Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 Review

Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 Review

When you're a pet parent, you precisely know how much maintenance it requires to keep your house clean, mostly with carpet. So, for that, you need something that gets the job done, something that is efficient.

Therefore, we bring you a unique product from Bissell. In this Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 Review, we will help you figure out why this product is what you need for your house.

All your vacuuming needs will be satisfied with this one powerhouse product and its revolutionary technology. Showcasing the prowess of Bissell, in a premium product, this one is something noteworthy.

Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 Review

Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 Review


  • Multi-cyclonic system
  • Washable filters
  • Helix dirt separation system
  • Dual edged cleaning system
  • Double brush rotating system
  • Long 23-inch power cord
  • Multi-level filtering system
  • Extension tools


  • Short hose
  • Hard plastic nozzle causes scratches on the surfaces
  • Hair gets stuck in the rotating brushes
  • Lack of hose flexibility
  • Dirt gets stuck on the dirt tank opening

As the name suggests, Bissell Helix is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to cleaning any surface in your house. Compared to how light-weight the device is, it's quite interesting to see its efficiency.

The device's functionality is note-worthy; Bissell went all out to add features that will make your vacuuming experience as smooth as possible.

That's not all; this device uses the right technologies to flawlessly blend into one tool that will allow you more versatility around your house when cleaning and maintaining.

Every additional feature works to give you more output, that means, when you have this device, you're getting everything you need to maintain every surface of your house.

Bissell has been around for 140 years, mastering their craft and giving the people the best of everything.  Their expertise in cleaning devices makes this product much more logical for you.

Moreover, the affordability makes it more insane that you're getting a premium product with all the revolutionary technology for a minimal budget. As impressive as that sounds, it does not disappoint. 

So, when you're choosing Powerforce helix, you're choosing the best you can get from the market since it offers the best performance at the best price along with fantastic technology for maximum effectiveness.  

Now let’s check out some of the features this unit is offering.

Suction Power

This feature is essential for any vacuum because, without enough power, you will not be able to clean any surface. It will fail to be as effective as possible since it will not pull out all the dirt.

When it comes to this feature, Powerforce Helix uses some of the most revolutionary methods. On every surface of your house, you will get the same amount of power you were getting from the start. 

There will never be any reduction in power even for extended uses due to the multi-cyclonic system. This feature allows the dirt to pass through the tube and end up in the dirt tank without restraints.

Also, this system allows more airflow, and it will not clog, so you can use it as much as you want and still get the same power the whole time. Therefore, it makes the product the best for extended use.


One of the best parts of this product is dirt collection capabilities. It's incredible how effectively this device collects dirt from any surface with 100% accuracy, which reduces the necessity for multiple runs.

The hose's dual brush system allows you to efficiently pick up dirt from carpets, even if they are hard to reach or stuck. These bristles force all the dirt to separate and get sucked in.

By combining these cleaning technologies, the device is more versatile for any cleaning situation. So, whether it is the messy carpet or the wooden floor, it can take care of the dirt of either of those surfaces.

Additionally, the filtering system makes cleaning much more manageable since it filters most of the collected dirt and debris to maintain the device's functionality and efficiency.

Dirt Tank

One of the essential parts for every vacuum is the dirt collecting compartment. This feature is one of those parts that require the most attention from the manufacturers. But Bissell did something unique with their device.

The excellent Helix separation system allows the vacuum to separate the type of dirt you are collecting, making it much easier to maintain after the dirt tank fills out.

Dirt Tank

It will separate the dirt from the debris so that you don't suffer from any clogging, along with that, the tank is entirely washable. So, you can use any washing soap to clean the tank.

Even though this vacuum is bagless, it has a dirt collection capacity of 1L, which is impressive, since it will not require you to empty the tank after cleaning every room. You can do extended cleaning sessions.

Additionally, the filter is also entirely washable; that's the best part since, for that, you don't need to buy replacements as often. You can use the same filter for multiples sessions, but you will still get the best performance.


Considering your vacuum's weight is very important since it will allow you to have more flexibility and portability. You cannot carry a heavy vacuum around your house since it will require more effort.

But in this case, this vacuum is perfect. It weighs only 11-pounds, making it easier to carry around comparatively, and it will give you the freedom to take it to any corner of your house.

Let it be stairs or any higher ground; you can easily pick it up and keep it on any platform without worrying about the weight; this gives you more flexibility and freedom in cleaning.

The handle also allows you to guide the cleaning path; the 13-inch cleaning path covers more area so that you don't require multiple swipes. Thus, high suction and more area coverage are the perfect combinations for big houses.


Every vacuuming product from Bissell includes the necessary extensions you might need to clean various surfaces of your house, even the furniture. So, in this scenario, Powerforce helix is no exception.


It includes precisely constructed tools to give you full functionality and take full advantage of their revolutionary features. The included crevice tool allows you more control; it will enable you to have more accuracy and pick out any dirt from tricky surfaces with minimum effort.

Moreover, the dusting brush is perfect when you're cleaning any furniture or couches, the bristles on the tool pull out dust from any surface, and the extended wand along with that allows you to reach higher.

Power Connections

The Powerforce Helix is a corded device with a cord length of 23-inches; therefore, it allows you to cover large areas of your house without any interruptions since it will not require you to change power outlets.

That may be one of the flaws for every corded device, but Bissell does a fantastic job of giving you a long enough cord that will allow you flexibility and use your time efficiently.

If you have to change your power outlets often, it just interrupts the flow of the activity. Also, every room in your house may not have an outlet, so that gives you more restrictions.

Considering the power that it delivers, this vacuum is much more power-efficient than many other devices. The power rating is about eight amps, and with such low consumption, it gives you tremendous power and suction capabilities.


Another interesting fact about Powerforce Helix is that it takes you the least amount of work to set up. The manual included in the packaging has clear instructions on how you can properly set it up to use right away.

Moreover, the packaging includes all the tools and extensions; it does not come fully assembled, but it also does not require any professional tools to set up. All you need is a screw to attach every part with the other.

Everything within the package is in top condition, so you will not experience any damage or lack of parts since packing gets maximum attention from Bissell for your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this vacuum clean different surfaces?

This device includes several extensions and tools that will allow you to clean various surfaces. The design of the tools focuses on giving you efficiency while cleaning.

Is the device easily portable?

It weighs about 11 pounds, which makes it quite portable. You can carry it around effortlessly in your house, and you don't need to make much effort while cleaning since it's easy to push and pull.

Is the suction good enough for any surface?

This vacuum is known for its fantastic suction capabilities, which will allow you to easily clean any surface and suck out all the dirt and debris.

Do we have to change the filters often?

The filters are completely washable with any cleaning agent, so it doesn't require you to buy replacements that often. You can use the filter for an extended amount of time without any quality degradation.

Does it come fully assembled?

It does not come fully assembled, but you only require minimum tools to build it. Moreover, there will also be an assembly guide in the package.

Final Verdict

All Bissell products' products focus on the best customer experience; therefore, this device will not disappoint you when it comes to efficient cleaning.

With this Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 review, you can be sure about this product as you have learned everything this device has to offer. The Bissell Helix has a strong connection with the Electrolux vacuums. You might want to give that a look as well.

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