Does Roomba Work on Thick Carpets

Does Roomba Work on Thick Carpets?

The experience of hassle-free cleaning reached a new extent when the Roomba vacuums were launched. It not only saves time but also demands zero physical effort.     

Though this device works excellently on various types of floors, the main challenge emerges during the time it encounters thick carpets. There are plenty of reasons regarding this problem, and if you have this product in your home, you should definitely read this article.      

Below, you will find out all about the question ‘Does Roomba work on thick carpets?’ The answers are explained in a friendly manner so that you can easily get a good grasp on it. Read on to find out more.

Is Roomba Suitable for Thick Carpets or Not?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It will be best if you avoid using this device on your thick carpet in order to save both the fabric and the machine from getting damaged. However, we have some pretty sweet deals on berber carpet vacuums here.

Roomba Work on Thick Carpets

If you want to know more about this mystery, keep reading.

The Beater Bar (Metal Agitator Bar)

This type of bar is considered as the heart of Roomba cleaners. It vibrates and rotates in a way which makes it efficient in picking up all the debris immediately. Whether the dirt level is huge or not, you will get the same result all the time.

The sad thing is that Roombas are not constructed with a powerful beater bar that can finish the task for thick rugs. However, it works perfectly in case of regular carpets.  

The machine’s function fully relies on the battery and you have to power it up. If you are thinking about the corded way of charging, you won’t be able to do that. So, this makes the device a bit weak since the battery gets drained quickly with time, even in the middle of the task.

Overall, the beater bar can’t be your ultimate savior in this case.

Level of Noise

If you use this cleaner on other floors, the process will be noiseless. You won’t hear anything from start to the end. But for thick carpets, you will be hearing lots of irritating sounds.

The mats with deeper fabrics require the kind of cleaner that comes with heavy cleaning feature which consume more power than usual. Though Roomba has this mode, the extra energy requirement will make the whole process noisy. But some models like the Roomba 805 and 860 could be an exception.

Roomba Work on Thick Carpets

This unusual sound mainly happens because the vacuum is constantly struggling to gain more power which in turn makes the situation a mess.

You might think at the beginning that it won’t be a problem, but with time you will get frustrated for sure.   

One more thing, you will have to recharge the device frequently if you prefer to use it on dense carpets, which can also be hectic. As you can see, it is more of a drawback if you are planning to give this endeavor a try.  

Getting Stuck

These cleaners are highly famous because of their smooth operation on most surfaces but in case of the deep carpets, you will only be complaining every day. Even if you don't have the best double sided tape, the robot vacuum will be able to take thinner carpets. But it is another story for thick carpets.

Its performance is solely based on the density of the floor, thick or thin. In case of the latter, it won’t fail to live up to your expectation whereas the former won’t let the device perform successfully.

Yes, it has a very good suction power but the denser fabric takes the win in this cleaning battle. The carpet won’t let the cleaner move forward or backward in a proper manner and this will create the problem.

When it comes in contact with the surface it will get stuck constantly, which will consume more battery power and eventually your personal time as a result.

Moreover, there is a possibility that it can get overheated and this can turn out to be dangerous if you don’t moderate the device. So, if you are interested to give it a try, make sure you are supervising the temperature throughout the entire time.  

Power Consumption

As mentioned already, cleaning on thick carpets requires more power than usual. Since it runs on a battery, the energy will be drained faster than normal.  

You would have been saved from this trouble if the device was built with a corded design. Then you wouldn’t have to think about any power consumption issues.

Roomba Work on Thick Carpets

The Roomba cleaner has to work very hard in case of the deep carpets. Sadly, you will experience decreased battery life and overheating issues. In total, the cleaning won’t be convenient, and you might have to look for a replacement soon.

Weight Issue

There needs to be a good balance between the weight of the carpet and the cleaner. If the former is thick, the device should also be heavy so that the cleaning task can proceed effortlessly. For that, you may check the reviews of Roomba 805 and 880.

But Roomba is light because it runs on batteries. So, this makes the whole situation challenging and with its weight, the device will have a hard time tackling the thick surface since its withstanding power is not that high.   

Cleaning Area

There can be a situation where the stains are so stubborn that you need to clean that spot a couple of times. The main problem of this device is that it can’t clean the same area more than once in a single go.

Since Roomba is a robotic cleaner, it will never pass the area that it had just cleaned even when it is cleaning multiple rooms. This is due to its battery power which is not substantial enough to fulfill these criteria.

Roomba Work on Thick Carpets

If this happens in your case, you then have to clean it with your hand or take help from other devices.

Furthermore, if your carpet is quite old, there is a chance that it will get damaged. The device will rip the fibers, creates patches, and many more.


The Roomba vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to clean stuff like dusts, pet hairs, crumbs, etc from smooth and thin surfaces.

It is best that you follow the instruction that is made for them.

Other than that, this robotic device makes your life stress-free as it cleans everything without you even lifting a finger. So, don’t worry about its drawbacks because you just need to avoid thick carpets, that’s all.

Have a good day.

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