How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet

How to Get Human Urine Out of Carpet?

There can be a situation where you will encounter urine odors and stains from your carpet, and this can happen due to your innocent baby. This kind of accident takes place out of the blue and it will be best that you work on the solution as soon as possible.  

The main issue is that stain removal is quite hectic because the urine consists of uric acid crystals.

You won’t be able to remove it with soap and other type of chemicals because the crystals are tightly bonded. And there is no chance cleaning a thick carpet with robot vacuum. The only way you can destroy them is by using specific ingredients that works efficiently for this purpose.

Fortunately, we have done some in-depth research and have collected all the necessary elements that can be a perfect solution for this problem. From the following article, you will get various information regarding the question, ‘How to get human urine out of carpet?

The good news is that all the steps are user-friendly, and you won’t have to be a professional to get the job done. Moreover, it is time-saving and requires no vacuum. As you can see, it is a must read and you should definitely check it out.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Step-by-step Process

Below, there is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to get human urine out of carpet.

Human Urine Out of Carpet

Step 1: Take Preparation

Start the task by preparing yourself. Sanitize your hand and wear a pair of gloves for your safety. Since your nose and mouth is getting exposed, cover this area with something so that you can breathe easily.

If you cough or sneeze out of the blue, the covering will block it from coming into the carpet. Plus, it is for your own health benefit.

Purchase a black light or borrow one from someone. This unique device will help you to find all the hidden stains that could have gone unchecked. For proper visibility, you can mark the specific area with some chalk.

When you are in the middle of the task, the markings will be a blessing in disguise. Because you are using chalk, it won’t be a trouble to clean it afterwards. You can also use double-sided tapes to keep the carpet in one place.

Step 2: Use a Towel or Kitchen Paper

The first approach that you have to take is to make sure you can absorb as much liquid from the carpet as possible. If you can successfully do that, it will be a lot easier for you to work on other steps.

Take a towel or kitchen paper and apply pressure onto the stained area with it. You can also put it on and under the floor to make it smooth for you. To extract the liquids, you should squeeze the towel and carpet constantly.

Wash the towel or use a fresh kitchen paper and repeat the process until you are not getting any liquids out from the fabric.

Step 3: Rinse the Carpet

Always use warm water that has a moderate temperature. If you use hot water, there is a possibility that you might damage the carpet and increase the stain level.

So, rinse the carpet (stained area) with lukewarm water and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Apply the Stain Remover

If you were asking how to clean carpet with vinegar, this step is the answer. The best part of this step is that you can make this stain remover by yourself. Simply use vinegar essence, lemon juice, detergent (enzyme-based), or baking powder and you are good to go.

Apply the Stain Remover

You can also mix white vinegar with some amount of warm water along with salt or baking soda. This solution will remove the stain and odor as well.

After you have applied the solution to the targeted area, give it some time to do its magic. Don’t be in a hurry because you can wait a satisfactory result, right?

Step 5: Dry the Whole Rug

Wait for around 30 minutes and wash the carpet with warm water (moderate temperature). Gently clean all the area or else some of the solution will be left on the fabric and you will have to do the cleaning process again which will waste your time.

Hang it in a spot where you can easily dry it. You should use sunlight because this natural process will eliminate all the discoloring issue. Besides, you can use a fan if you are not having proper amount of natural light in your location.

Another strategy is to use a fresh towel and gently apply it to the wet area to absorb all the water. So, it is clear that this drying process has many options, and you should go with the technique that suits your preference in the best way.  

Step 6: The Final Part

If you have used towels, ensure that it is completely washed and dried. Avoid using it in the washing machine in the first place because there is a possibility that it might not lose its smell.

Just soak them in warm water and use a detergent. Leave the towel for a couple of hours and finish it off with rinsing. If you are still not happy with the outcome, repeat the process.  

Finally, check the carpet in every point. Also, flip it and do the same process. If everything has fulfilled your expectations, congrats! You are done with the stain removing procedure. 

Necessary Precautions

When you are finished with the cleaning task, it is mandatory that you take some necessary precautions so that your carpet can last for a long time.

Let’s look at some of them.

Finishing the Ceaning with a Shop-Vac

Before you start using it, dry the area with a fresh towel. You can also use a paper towel if you have one in stock.

Now you may ask, ‘What is the purpose of a Shop-Vac?’ The answer is pretty simple. It works quickly to make sure all the urine is extracted from the carpet and nothing is left behind. Simply put, this device will suck up all the liquids other than the stains.

Fortunately, this device is available in most of the markets. Though it is a bit expensive than the regular ones, your investment won’t go to waste in the long run.

