How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar?

It is true that carpet cleaning is not a favorite task for lots of people. Sometimes it gets so tiresome that we prefer to hand it over to a professional. And a quick clean even with the best berber carpet vacuum won't be possible.

As we all know, vinegar is something that can be found in everyone’s home. People love to use it on their salad dressings in order to improve the taste of the food. In some cases, it can be mixed with different ingredients to get the stains out of furniture or other types of surfaces.

When it comes to carpets, lots of people become confused, and the first thing that pops in their mind is that ‘How to clean carpet with vinegar?’ If you are in a similar situation, don’t worry because we have got it covered for you.

From the following article, you will find out all about this question and other beneficial information that can help you in the long run. Read on to find out more.       

Step-by-step Process

Below is a complete guide that you can follow to clean a carpet with vinegar successfully.

Clean Carpet with Vinegar

Step 1: Vacuum the Carpet

Take some time out from your schedule as this whole process might require your full commitment. If you are in a hurry, avoid doing it on that particular day.

Before you jump right into cleaning, give a thorough check on the carpet and find out whether there are any debris or dust present or not. If not, you are good to go but if you manage to find some and they are quite loose, you then have to vacuum the whole fabric.

Vacuum the Carpet

To be on the safer side, vacuum both sides of the carpet and don’t leave any area untouched. This will save you from the upcoming hassles that you could have faced before you start applying vinegar. You can also use double sided tapes to make the vacuuming easier.

Step 2: Make the Vinegar Solution

This step is very important because you have to create the perfect solution to make your carpet look as good as new. Using too much vinegar might ruin the rug, and applying a small portion might not get your job done.

Vinegar Solution

The best thing you can do is to take a bucket and pour three to four cups of white vinegar. Add some warm water along with light dish soap. Mix the whole solution gently and to check its performance, you can apply it on the clean area of your rug.

Step 3: Start Scrubbing

Always use a fresh cloth that has a soft texture for this process. If you don’t have one, you are most welcome to use a brush as an alternative. Slowly dip the fabric into the solution and then put it on the stain.

Scrub the targeted area and be patient throughout the whole time. Move the cloth or brush in the direction of the fabric. Gently do the motion from one corner to the other and check whether it is getting clean or not.

If you have lots of stains, be prepared about the fact that it could take a huge amount of time. Don’t get upset because you are going to be elated when you see the final result.

Step 4: Rinse the Whole Carpet

Your carpet will be in a vulnerable spot if you don’t wash it after you have applied the vinegar solution. The situation could get to a point where the amount of stain is much higher than usual. You would never want that, right?

The strategic approach will be to rinse the rug in your outdoor area. Hang it or put it on your chairs and then apply running water. Use the hose so that you can control the direction of the water flow. This way, you will be able to get all the solution out of the fabric. 

If you don’t have outdoor space available, no problem, you can use the indoor area with ease. In this case, you can use a damp cloth and do the same cleaning process. This could take more effort than the outdoor method but still, it is a viable alternative.     

Step 5: Remove the Water

You must remove the excess water at all costs or else the carpet might start to form yellow stains. If this happens, there is a chance that it will start to smell. With the bad odor, the whole room will emit a scent like garbage and this won’t be a good experience at all.   

If your rug is big, the weight will be massively greater than its normal form since it is now soaked with water. When you are going to lift it, you can take someone’s help (if needed) and after that, you should put it somewhere safe to let the water out automatically.

Use a window squeegee to get maximum results. The way you should use it is by pressing the instrument against the carpet, and then dragging it gently in the fringes’ direction.

Do this procedure until there is no water left.

Step 6: Finish It off

The last step is very simple and easy. It requires no physical effort from your side, and you can have a relaxing time due to that.

Leave the carpet to dry in the sunshine for some period of time. The nature will do its work in a fast pace, so you need to moderate the fabric constantly. If one of the parts gets dry completely, flip it so that the other part can get the heat from the sun.   

Suppose you don’t have sunny weather in your location, and you need to dry the rug immediately. You can easily use the fan in this case and get the same result like the nature.  

Good Vinegar Cleaning Solutions

It is highly recommended that you avoid using vinegar alone when you are going to remove the stains. Because it is dangerous and has high acetic levels, so it is safe to use mixtures that can keep your beloved product secure.

Clean Carpet with Vinegar

Here are some of the solution that work well in any situation.


The use of water is already mentioned above in the step-by-step guide. If you are interested to know the reason, you will be surprised to recognize that both of them work excellently when they are mixed.

With the presence of water, the solution hydrates all the spots that created the problem in the first place. Vinegar then comes into play to fight the stains.

In total, water is a very good option in lots of cases because it helps other ingredients to be properly mixed.  

Dishwashing Liquids 

A couple of drops of this magical liquid with some vinegar makes a good carpet cleaning solution. The detergent works efficiently to remove grease or other stuff and about vinegar, you already know everything there is.

Dishwashing Liquids

Essential Oil

This marvelous solvent is a fantastic addition because it not only helps in removing the stain along with the vinegar, but also produces good smell on the carpet.

The good news is you can even choose its aroma as it is made in various types of scents. So, this is a good pick if you are looking for both performance and beautiful fragrance.   

Baking Soda

This is one is a very popular choice since it has never let anyone down. People around the world love using it when they have to clean their rug.

The way you can use it is by sprinkling the powder on the area that has stain. After that, you should spray the mixture of water and vinegar. This total solution will produce foam which will start to remove the dirt from the fabric.

Baking Soda

You can also use it to balance the smell so that you don’t have to use other products to bring that desirable fragrance.

Some Common Questions

Because carpet cleaning is a common problem faced by tons of people, it is obvious that they will have lots of queries that need proper answers.

For your benefit, we have included some of the most common questions that have been raised most of the times.

Is Vinegar Dangerous for Children or Animals?

No, it is not dangerous at all. There is practically no one that has been harmed when using vinegar. So, it is completely safe if you have kids or even pets in your home. If you still have any doubts, you can check other solutions for cleaning carpets.

The fumes that normally form from the solution won’t be a problem as these are benign. Though you will get some bad odor from the vinegar, you and your family won’t face any breathing issue.

What Kind of Mixture Should I Avoid?

It is true that there are some mixtures that won’t clean your carpet. Moreover, it will ruin the fabric as a result.

Never mix bleach with vinegar. If you mix these two cleaners, a fume gets released which is very toxic and not good for living things. You won’t die because of the effluvium but it is quite vulnerable for your eyes as well as lungs.

Always rinse the area where you have used vinegar completely whenever you plan to use bleach onto that same location. For disinfecting purpose, you can use vodka or rubbing alcohol as a good replacement.   

The next one is using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with vinegar. Though this is a good option for cleaning your beloved home, it is safe for you and your family to avoid keeping them together after you are done with cleaning.

If you have accidentally stored them in the same container, the mixture will start to form an acid that is highly corrosive. It might not be that dangerous, but it will definitely create some irrigation to your skin, eyes, and also lungs if you inhale it.

So, it is better that you put them separately and only mix them when you are going to start the cleaning process. When you are finished, rinse the area immediately.  


Hope you have got all the necessary information from this article.

Always take your time and perform this type of work with proper focus. If possible, do it in a place where there are no kids. The process might differ a little bit if your are cleaning human urine with vinegar.

If you are still unable to remove the stains from your carpet with vinegar, consider taking help from a professional. They have all the tools and techniques to complete this task successfully.

Best of luck!

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