robot cleaner. If you have set your mind on buying a Roomba, then from our irobotroomba805 vs. 860, we can tell these two are great choices.

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