How to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Carpet

How to Get Human Urine Smell Out of Carpet?

Human urine on the carpet is not a common thing. That is why most of the homeowners and office cleaning personnel do not really know how to get human urine smell out of the carpet. That is why many of them will use random cleaning agents and will make things worse.

Well, as you have stumbled upon this article, it would be safe to assume that you do not know that either. However, there is no need to panic anymore because we know how to deal with the problem you have right now. And the methods that we will discuss will surely get rid of the pesky smell out of your precious carpet.

How to Deal With Human Urine Smell on the Carpet?

Some easy home remedies and simple cleaning solutions are enough to get the pesky smell and bacteria out of the carpet. But what remedies and solutions are we actually talking about? Well, they are as follows:

How to Deal With Human Urine Smell on the Carpet

Natural and More Accessible Agents

Before we get into the commercially produced cleaning agents, let us talk about the cleaning agents that are probably in your kitchen at the moment.  

Natural and More Accessible Agents


We believe every kitchen has a bottle of vinegar stored in the cupboard. This is a highly versatile ingredient that people generally use to enhance the shelf life of different sauces and food items. It can also bring a unique taste to those food items.

But we are not here to talk about the effect it has on food items. What we are focusing on is its effect on the urine. Due to its high acidity trait, it will be able to effectively kill off the bacterias that the urine has left on the carpet. Also, it is highly capable of getting rid of the smell from the fabrics.


However, you need to be a bit careful while using this highly acidic solution. As it has a higher acidity level, it can ruin the color of the fabric. So, we would not recommend using it if the carpet has a bright color. Also, you should only use it when the stains from the urine are off the surface.

Baking Soda

Another common food ingredient is baking soda. Every home cook and baker has it on their food shelf. It can work like magic to make the baking items become fluffy and get in the shape that you want. And it works like a charm in the case of removing the bad smells and odors.

That being said, our recommendation would be to mix it up with a bit of water. That will create a thick paste. Get yourself an old brush and apply this thick paste to the area where there is urine. Scrub the area properly, and it should get rid of the pesky smell.

Baking Soda

It would be possible to make a more runny solution if the thick paste is not working that well. All you need to do is add a bit of water. And to make the application process a bit easier, use a spraying bottle. Then spray the solution to the area and scrub it with an old brush.

Lemon Juice

You probably know by now that the lemon is highly effective against bacterias because it has loads of antibacterial properties. It is basically a natural bleach. And our case requires something that is exactly like that. It is highly effective with different types of fabrics, floors, and toilets.

Lemon Juice

Nonetheless, you need to make a solution with the juice. Get yourself a spraying bottle because that is going to make the task of applying the solution easier. Mix it with some water and give the bottle a good shake. After that, spray some on the affected region and scrub it using some old brush. That should get rid of the odor.

Other Cleaning Agents

Apart from the natural and more accessible agents we looked at, there are some other commercial agents that can deal with the human urine odor. And they are as follows:

Enzyme-Based Stain Remover

This solution is generally known to remove stains from the surfaces pretty easily. It contains highly active enzymes that can neutralize stains exceptionally well. And it also holds the ability to deal with different types of odor-causing bacterias, including the ones that are present in human urine.

Enzyme-Based Stain Remover

On that note, you need to use a generous amount of it on the carpet and then use some sort of rag or cleaning cloth to properly scrub the area. That will do the job of removing the odor from the fabrics.

Carpet Foam

You might already be familiar with the carpet foam. This foamy solution is a great pick to sanitize the carpet. And it works exceptionally well in terms of fighting with different types of bacterias. However, you would need a vacuum cleaner to carry out the cleaning procedure with this.

Carpet Foam

First, spray some of the foam on the region. Spread it around using an old brush and then vacuum clean the whole area. This will not only get rid of the smell but also get rid of the contaminants and deal with the bacterias that might be on the surface.

Textile Fresheners

The textile fresheners are not something that we would recommend applying in the very beginning. Instead, you would have to use it when the other cleaning solutions do not work like expected. It will do a proper job of dealing with the odor that still lingers around on the surface.

And the good thing is that these solutions are generally odorless. That means it will not leave any of the chemical smell behind after you get rid of the urine odor. However, there are other variants available. Those would have floral and other types of scents in them.

Textile Fresheners

Nevertheless, apply some of the solutions to the affected area and leave it to dry. It will generally not leave any stain around and will take away the pesky smell once it dries off.

UV Light

Consider a scenario where you can actually smell the urine but do not really know where it is located on the carpet. It will not be possible to get your nose down and smell each part of the carpet. And there might not even be any stain on the carpet to help you locate the smelly area.

Well, in this scenario, UV light can come in handy. It will not only help you locate the region where the urine dried off but also will let you get rid of the smell. Just hold the light on that place for a good amount of time, and it should take away the pesky smell from the area.

How to Deal with Urine Stains on the Carpet?

Dealing with the stains is a bit harder than dealing with the odor. Basically, it is a labor-extensive process. You would have to opt for a complete clean. And if it is not possible to clean the carpet fully, you would have to opt for the partial cleaning procedure.

Urine Stains on the Carpet

For the partial process, to soak the urine from the surface, use a paper towel. That will absorb any of the liquid urine that might still be on the carpet. Then rinse the area. After that, use the home remedy solutions to get rid of the smell and stain that is on the surface. Finally, do a final rinse and let the area dry.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to get human urine smell out of carpet is not that hard. You need to know which solutions you need to use and which ones you should not use. And we can guarantee you that the solutions that we have talked about will work like a charm in terms of getting rid of the pesky odor.

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