iRobot Roomba 761 vs 620

iRobot Roomba 761 vs 620 – Which is Better?

Roomba has been a well-known brand for its series of robotic cleaners for decades. And the older series and models are much inferior and less expensive than the current ones.

However, they serve their purpose and do the same job as the rest: cleaning the house. And we are going to determine, in this irobot roomba 761 vs. 620 comparisons, what makes the two apart and how it could affect you.  

From the 600 and 700 series, the 620 and the 761 models have some significant differences between them. Consider your requirements and needs while reading through.

We also have a iRobot Roomba 761 vs. 650 comparison, which you can check out after this.

iRobot Roomba 761 Review

iRobot Roomba 761

What can possibly be better than an automatic robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning? One with a remote control feature! You can control this cleaner to stop or resume using the provided remote control.

Now you might think that is one of its major selling points, but it is not entirely the case. It has other sets of features that make it a great robot cleaner. Its patented 3 Stage Cleaning System allows it to clean every corner and edges around the room for debris.

Besides, you don’t need to program it in any way. To start the process, all you need is to press the “CLEAN” button at the front, and it will begin cleaning and vacuuming around the house.

If you have worries about the device missing spots to vacuum, then that is not an issue either. Thanks to its Dirt Detect sensors, it senses around and alerts the machine to keep cleaning that area for more dirt and debris.

Along with that, it has a set of other intelligent sensors guiding it around and under all the furniture. So it provides deep and thorough cleaning of the floors. It does a great job of cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles.

The unit is definitely among the heavier side as it weighs 14.6 pounds or 6.6 kg. Based on that, it also has a bigger dimension or precisely 21.5 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 5.6 inches in height.

Moreover, it uses a lithium polymer battery, and it can last up to an impressive 2 hours before charging. The unit does have a home base charging station, so it reaches the charging station on its own when on low battery.


  • Has a remote control function
  • Starts cleaning with the press of a button
  • Battery life of 2 hours
  • Intelligent sensors help to deep clean around and under furniture
  • Comes with a home base charging station


  • Remote might not work properly sometimes
  • Quite heavy

iRobot Roomba 620 Review

iRobot Roomba 620

The 620 model belonging to the 600 series of the brand is more of an entry-level budget robot cleaner. However, it does have many impressive features like the more expensive models and shares some with the 761.

Starting with the 3 Stage Cleaning System, it helps clean every corner of the room like we previously mentioned. Its brushes loosen the debris stuck mainly in carpets, and use the brushes to bring it near the suction for a successful clean.

Besides, it also uses a button to press at the front for the whole cleaning process to start. Which does mean you can’t schedule and have to turn it on and off manually. It has a “spot” button on the front as well, which you can press to clean that spot thoroughly.

However, with its home base charging station, you don’t really need to check it for a low battery on your own. But you can press the “dock” button to send it back to the charging station manually.

Moreover, it is relatively light and small. It weighs only 12.8 pounds or 5.8 kg, which is much lighter than the previous one we just reviewed. When it comes to the size, it is around 17.7 inches in length, 16.9 inches in width, and 4.7 inches in height.

It is a great size to go under furniture, and with its navigating ability, it goes under furniture and around clutters as well. Also, it doesn’t get tangled up in wires either, thus navigating around the house without getting struck. It works best on tiles, hardwood, and linoleum floors.

Furthermore, its lithium polymer battery can last up to 1 hour of continuous cleaning. And it takes about 2.5 hours to complete charging fully.


  • Possible to fully control it manually using buttons
  • Automatically goes to the charging station when on low battery
  • Weighs only 12.8 pounds
  • Navigates around cluttered spaces and under furniture
  • Great for tile, hardwood, and linoleum floors


  • Might leave wheel tracks on carpets
  • Might be too loud

iRobot Roomba 761 vs. 620 Comparison

It is easy to find some of the differences between both at first glance. But along with that, there are other technical differences as well.


The 620 model is a lot smaller in dimension compared to the 761. However, one of the main things to consider would be the height as it would determine if it can go under your furniture or not.

With the 761 having a height of 5.6 inches and the 620 being 4.7 inches high, it makes almost an inch difference, which is not much but could make a difference to some. Besides, their full dimension is 21.5x19x5.6 inches for 761 and 17.7x16.9x4.7 inches for 620.


In terms of weight, the 620 is also much lighter than the 761 models. The 761 is a total of 1.8 pounds or 0.8 kg heavier than 620 with weighing 14.6 pounds or 6.6 kg. That makes the 620 weigh 12.8 pounds or 5.8 kg.

This is again not a big difference; however, connecting it with the dimension, there could be a portability issue. But for a home robot cleaner, that is rarely a problem.


Probably one of the most significant differences between them is the intelligent sensors. The 761 model has a Dirt Detect sensor, which the 620 lacks.

With a pretty self-explanatory name, this sensor senses dirt or debris around and continues cleaning the spot until it is completely clean. Besides that, the 620 also can’t sense if an object is nearby, leading to accidental bumps. However, both of them can map and remember your room layout accurately and use them to clean multiple rooms at a time.

Battery and Battery Life

Both use a lithium polymer battery but have a big difference in their battery life, which we could explain as being an older and a newer model.

The 620 lasts about 1 hour on one full charge and requires nearly 2.5 hours to finish charging, taking more than double the time it takes to drain the battery. While the 761 can last almost 2 hours on one full charge and continuous cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest difference between the two?

The biggest difference between them would be the sensors. While the 761 can sense objects and dirt, the 620 can’t.

Which would be better for a bigger house?

Definitely the 761! It has a longer battery life and has newer technologies that the 620 lacks.

Why should I buy the 620?

In case if you have a relatively smaller house, want a robot vacuum cleaner but don’t want to spend too much, don’t mind not having a scheduling feature, etc. then the 620 is a better choice.

What should I do for maintenance?

Make sure to clean the brushes and filters once every week, check and clean the battery for dust and clean the compartment for storing dirt regularly.

What kind of floors are they good on?

The 761 is especially good on tiles, hardwood floors, and carpets, whereas the 620 is good on tile, hardwood, and linoleum floors.


If you are not shy to spend a bit more and looking for more advanced features, then the 761 is the better choice, whereas the 620 is a great first buy. Our iRobot Roomba 761 vs. 620 article focuses on their major differences, so keep them in mind before purchasing. I would also suggest you to check the comparison of iRobot Roomba 805 vs. 860 for a better understanding.

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