Costway 1500w Steam Mop Review

Cost Way 1500w Steam Mop Review

Do you want a steam mop that is both stylish and has excellent functionality? Then the Costway 1500W steam mop is for you. This is one of the best if not, a better steam cleaner that you can buy.

I will directly get to business without talking much and review all the good and bad of this steam cleaner down below.

Key Features to Look at

Before going about full details, I will briefly discuss all the unique key features that this cleaner has to offer.

  • Multifunctional usage
  • Comes with indicator light
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Build from the heaviest of materials weighing only around 6.4 pounds with dimensions of 11.5 x 8 x 43.5 inches
  • The color is bright pearllike white that makes it look like an expensive and exclusive product
  • The cleaner comes with a very long handle that enables the user to use it without bending
  • Controllable steam
  • A moderately sized water tank of 8 oz

Costway 1500W Steam Mop Review

Cost Way 1500w Steam Mop


  • Easy setup
  • Comes with refill indicator lights
  • Multifunctionality
  • High output power
  • 180-degree movable triangle head
  • Portable
  • Microfiber pads can be reused
  • Comes with water filling cup
  • The handle is covered with a soft grip for easy hold


  • The cleaning pad sometimes gets stuck with the steamer
  • The mop tends to move away at the time

A brief description is probably not enough to make you understand fully about this product and clear all your queries. Hence, I will break all the critical features in details in this section.

Compact Design

Bulky steam mops are painful to use and very hard to carry around the house. As a woman, I do not have immense strength to carry a heavy mop around the house.

In that regard, this is very lightweight making it very portable. On the other side, it is also small so it does not take much space around the house, and I can keep my house well organized

The handle is modified with a soft grip and also included extra cushion which makes it adaptable for people with different heights.

Indicator Lights

This steam mop comes with a beautiful indicator light that makes this device much more user-friendly than other of its competitors. The indicator light becomes green when you are operating the equipment and becomes red when the tank needs a refill of water.

Powerful Steam

The steam is very powerful, and the user has full control. The individuals can change the steam settings according to individual needs depending on the surface to be cleaned. The input power is nearly 1500 watts (that is a massive power when it comes to steam cleaners).

Multipurpose Mode of Usage


Do you want a cleaner that can take care of all your cleaning device? You need a single device of moderately small size but can take care of your all cleaning needs? Just leave all your cleaning task to the costway.

It can clean your carpets, all types of floor surfaces, kitchen tiles and most importantly it can make your old bathroom tiles look like new.

Practical Design

For steam, cleaner design does not matter, but practicality does. We women always like things tidy. This steam mop is designed very efficiently. No other steam cleaner gives you the option to refill the heater during usage but the costway.

Furthermore, it does not take more than 30 seconds to reach its highest temperature. On the other hand, the head of the steam mop has a unique triangle shape that gives you a solid 180 degree movable capacity. Thus, it can reach and clean very hard to reach corner in your house.

Easy Installation

I do not like to work with tools and bolts to set up something. I am pretty sure no women want to work with mechanical appliances, and my husband is not around home always to help me to setup those complicated steam cleaners.

However, installing costway is like a child play. You just have to insert the extension tube inside the pole, place the microfiber cleaning pads underneath the mop and wallah, you are good to go! You can start your cleaning without getting your hands dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Buy More Pads?

Yes, cleaning pads are available everywhere.

Q. Do I Need to Use Any Chemicals in the Water Tank?

Nope, you do not even need distilled water; regular tap water is more than enough to neatly complete your required cleaning.

Q. How Well It Can Clean Stains from Carpet?

It works decently to remove stains from carpet.

Q. Can It Clean Grout from Bathroom Tiles?

It is not that efficient when we are talking about old grout on tiles. There are better ways to remove and clean old grout.

Note that Worth

Being a woman is a tough job, specially when taking care of kids, cleaning your house, cooking foods are your task to complete. So you always need something to help you in your cleaning that is easy to set up and does not take much effort to clean.

I always wanted a cleaner that is both efficient and takes less time to clean. The Costway 1500 watt steam lived up to that expectation for me.

Sienna Luna is also a premium steam mop which we have reviewed. You can check that out after this.

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