Dyson DC35 Vs 44

Dyson DC35 Vs 44: Which One to Choose and Why?

If you are somewhat familiar with vacuum cleaners, you probably know by now that how reliable the units from Dyson actually are. Considering that, we would like to start off by saying that you are in the right direction as you have eyes on their product.

However, among their entire lineup, the DC35 and the DC44 are two of the most compared offerings. And in our take on the topic of Dyson DC35 vs 44, we are going to do exactly that! But our comparison will be more in-depth and will make it easier for you to choose one. So, let us get into it, shall we?

Dyson DC35

Let us first start off by describing the DC35. This one is among the cordless lineup that Dyson has to offer, and ever since it was introduced to the market, all it has done is gained popularity. And from this segment, you will know exactly why.

Dyson DC35

Power Modes

The DC35 is one of the devices from Dyson that has dual power modes. That means you will have total control over the suction power. There is a switch that will let you switch between high and consistent suction power mode and the boost power mode.

In the high and consistent mode, the suction power is going to be consistent and will be at a reasonably high level. This mode is capable of cleaning most of the surfaces. However, the mode will struggle a bit if the dust and the debris are deeply embedded into the surface.

Dyson DC35

On the other hand, in the boost mode, the suction power will be at the maximum level. And this mode will fulfill the gap that the high and consistent mode leaves behind. It can take off the tough and arrogant embedded dust and debris. And you can get most of them out in one sweep.


When it comes to the battery life, it will depend on the mode you are running it on. In the high and consistent mode, you can expect to get about 15 minutes of run time. However, with the motorized attachments, the run time will be about around 13 minutes.

Now, if you are operating the device in the boost mode with a fully charged battery, you can get about six minutes of run time. That amount of run time is more than enough to deeply clean a particular area.


The brand has opted for a highly functional design for this unit. They have integrated a detachable wand. By detaching it, you can convert it from a full-fledged vacuum cleaner to a handheld one. And in that form, it will be possible to deal with most of the upholstery surfaces.

On that note, the wand has a telescoping mechanism. For that reason, it can extend and retract on demand. And after retracting it, you can reach those hard-to-reach places without dropping a single drop of sweat.


Other than that, the overall weight of the device is pretty low. It achieves that trait for aluminum construction. And thanks to the lightweight nature, it will not be an issue to carry it around and move it from one place to another.

The Bin

When it comes to the bin, the brand has integrated a hassle-free mechanism for it. With just a single push of a button, you can take the bin off. And as the lid is in the right place, there will be no need to get your hands dirty either. You can empty it out pretty easily. Also, the overall capacity is 0.35 liters.

Dyson DC44

Stick vacuum cleaners are not a new thing at the moment. The market has loads of models available. However, Dyson seems to do it better than most of the other brands. And this model from them is a clear example of that!

Dyson DC44

Battery Life

One of the major improvement that the DC44 have seen from the earlier models is the battery. It boasts a higher capacity, which was not prevalent for the models that came prior to this. And thanks to that higher capacity battery, you can get about 20 minutes of overall run time.

Battery Life

It can offer such a run time for the efficient motor it packs. The motor is reasonably power-efficient. However, if you attach the motorized tools, the run time might decrease a bit. But it will not go below the 16 minutes mark, which is more than enough to finish off most of the cleaning tasks.


When it comes to power, Dyson did not disappoint us one bit with the offerings, and the case is the same for this one as well. The motor that it packs can offer a good overall suction power. In fact, the digital motor is three times faster than the conventional motor that most of the other brands utilize.

Additionally, for the high capacity and capable battery, the suction power is going to remain constant. As a result, you will get consistent cleaning results with this one.

Motorized Tool

The package includes a highly capable motorized tool. It comes with carbon fiber bristles, which are highly durable. And the ultra-fine nature of the brushes will clean off surfaces with a higher amount of efficiency. That means cleaning the carpets is going to be an effortless task.

Motorized Tool

Additionally, the motorized tool also has nylon bristles. And it can rotate the brushes to effectively remove dirt and trapped hair from the carpets and other surfaces.


In terms of design, it is pretty much similar to the other stick models that Dyson offers. It is pretty light in weight, which means carrying it around will be a breeze. Also, it is possible to convert it into a handheld device. Once you convert it, it will take considerably less amount of storage space.

On that note, you can also work with upholstery and other upper surfaces on the handheld mode pretty easily. And as it is lightweight, there will be no need to worry about back pain when you are using it in handheld mode.


Alongside that, the handle also has an ergonomic shape. That will make it easier to work with for hours. And the good thing is that you will not have to face any discomfort or fatigue.

Dyson DC35 vs DC44: Differences

Well, the two of the devices do fall under the same category, which is the cordless stick vacuum cleaner. But are they really the same thing? Not really. There are a couple of things that make both of them different. And they are as follows:

Dyson DC35 vs DC44


The first thing that makes these two different is the battery. Dyson used two types of batteries for the two models. The DC44 utilizes a nickel manganese cell, while the DC35 boasts a lithium-ion battery. Now, the lithium-ion cells are pretty accessible, but they cost higher than the nickel manganese.

As you probably know by now, when it comes to batteries, they will not last forever. At one point, the devices would require a replacement. And when one of these devices requires a replacement battery, there will be no need to spend that much amount of money on the DC44.

Dyson DC35

On that note, in terms of charging the batteries, it will about 5 hours for the DC44. But for the DC35, it is only going to take about 3.4 hours. The higher charging time is because of the higher capacity of the cell. Also, the chemistry is not the same for both the cell, which is what explains the different charging duration.

Run Time

As the battery is not the same for both, the run time duration is not the same either. With the DC35, you would be looking at a maximum run time of 15 minutes. And on the boost mode, it can drop as low as 6 minutes. Also, with attachments, it can drop lower than that.

However, when we consider the DC44, the run time is about 20 minutes. Now the five minutes difference between the two devices might not seem that much, but it will surely come in handy when you are carrying out an extensive cleaning session. Without that five minutes, you might have to charge it in the middle of the session.

Power Modes

Finally, there is a difference in terms of the power modes. In the DC35, you will find two different modes. One of them is high and consistent, while the other is boost mode. The boost mode offers more power, but it will degrade the battery life as it will consume more energy.

Dyson  DC44

However, there are no power modes available for the DC44. You will have to roll with the regular mode. However, it can offer a praiseworthy suction power. So, you will not be missing out that much.

Final Words

To sum things up, in the case of Dyson DC35 vs 44, the thing that you need to consider is the battery life and power modes. If you want versatility and more suction power, opt for the DC35. But if longer run time is the thing you prioritize the most, pick up the DC44.

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