How Long Should A Dyson Vacuum Last

How Long Should A Dyson Vacuum Last?

So, you are in the market to get yourself a new vacuum? Well, it is clear at this point that you have your eyes on a Dyson vacuum cleaner. And before we say anything else, we would like to assure you that you have your eyes on the right lineup of products. They surely offer highly reliable and well-performing devices.

That being said, before purchasing these, it is quite natural to wonder how long should a Dyson vacuum last. And it is not that easy to get a proper answer. Well, that is why we are here. We have a good amount of experience with the devices that are from Dyson, and we will provide the answer that you were looking for!

Different Types of Vaccum Cleaners and Their Lifespan

When it comes to offering an extensive lineup of vacuum cleaners, Dyson is among the very top. They are generally offering all types of these devices to the market. And each of them has a different length of lifespan. So, without further ado, let us describe the types and the lifespan they are rated for, shall we?

 Dyson Vacuum


You might already be familiar with upright vacuum cleaners. These are the OG! And they are not that hard to differentiate from the other types of devices that are available. Most of these are exceptionally big in size and will be reasonably bulky. However, the form factor is not something that is a con for these devices.

Yes, it goes without saying that the form factor is going to make these hard to carry around and move around. But the form factor is basically the thing that makes these achieve a higher lifespan. These are generally built to last and will be of heavy-duty construction materials.


Additionally, the power that these are going to offer will be on the very top of the chart. And these will be corded, which means there will be no need to worry about charging the batteries from time to time. For the sturdier overall construction, the rated lifespan is about eight years. Some might even last longer than ten years!


The name says it all. A canister vacuum will have a canister, and they generally have a comparable suction power like the upright ones. However, they will not be as bulky or as big as the upright ones. In fact, some of these will be exceptionally small in size and light in weight.

Due to its small and compact form factor, it will be easier to carry them around as well. However, the lightweight nature can sometimes affect the lifespan. These will not be able to handle that much amount of abuse and might break if not taken care of properly.


That being said, the expected lifespan of these is around eight years too. But as usual, some might last longer than that.


Lightweight and versatility are two of the things that stick vacuums aim to offer. And most of the offerings from Dyson tend to deliver both in an exceptional amount. These are easy to carry and easy to move around. In other words, it will be easier to operate them.

Talking of which, these are not the best when it comes to the topic of lifespan. Due to their lightweight and highly portable nature, these devices will generally use less heavy-duty construction materials. And that will lead them to have about five to eight years of lifespan.


Nevertheless, if you can take proper care of it and maintain it on a regular basis, they are surely going to serve you more than the period we have stated above.


Dyson is also offering handheld devices. And the main theme of these is to offer an easy-to-use experience. They are the most lightweight ones as well. And that lightweight nature is basically what makes them easier to use and easier to carry around.


That being said, when it comes to lifespan, these should operate optimally for around two to three years. But if they see no misuse and are taken proper care of, some of these might last for five years! However, you might have to replace the battery at least once in that time period.

Final Words

Hopefully, at this point in the article, you have the answer to how long should a Dyson vacuum last. And now that you know what to expect from the different types of vacuum cleaners that Dyson is offering, we are sure that it will be easier to make the right purchase decision for you.

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