How to How to use a Handheld Tile Cutter

How to Use a Handheld Tile Cutter?

Handheld Tile Cutter is an extremely essential instrument for cutting tiles. It lets you split the tiles into your desired size and shape.

The special thing about a handheld tile cutter is that it’s very convenient for cutting small tiles. It is also very inexpensive in comparison to the cost of a wet saw or manual tile cutter.

So all you want now to buy the cutter from the nearest market and start piercing tiles, Right?

Hold on!! Wait a second.

Do you know that if you are unable to cut the tile at an accurate size, you will end up turning the expensive piece of tile into a waste material?

Don’t worry; I will let you know the ins and outs of this amazing cutter.

What is a Handheld Tile Cutter?

While decorating a portion of your house or area with tiles, you should make sure the house gets a professional look. The pocket-size cutter provides the quickest solution here.

A handheld tile cutter a safe tool for tile cutting. It is very much lightweight. Therefore, it is highly recommended for its portability and robustness.

Moreover, it is the cheapest cutter in the world for cutting tile. An expert, as well as a newbie, can easily use and fully utilize this handheld machine. Obviously, you don’t have to worry about the utility bill when using this tool as it doesn’t require any electricity to operate it.

The Procedure for Using a Handheld Tile Cutter

A handheld tile cutter is very effective and user-friendly; you don’t need to attach anything extra with it. This impactful tool can help you to finish your tiling smoothly if used in the proper manner.

Tile cutting is not that difficult with this tool. Just follow the given five simple steps;

Step 01:Drawing a Line

The first thing to do is to draw a line on the glazing surface of the tile that you want to resize. You should use a ruler or similar object to draw this line.

This step is very beneficial for the beginners but an expert can cut such a small piece of tile without drawing any line. Nonetheless, drawing the line is a very good practice.

It can help you slice the tile more neatly and makes the job easier for you. However, always remember to use a pencil or a marker for scratching.

Step 02: Scoring Wheel Mechanism

Put the scoring wheel of the cutter on the drawn line and run the wheel on the line. Use one hand to put pressure on the cutter and another hand to guide the tile cutter along the line.

Apply a decent amount of pressure to make this line the weakest part of the tile piece. Don’t forget to score the edges to assure a clean cut.  You may repeat this process a couple of time.

Step 03: Cutting

After Scoring is done on the highlighted line, put the jaws of the cutter on this line. Make sure that the marked line is located exactly in the middle of the jaws. Hold one side of the tile and put steady pressure on the tile surface.

Squeeze the handle of the cutter. That should split the tile that you want to slice. Don’t put too much pressure on the tile surface to divide it quickly.  

Step 04: Polishing the Edge

To maintain a fascinating look, smooth the edges of the tile with a sandpaper or sharpening stone. Though this is not an obligatory step, it is essential when you think of safety & elegant finish.

Step 05: Practicing before Implementation

This step may seem unnecessary but trust me, this is the step which gives the beginner the courage and confidence needed to get the job done. Simply get some pieces of damaged or broken tiles and perform the whole process on them 3-4 times. Remember, Practice makes a man perfect.

Safety Measures

While working with any sharp cutting tool, we should take some precautions steps to avoid any harm.

  • Wear eye protective glass or gear to guard your eyes against any unwanted tile particles
  • Use gloves while cutting the tiles to avoid any awkward situation
  • Keep this tool away from children
  • Read the user manual and adhere to the directions given in it

Double-check that you're using this awesome tile cutter according to the given instructions. An Incorrect operation could lead to breaking the tile or cutter itself.

To Sum up,

A handheld tile cutter is a very powerful tool indeed. It is extremely useful to complete small tile designs and projects. But, to cut a large piece of tile, you need to use other tile cutters, for example- wet-saw, manual tile cutter. Yes, there are ways to cut tiles without tools, but those are not efficient.

For the thin tiles made from standard ceramic or porcelain, it is better to use a handheld tile nipper.Keep in mind that handheld tile cutters are the ultimate choice for achieving quick, clean cuts on porcelain and ceramic small tile.

However, if you need manual porcelain cutters you can get to know the Brutus 10800 professional tile cutter.

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