Dyson V6 Comparison

Dyson V6 Comparison for 2021

It was not that long ago that the manufacturer Dyson came out with the revolutionary V6 series of vacuum cleaners. Yes, we are using "revolutionary" here because this lineup reshaped people's expectations from a cordless cleaner. We have reviewed many Dyson vacuum cleaners. But none have set a bar in the market like the V6 series.

However, because of the extended lineup of cleaners that the series had, people were struggling to find the one that suited their type of cleaning workload the most. Well, those days are gone because we are going to make that choosing process more manageable for you with our take on the topic Dyson V6 comparison. There is also a Dyson V6 vs. DC59 comparison and a Dyson vs. Shark comparison which you can checkout after this.

We are going to go through each of the models and give you a general idea about them. Also, we are going to let you know about the things that are common for each of the models. Hopefully, after going through each of those sections, it will be much easier for you to choose one for yourself.

Dyson V6 Upright Models

The manufacturer Dyson is mostly known for their upright and stick lineup of vacuum cleaners. And the upright models that the V6 lineup comprises are:

1. The V6 Standard

Let us start with an entry-level model. Because of it being the entry-level model, these are mostly catered to the buyers that are in a strict budget. However, the overall features that it can offer are worth more than the money you will spend on these. It does come with the famous motorized head that the Dyson is well-known for.

Apart from that, the unit's power is quite up to par with the other cleaners that are at the same point. That power, along with the motorized head, makes this one ideal for all the light to medium cleaning tasks.

However, for the stubborn and embedded dirt and debris, you are going to require a little more of a suction power that it is able to provide. That could have been easily fixed with the mini-motorized tool that Dyson tends to include with most of their units. But that one is not included with this package.

Basically, you would not face any trouble at all if you plan to only clean the light to moderate traffic areas. However, if you plan to clean the high traffic areas and the surfaces that have stubborn embedded dirt on them, we would highly recommend getting yourself a separate mini-motorized tool.

2. The V6 Animal

Most of the things are the same as the standard option for this case. However, the integrated cleaning head of this version is much wider. Like most of Dyson units, this one also features the nylon bristles and carbon filaments on the head.

Those, combined with the head's wider nature, will allow you to clean a large area in just minutes.

V6 Animal

Apart from that, this one does come with the mini-motorized tool that the standard one does not have. This tool will come in handy if you do have pets in your house and if they tend to shed a lot of hair. It will make it easier for you to extract those deeply embedded hairs from the surfaces.

As it has a wider head, it will reduce the overall time that regular cleaning tasks would generally require. So, if you want something versatile and ideal for a larger home with pets, you should not look any further. The V6 Animal is all you are going to need!

3. The V6 Animal Extra

Are you still not satisfied with the features and the power that the Animal has to offer? Then the Animal Extra is probably the one that you were looking for all this time.

Unlike the Animal, this "Extra" version comes with a direct-drive cleaning head. That cleaning head will offer you about 75 percent extra brush power. With that amount of power, you will have no trouble at all in the case of deep cleaning the surfaces and getting rid of embedded dirt from it.

Apart from that, the dirt brush tool is also included in the package.

However, there are no hard floors or delicate floor tools included with this one. It does not even include any sort of carbon filaments that will help clean up the dirt from the hard floor. So, this is ideal for houses that have carpeted floors.

4. The V6 Total Clean

People did ask for a vacuum cleaner that is ideal for both the carpeted floors and hard flooring. Well, Dyson listened. That is why they decided to bring out the total clean in their V6 lineup.

You are basically getting the best of both worlds in the package. There is a soft roller that is for cleaning up the hard floors without causing them any damage. And there is more aggressive direct-drive cleaning head for the carpets. You will also get a mini-motorized tool with the package too.

V6 Total Clean

Even though it comes with all the fabulous accessories that make it extremely versatile, the one thing that is missing is the proper filtration mechanism. It does have one built-in, but that one is not that efficient. So if you are an allergen sufferer, we would recommend looking elsewhere.

Also, because of all the things that it is coming with, the price is set a bit high. For that reason, this one is not really that much of a budget-friendly option. However, if you look for versatility, you would not go wrong spending all those money in this package.

5. The V6 Fluffly

While many homes have an equal amount of carpets as hard floors, many do have more hard surfaces that require more cleaning than carpets. Well, that is where the V6 Fluffly steps in.

Unlike some of the units that are from Dyson, this one comes with a soft roller head. That head is meant to keep all your floors free from the speck of dust. It can pick up not only the large particles but also the minuscule dirt particles too. Your floors are definitely going to be free from any sort of dust.

Apart from that, you will also get the motorized cleaning head that the manufacturer is well known for. You can use that to clean any of the carpets that you might have in your rooms. It is not that much effective as the direct-drive head, but the cleaning efficiency on carpets is quite praiseworthy.

This unit is also catered towards the pet owners too. It does come with the mini-motorized tool that is highly effective in the case of picking up pet hairs from the surfaces. So, you would not really be lagging that much behind in the case of versatility if you pick this one up for your home.

6. The V6 Flexi

This model that Dyson is offering is basically the same as the Standard option. However, this one has been revamped and comes with more accessories that will make it easier to clean small spaces in your rooms.

First of all, it comes with a top tool, which is a big-sized duster with a hinge. That will allow you to clean the upper surfaces of cupboards and other furniture that you might have in your room. You will also get a dirt brush tool for the stubborn embedded dirt that the surfaces of your room might have.