Ceaning with a Shop-Vac

To get started, mix a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent (liquid) along with one cup of hot water. Avoid using laundry detergent since it contains bleach or lanolin which won’t be effective in getting your task completed.

Take a spray bottle and pour the mixtures gently. Aim it on the stain and start spraying. Give it some time and then bring your shop-vac to finish the work. Turn it on and get surprised with its mind-blowing performance.

Opt for the Traditional Vacuum

If you are concerned with your budget but removing the urine is a must in your case, don’t panic because you can also get the same result with a traditional vacuum.

This affordable device comes in different price ranges and you can get the one that suits with your criteria. Go for the good quality products as these will be long-lasting and its performance won’t degrade with time.

Just do some research before you make your purchase and if possible, consult with someone who has been in your shoes at some point.  It is true that it will take extra time to get the job done if you compare it with the previous model but you can complete your task if you have the patience and confidence.

Since you are vacuuming liquid, ask the supplier whether the one you have chosen is compatible to do that or not. According to this information, make the purchase.

All the Cleaning Solutions

You never know what kind of ingredients you might have in your home or grocery store so it will be safe if you have the information regarding all types of cleaning solutions. 

Here are their descriptions.

Enzyme Cleaner

This one is considered as one of the best solutions. People around the world got tremendous results and some of them preferred to recommend it to others.

Luckily, enzyme products are available in most of the stores. Their performance is excellent as they penetrate deep into the carpet fabric and removes the human urine effectively.

Enzyme Cleaner

Before you make the purchase, check the label, and consult with the supplier. To fight the bacteria, there needs to be a required number of enzymes. So, just get it cleared beforehand.   

If you are interested in the powdered version, you have to hydrate it. The amount of water required will also be mentioned on the label. After you have applied it on the stain, leave it for around 8 hours. This time period is applicable for both the powdered and liquid version.

Then, clean the area with a vacuum or fresh towel.  

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

The mixture of baking soda and diluted hydrogen peroxide is very powerful in removing stains. Plus, it works fabulously in removing odors.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Take 8 ounces of this solution and mix it with one cup of water and half cup of vinegar. Use it on the stain and rub it constantly from one direction to the other.

Leave it for about half an hour and finally rinse the whole thing to get the result.


Salt is the oldest method and is still performing remarkably when it comes to removing human urine from carpets. Keep one thing in mind that it works effectively on wet stains.

If the stain in your situation is dry, don’t worry. Take a portion of warm water and pour it on that area. After that, you can apply salt (small amount) and check for the presence of wetness that should appear on the top.

Add salt continuously till the time you are not seeing any moisture on the top portion of the stain. When you are satisfied, wait for around 10 minutes, and then vacuum the spot. All in all, this will remove both the smell and stain.  

Some Common Problems and Their Solutions

It is not guaranteed that you won’t encounter problems during the cleaning process. For your ease, we have included some of the common problems and their solutions.

Bad Odor Still Remaining after Cleaning

Yes, it is actually possible and if you face it, the following information will be your ultimate savior.   

If a single cleaning fails to remove the smell, you then have to repeat the process for a couple of times. In the starting phase, the odor will be worse but with repetition, you will notice the change.

Human Urine Out of Carpet

According to the thickness of your carpet, you will get to see the result. Some fabrics take a single day whereas, some take a couple of days. So, you need to be mentally prepared and patient as a result.   

If one of the solutions is not working, experiment with other alternatives. Also, there is a chance that the urine can come in contact with the edge of the floor (if your carpet is placed on the corner). Do check that area and clean it. 

Stains with Dark Color and Large Size

The color and the size are a clear indication that the amount of urine is large and has penetrated quite deep into the carpet.

You have to clean each layer in order to remove the overall stain. The way you can do this is by undergoing couple of treatments with the home-made remedy or the cleaning solutions that are available in the market.

When the dark color and the large size are vanished, check whether you are getting any bad odor or not. If not, the treatment is successfully done.

Final Tips

  • For stubborn stains, the best solution is to take out as much liquid as possible. You can do this using a fresh cloth and a bowl of water.
  • Use a dry or wet vacuum if the stain in your case is broadly spread.
  • Don’t just focus only on the front part of the carpet because the back is also an important aspect that you should take into consideration.
  • If you have kids, make sure they are not present during the time you are doing the work. Keep them distanced since the cleaning solution may jeopardize infants.


It is clear that extracting the stains is not a difficult job if you have all the tools and techniques in your arsenal.

Go through this article more than once so that you can get a clear understanding of everything.

Have a good day.

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