Dyson V6 vs. DC59

Dyson V6 vs. DC59 – Which One Is Better?

No matter what new model Dyson pushes out in the market, the few things that the manufacturer will always ensure are suction power, build quality, efficiency, and ease of use. And that is why Dyson's popularity in the vacuum cleaner market never seems to dip down over time.

Moreover, they have released plenty of models. The most recent one that caught everyone's eyes is the V6. And the previous model that it is most compared to is the DC59. For that reason, the ones looking to buy a unit from Dyson's lineup always bring up the topic Dyson v6 vs. DC59.

Well, even though you are going to get a lot of information about the topic on the internet. Getting a source that is going to provide you an in-depth look at the units would be quite hard for you.

And, if you were looking for one, you just have found what you were looking for all this time.  We will go through each and every aspect of the units and make the overall choosing process a tad more manageable for you. We have also reviewed the top ten best dyson vacuum cleaners. You can check that out after this.

The Common Things

As the manufacturer is literally bringing out new products every now and then, the models really do not have that much of a difference. In fact, they are more similar to one another rather than being significantly different. The same thing can also be said for the DC59 and the V6.

Dyson V6

With that being said, let us go through the factors where these two units are similar. The factors are:

Dust Bin Capacity

Both of the models implement the same type of dust bin with the same capacity. Each of them has 0.12 gallons of capacity that are more than enough to go through most of the cleaning tasks. You would not have to clean or empty out the bins frequently in either of these models.

Dyson V6

As we mentioned, the style of the bin is quite similar for both of these. You will not have any hassle at all in the case of emptying it out when the bin gets filled up with dirt and debris. In fact, you would not even have to get your hands dirty while trying to empty out these bins.

Battery Life

Both the devices are cordless. And because of being a cordless unit, both of them are powered through a lithium-ion battery. The cells that both of these uses are quite similar. For that reason, the run time you are going to get from these will be exactly the same, which is about twenty minutes.

However, the battery life will highly depend on the accessory that you have attached to the device. Both of them come with plenty of motorized tools. With those attached, you are going to get about 10 minutes of run time.

Dyson DC59

That amount of run time is quite enough to get all the stubborn embedded dirt and debris out of the thick mattresses and other surfaces.

Moreover, there is a max power mode that will offer you a substantially higher suction power to let you clean all the areas with a higher amount of dirt. And while using that mode, the battery life will drop down to six minutes for both the devices.

Charging Time

As both of them have the same power cell, it goes without saying that both of them will take an equal amount of time for charging. They take about 3.5 hours to fully charge.

On that note, no matter how much battery life is left on the device, we would always recommend you charge it up right after you are done with your cleaning tasks. This would ensure that the battery capacity does not degrade that much over time.


No matter which model you do get from Dyson, you can expect to get a good enough power for all your cleaning tasks. And the same can be said in this regard too.  However, the power does get a slight boost with the newer models.

Both of the units pack the same motor. And for that reason, both of these are powerful than the older V2 models.

Dyson V6

The maximum power of each of the motors is 100 air watts. That amount of air watts is higher than the older counterparts that Dyson brought out before. For that, carrying out most of the cleaning tasks will be just like taking a walk in the park for you.

Other than that, the motor also brings out new power modes. As we mentioned in the battery life section, you can choose between the normal power mode or the max power mode. The max one will provide you a substantial amount of suction power, which will make it easier for you to clean the heavy-traffic areas.


Both the units will come with plenty of cleaning tools in the box. Even though there are some significant differences in the tools that they are going to come with, most of them are cross-compatible. They will come with various motorized tools that are for cleaning different surfaces.

Apart from that, you are also going to receive a combination tool. That tool is quite useful when you feel like working with one attachment only. You will not feel the requirement of switching between one tool to another if you have that installed on your device.

Dyson DC59

For the hard to reach areas, you are going to get a crevice tool. With that installed, you would not have to worry about accumulated dirt on the corners, in reach places, and under furniture areas.

Alongside that, you will also receive a soft brush that is ideal for light cleaning. You can use that for cleaning the areas that have light to medium traffic. That tool is not that efficient in the heavy-traffic areas.

Things That Are Different

Now that we are through the things they have in common, let us move along to the things that set each apart. They are:


As we mentioned above, both the units do come with a lot of common accessories. Some of the accessories are even cross-compatible. However, the thing that you are only going to find in Dyson DC59 is the soft roller. It only comes with the Dyson V6 line up.

Now, you might wonder, is the soft roller really worth it? Does it make enough difference to make you choose the V6 over the DC59? Well, if you do have floors of hardwood, tiles, laminate, and other types of bare floors, you will need this tool.

Dyson V6 Accessory

This tool will ensure that your delicate floor material does not get damaged when you are cleaning the surface.

Do keep in mind that this soft roller is not like those that most manufacturers include with their units. This is specially engineered for the floors that are sensitive and more prone to scratches and marks.


Just like most of the vacuum cleaners, the DC59 also comes with a filter that can filter specks of dust quite well. The filter is washable and reusable. However, the filtration system's efficiency is not that praiseworthy because it is not a HEPA filter.

On the other hand, the one that V6 comes with is a certified HEPA filter. And the efficiency of these filters is much higher than the ordinary ones.

Dyson DC59 Accessory

Because of being packed with this HEPA filter, the V6 can ensure that fewer particles float around the air. Even the smaller allergens, dust, and debris will get trapped in this filter. By doing so, it will make sure that you breathe clean and allergen-free air.

However, if you are not an allergen sufferer, you will be more than okay if you get the DC59. It does have a good enough filtration mechanism.

Suction Power

Like we mentioned in the comparison section, both of these come with the same motor and the same lithium-ion battery. But according to us, the one on the V6 is much fine-tuned to offer a bit better suction power.

Dyson DC59

It offers a fade-free suction power throughout till the battery runs out of juice. Because of that, you are going to get a consistent cleaning experience throughout the session.

Final Words

We hope that we were able to go through each of the details on the topic Dyson v6 vs. DC59 that it is now easier for you to choose one.

To recapitulate, the V6 offers a fade-free suction power, it has a highly efficient HEPA filter and comes with an accessory that is a must for cleaning the sensitive flooring materials. We wish you good luck and hope that all the surfaces remain squeaky clean.

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