How to Clean Slate Floors with Steam

How to Clean Slate Floors with Steam?

Considering that you have clicked on this article, we can say that you surely have slate floors in your home or outdoor area. And you are probably worried that you might damage them while trying to clean them out. Well, the natural texture can surely be a bit worrying.

However, we have handled slate floors for a long amount of time now. We know basically everything about cleaning them. Today, we are going to discuss how to clean slate floors with steam. And the guide that we are going to provide will be undoubtedly easy to follow and apply. So, continue reading!

What Exactly Is Slate Flooring?

Before we get into the cleaning process, we would like to ensure that you do know what slate flooring is. This information will also help you identify the material if you are confused about whether you have slate flooring or not.

Slate flooring is basically one of the types of natural flooring materials available out there. These usually will look a look like bricks. But unlike bricks, these are going to have a smooth texture on the surface. For this natural smooth texture, they hold the ability to make any indoor and outdoor place look elegant.

Slate Flooring

Apart from the looks, there are other things that make this type of flooring material worth getting. First, it is exceptionally durable, and if you take proper care of it, it will last for a long amount of time. Also, it does not require frequent maintenance as well.

In addition to that, the high-quality slate stones are generally resistant to stains and slippage. That is why they are often used in high-traffic areas where there is going to be too much movement on the top. The outer look is also going to depend on the quality of the slate.

Usually, the ones that are from closer to the ground will have a weathered look to them. The reason behind these outlooks is because they were exposed to different types of elements and harsh weather.

How to Clean Slate Flooring Using Steam?

No matter what quality of slate flooring you are opting for, it is going to bite a good chunk out of your bank account for the installation process. For that reason, it is quite important for you to know how to properly take care of slate flooring, which is what we are going to describe in this segment.

How to Clean Slate Flooring Using Steam?

Step 1: Sweep or Vacuum the Upper Surface

It is quite essential to take care of the upper dirt, dust, and debris before using steam. This will not only make the cleaning process easier but also will make sure that the end result is like you would expect it to be. Also, if you remove the dirt and debris off the surface, the chances of scratches ending up will be pretty low.

Get yourself a soft-bristled broom if you are planning to sweep the surface. Move it back and forth and take care of the crevices. Make sure that there is no dust or debris visible on the surface. For the vacuum cleaner, attach a soft cleaning tool and vacuum all of the dust and debris.

However, if you are planning to get a thorough clean, we would recommend using a dust mop. Attach a microfiber pad with it and glide it across the surface. Do make sure that you do not go back and forth with the mop because it can leave marks, which we do not want.

Step 2: Prepare the Steam Cleaner

After getting rid of the dust and debris off the surface, move along into preparing the cleaner. Depending on the model of the steam cleaner, you will have to pour in a certain amount of water inside the tank. Make sure you do not overfill the max line because that can make the device spill water on the slate.

Then, start the device and let the heating element heat up the water inside. It might take up to fifteen minutes. However, there are some devices that can heat up the water in about ten minutes. Nonetheless, once the cleaner is ready, move along to the next step.

Step 3: Start Steam Cleaning

Now that the machine is ready for the cleaning process, attach the right mopping pad on the bottom. After this, you would have to glide across the surface. Get to every corner and every bit of the tiles. Leaving any of the spots untouched will make them look like they are out of place.

After the initial pass, change the pad. If the tank is out of the water, refill it, and wait for it to heat up again. Once it is ready, glide for the second time. But this time, focus on the crevices. Apply extra pressure if you have and clean the crevices.

Start Steam Cleaning

However, do make sure that you do not stick on one spot for a long period. The excess heat can deteriorate the durability of the tiles and make them brittle. Once you are done with the steam cleaning, turn the machine off and store it somewhere safe.

Step 4: Do the Final Wipe

Get yourself a microfiber cleaning cloth. Attach it with a mop if you have any. And then glide it across the surface. This will clear out the excess water that the steam cleaner might have left behind. And if you let this excess water dry out on the surface, it might leave marks.

Make sure that you do not glide with excess pressure because that can leave marks as well. Instead, be gentle and glide the microfiber cloth across the entire surface properly.

Step 5: Use Teak Oil

Once the cleaning process is finished, get yourself some teak oil. We are going to use it to finish off the surface and make it achieve that luster that makes it look clean and brand new. However, we would not require that much amount of oil. So, if you do not have one of these, purchase a small amount of it.

Get yourself a piece of clean cloth. But do ensure that the cloth is not abrasive because that might end up leaving some scuffs on the surface. Apply a bit of oil on the cloth and glide it across the surface. Make sure to cover each of the spots, or else some of the areas might have a different look than the other.

Use Teak Oil

Additionally, ensure that you do not soak the cloth entirely with teak oil because the tiles are going to absorb them all. You can also use teak oil, but they tend to be a little be expensive than teak oil.

What Should I Use to Remove Stains off the Slate Floors?

Even though slate floors are reasonably resistant to stains, they can end up having a few stains on the surface. And if you do not use the right cleaning materials to take care of the stains, you might end up with tiles with a rough texture and weird outer looks.

Now, you might be asking what you should actually use to deal with the stains. Well, if there are minor stains, opt for mild detergent. Use baking soda to get rid of the stains that do not come off that easily. You can also use peroxide along with baking soda for this.

What Should I Use to Remove Stains off the Slate Floors

Additionally, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean out the stains off the surface quickly. Hydrogen peroxide also works exceptionally well in terms of cleaning out the stains without damaging the slate flooring.

Final Words

Steam mopping or cleaning is the easiest and the most gentle way to maintain slate flooring. And now that you know how to clean slate floors with steam properly, hopefully, maintaining the flooring will never seem like a difficult or worrying task.

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