Apart from that, the standard cleaning head is also included in the package as well. That inclusion makes it ideal for small homeowners. Even though this one is the revamped version of the standard one, it still lacks the capability to clean the pet hairs effectively. It is also not that suitable for deep cleaning the carpets.

7. The V6 Absolute

If you are highly suffering from allergens, then this model is what you need. Also, it does not only help with keeping the allergens low but also can provide you an all-around clean for your house.

To begin with, it comes with the hard floor cleaner and the direct-drive cleaner. For that reason, it can provide the all-around clean that we talked about earlier.

It will be able to gently clean off your delicate floors and will also let you deep clean your carpets. You are basically signing yourself up for a dust and debris free rooms with this.

V6 Absolute

Apart from that, the highlighting feature of this unit that makes it stand out is its filtration. It implements a sealed design that eliminates all the possibilities of the filtration system blowing back.

Even the tiniest allergen particle will not be able to escape from the filter that it has. For that reason, you are sure to get an allergen-free and dust-free air after you are done with cleaning with this unit.

So, if you are an allergen sufferer and have both tiled and hardwood floors, this one is an excellent option for you.

8. The HandHeld V6 Models

Apart from all the upright and the stick models, Dyson has been offering handheld models too. These are excellent dustbusters. The V6 lineup also has many of these models. These are basically simple tools that do not really ship with any sort of floor accessories.

However, these are compatible with the mini motorized tool that most of the upright and the stick models are compatible with.

These are mainly opted-out by people is because of how portable these are. They are even relatively compact, which makes storing them an easy task. Also, they are not even that much expensive as their bigger brothers are.

With that being said, let us look give you a brief overview of the handheld models that they are offering. They are:

9. The V6 Trigger

Just like the manufacturer has an entry-level product for the upright lineup, they also have one for the handheld lineup too. So if you are on a strict budget and want a handheld unit from Dyson, this might be the one you should opt for.

As we mentioned, the tools that come in the package are pretty limited. You are going to get two tools only. One of them is the rigid crevice tool, and the other one is the combination tool.

Like most handheld cleaners, these do work well for all the basic cleaning tasks you are going to throw at it. However, you are going to struggle a lot in the case of extracting embedded dirt and debris from surfaces. Also, if you do have a lot of pet hair problems, you might have to get yourself a separate motorized tool for the unit.

10. The V6 Trigger Pro

Just like the original trigger, this one is also a standard model for the lineup. It does come with the same tools as the regular Trigger unit. However, it does come included with the motorized tool that we talked about earlier. For that reason, you can not only do the basic cleaning tasks with this but also some light cleaning tasks as well.

V6 Trigger Pro

Compared to the standard model, this one is a bit more versatile. You will be able to clean off pet hairs and a plethora of surfaces with this. And also, it is as affordable as the standard one.

11. The V6 Top Dog

This one is basically catered to the pet owners. So, if you have pets that are excessively messy and shed hair everywhere they sit on, this one should be in your consideration list.

The packages come with motorized tools and a dirt brush. While the motorized tools are for cleaning up the pet hairs, the dirt brush is for cleaning up the regular layer of dirt that tends to accumulate on top of your surfaces. It can also be used to clean carpets and take off the stains from different surfaces.

12. The V6 Mattress

Well, the manufacturer has basically kept every type of user in mind. This particular unit is their take on making it easier for the allergen sufferers to sleep on top of their mattress.

It features a completely sealed off design that makes sure that no particle can escape from the filter. You can also use it to clean off the surfaces other than the mattress by attaching it with the combination tool that it includes in the package.

Moreover, it also does include a crevice tool too. That tool will allow you to get to the hard to reach places and the tough corners.

13. The V6 Car and Boat

Last but not least, the manufacturer did release a cleaner that is particularly for cleaning cars and boats' insides. The packages come with a complete set of mini-motorized tools. It even includes the dirt brush and a soft brush. You are also going to receive an extension tube in the package.

V6 Car and Boat

With all those accessories, you are going to have no trouble at all in the case of keeping the inside of your car clean. It is highly portable and compact too. And there is an "extra" version that comes with a car charger bundled. With that, you can keep the device inside your car all the time.

The Similar Factors

Now that you have gone through a brief overview of each of the models that are in the V6 lineup, you would definitely want to know about the things that they have in common, right? Well, they do have a lot in common. And the main factors that are similar between them are:

V6 Motor Head

All the models that are in the V6 lineup will pack the V6 Motorhead. Because of this, each of the models is capable of offering the cyclonic filtration mechanism. However, the filtration efficiency will vary from one unit to another, but the motors that all of them are utilizing are the same.

Battery Life

Almost all the models will pack the same lithium-ion battery. For that reason, the run time that you can expect from each of them will be exactly twenty minutes in the normal mode. All of them will also ship with the same charger, which will charge them up in about 2 hours.


Most of the accessories that the models are going to come with are going to be cross-compatible. That means you will be able to use the one tool that you like from one model in the other one. For that reason, if the one you are going for does not include the highly efficient min-motorized tool, you will buy one separately.

Power Modes

For all the variants, there is going to be a power switching mechanism. They are mostly labeled as standard and maximum. The standard is for the regular tasks, while the max is for the tasks that require the extra oomph.


Lastly, the power switch that each of the models will ship with will be a trigger-like switch. That switch is pretty easy to activate, and it does save a bit of energy because it only activates the motor when pressed.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through all the overviews and know the similarities that lie between each of the devices, we hope choosing one will not be that much of an issue for you anymore.

To conclude our take on the Dyson v6 comparison, we hope that you can keep all the surfaces of your house clean with the cleaner you plan to get.

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