How to Tell If Roomba Is Charging

How to Tell If Roomba Is Charging? How Long It Takes to Charge?

To be completely honest, when we got our hands on a Roomba, we were pretty confused. And as we managed to lose the user manual, it was pretty hard for us to understand what the device was doing and how long will it take for it to finish what it is doing.

Basically, we wanted to know how to tell if Roomba is charging, followed by how long it takes to charge. Thankfully, we managed to find the manual out, but that might not be the case for all.

That is why we decided to write this descriptive article. And to ensure that the data we provide is accurate, we even measured the time manually.

How to Tell Whether the Roomba Is Charging or Not?

Let us first talk about what most readers want to know about, which is how to tell if the Roomba is charging. And there are two different ways to tell whether it is charging or not. We will discuss both methods in this segment.

How to Tell Whether the Roomba Is Charging or Not

Through the App

It is possible to check the charging status through the app. And the way for knowing whether the Roomba is charging is or not is as follows:

Roomba App
  • You will notice that there is a battery icon on the very top-right corner of the app. It will generally indicate the present status of the cells.
  • The CLEAN option will only display when the battery is charged enough. However, it will also show "Ready to clean. Charging" if the charge is enough to clean, but the batteries are not full. In this case, the cleaning session might be shorter than normal.
  • "Ready to clean. Fully Charged" will only pop up when the battery is full. It indicates that the battery is fully charged, and the Roomba is ready for a full session of cleaning.

Through the Multi-status LED Light

The status LED can also show the charging status. And the LED will show different behaviors at different times. These are what they actually mean.

Multi-status LED Light

Red Pulse

The batteries are currently charging, and the charge amount is not enough for cleaning. In other words, the battery still needs more juice to start a cleaning session.

Red Pulse

White Pulse

This states that the battery is charging. However, if you attempt to make it start a cleaning session, it might get out of the home base and start cleaning. But the battery, at that stage, is not fully charged, which means the cleaning session will be shorter than normal.

Also, it might pulse red light. That would indicate that the battery requires a bit more juice to start a cleaning session.

Solid White

If the LED light is in a stationary white mode, it states that the battery is fully charged. In this stage, you can start another cleaning session, and the LED light will not pulse red light. Also, the cleaning session will be at a normal length as the battery is now fully charged.

Solid White

What Does It Mean When the LED Is White and Swirling Clockwise?

The charging status indicator might also give other information. And swirling white light is one of them. This clockwise swirling means that the device is starting up. It can also mean that there is a software update and it is downloading and upgrading the firmware of the device.

Nonetheless, whenever you see the LED light doing a white swirl in the clockwise direction, let it stay there and wait for a while. Once it starts up or upgrades its firmware, it will start the cleaning session automatically.

For some of the models, the status indicator, along with the other indicators, might turn off after one minute. This is completely normal, which means there is nothing to panic about. And this behavior usually means that the device and the home station are conserving energy.

How Long Does It Take for a Roomba to Charge?

The charging time will depend on the model that you have. However, most of the devices from Roomba utilizes a lithium-ion battery. And the circuitry will not take juice at a fast rate as it does not want to overheat the battery too much during the charging session.

Roomba to Charge

That being said, in normal conditions, with the battery fully drained, it might take up to two hours to fully charge the battery. However, if you want to enhance the device's battery life, it is recommended to keep the Roomba charged up until it is time for another cleaning cycle.

Refresh Charge

There is a mode where the device will initiate a refresh charging cycle. This will only happen when you leave the device on the Home Base for an extended amount of time. It will automatically start the special 16 hours charging cycle in that state.

If you were wondering what this charging cycle actually does to the battery, it will basically refresh the battery and achieve extended life. But, to get the best overall results, you must not interrupt the refresh charging cycle. We would recommend trying to initiate during the night.

On that note, during the refresh charging cycle, the multi-status indicator LED light will light up in amber color. When that happens, do make sure that you check the time and leave the Roomba in place for 16 hours.

How to Check the Battery Status of the Roomba?

During a charging cycle, you might want to know how much charge is left on the battery. Well, doing that is pretty simple. Press the clean button once during the session and check the LED light. If it lights up red, the battery is not fully charged. The charge amount will be somewhere between 0 to 99 percent.

Check the Battery Status of the Roomba

However, if the LED light lights up white, the battery is fully charged. And in that state, you can initiate a cleaning session, and the Roomba will be able to finish off that cleaning cycle properly.

What Do the Tones of Roomba Mean?

Sometimes, the Roomba will make a series of tones. It usually does that when it is returning to the home base to recharge. And that series of tones indicates that the cleaning cycle is complete, and it is returning to the home base to charge up for another cleaning session.

Tones of Roomba Mean

However, do note that if the Roomba is returning to the recharge station without playing any tone, it means that the cleaning cycle is not complete. It is basically returning to the base in the middle of the session and will charge up to a specific amount. Once it has enough charge, it will return to finish off the cleaning session.

Can I Manually Charge the Roomba?

The Roomba will usually automatically return back to the home base for charging. However, it is possible to manually make it return to the home base and make it charge the battery. For that, you would require the home app. You will find the Dock option there. Press it, and it should return to the base.

However, do not manually pick it up and move it to another location. If you do that, the mapping system will have a bit of trouble trying to locate where the device is at that moment. And it might even face difficulties in finding the way back to the home base.

Manually Charge the Roomba

So, for best results, it is recommended to use the app or let the Roomba do its thing. Do not pick it up and move it back to the charging base.

Final Words

As you now know how to tell if Roomba is charging and how long it takes to charge, hopefully, you will not be bewildered about those two factors anymore. Also, we hope that you found the other related questions we answered in this article helpful.

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