How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tile

How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tile? Different Ways to Do it!

Glass tiles come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. If you want to install mosaic tiles at home, you can opt for glass tiles like tesserae. They look beautiful, and given the variety of colors they come in, you can get really creative with them.

Mosaics are made with small pieces of tiles cut up into irregular shapes. These irregular bits are called tesserae, which are those that give mosaics their particular color and texture. To make a mosaic tile, you will have to cut up the glass tiles into the shapes and sizes you prefer. There are two ways in which you can do this:

Two Ways to Cut Glass Tiles

A clean, perfect cut is, of course; just what we want for the tiles we will be using. It paves the way for installing mosaic tile perfectly.

There are specific tools and techniques you can go for, which will make this process much more comfortable and accurate. Cutting glass tiles by yourself can be a little daunting, but if you know exactly what to do, you can get very satisfying results.

Using Nippers and Scoring Tools:

Not sure how to use a nipper or a scoring tool? Nothing to worry about read through the text below and you will get the hang of it in no time. You may also use manual tile cutters instead of those.

1. Nippers can be used if you want to cut small pieces of glass tiles. They look a lot like pliers and can be found in any hardware store. These handy little tools are great for detailed work, as they are very small and sharp.

2. If you want nippers that are effective, you should look for ones that have small carbide wheels attached to their ends. The presence of these wheels makes the nippers more durable, so they can take on the required pressure for cutting the glasses cleanly.

3. Scoring tools, on the other hand, can be used for more significant pieces of glass tiles. These tools make cutting tiles in straight lines much more comfortable as they have carbide or diamond wheels at their ends, which makes it strong enough to be used for drawing lines on the glass. 

4. "Scoring" means making scratching, and that is exactly what this tool does. It scratches the surface of the glass but does not cut it completely. Instead, a broken line is produced by it, which then aids the workers in breaking the glass into small pieces.

5. A worker will need to maintain a straight edged angle in order to make perfect lines using the scoring tool. Once the glass has been scored, the cutter will have to apply pressure to the glass, so that it breaks off cleanly at the line.

6. You can use these tools in very simple ways. For the nippers, you can sketch out a shape or make a design of your choice by first drawing the shape out with a marker on the glass. After that just use the tool to follow the lines you drew, and cut out a shape. Be careful not to use pieces that are far big for the nippers.

7. If you are planning to use a scoring tool, you will first have to use the straight edge and a marker pen, to draw a straight line down the tile. Make sure this line runs right from one end to the other.

8. Next, take your scoring tool, and follow the line you just drew, to create the broken line on the tile. Draw this all the way down the tile, or it won't come apart properly. If you want accuracy, you can keep the straight edge right beside the line, while you use the tool.

9. You must also make sure that you are applying just the right amount of pressure on the tile. If you press too hard, you will hear a gritty, harsh sound while working. With perfect pressure, you will hear a smoother sound.

10. After drawing on the scoreline, you can snap the tile into two with just your hands. Place your hands on either side of the broken line with the thumbs pressing down. Then apply an equal amount of pressure with both hands, and snap the glass into two separate pieces.

11. If the glass doesn't break off when you try with your hands, you can use some tools as well. Pliers can help break apart the two pieces, but they may scratch the glass as well. To avoid that, just wrap its end up in electric tape, and use it.

12. You can also use a thin material, like a wire, under the broken line. Make sure that the line faces up,  and then apply pressure to each side of the glass carefully, and snap it apart.

13. Cutting tiles can be a risky job at times since you are handling sharp objects. Make sure to wear gloves, masks, and goggles, so that you are well protected from any of the harmful substances flying about.

Using a Wet Saw:

1. If you are working with large, thick tiles, a scoring or nipping tool just won’t do the trick. You will need a wet saw for this, which is a heavy-duty tool, made for cutting big tiles.

2. You can buy a wet saw, or rent one from a home appliance store nearby. For cutting glass tiles, you will have to use unique, diamond-encrusted blades. You can find these at the store as well, and you must switch to them, instead  of the regular ceramic blades.

3. Cutting tiles cause a huge amount of friction. This friction heats up the tiles very fast, and leads to the possibility of explosions. To avoid that, water must be used while cutting up the tiles.

4. You will see that the wet saw has a water tray for storing water that is to be used in the process of heating. Fill up the tray, and make sure you change the water frequently because it will get dirty during the cutting process.

5. To guarantee that cuts are accurate, you will have to follow some steps. Use a straight edge and a marker to draw a straight line down the tile, which you can later follow. Then, stick a piece of duct tape or electrical tape down the line to avoid chipping the tile.

6. Next, you want to place the tile face down, onto the tray of the wet saw. This, too, is done to avoid any sort of chipping. Place the marker line along the saw’s cutter.

7. Once the tile is lined up perfectly, you can turn the saw on and start cutting. Use your hands to maintain a steady pressure and follow the marker line with the diamond blade.

8. Don’t push too hard, and don’t try to be too fast with the tile. If you want a precise cut, go slowly and carefully, keeping the blade as straight as possible.

9. You must remember, that since this process involves very sharp objects, you will have to wear protective gear. Put on leather gloves to protect your hands, as well as masks and goggles, so you are not affected by any of the dust and debris flying up.


Cutting glass tiles may seem like a tough job, but only until the guidelines are handed down to you. Yes, it will take some time and patience, but in the end, you will be able to do your work alone quite comfortably.

So, use these steps to learn how to cut glass tiles for your mosaics, get creative, and start decorating your house, bathroom, office, etc. It saves a lot of money when you choose to do things yourself, instead of looking to hire professional help.

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