Bissell 9595A vs 1330

Bissell 9595A vs. 1330 – What Are the Differences?

If you're here reading this article, then you know the standard of Bissell. For more than a hundred years, this distinctive brand has offered the best cleaning solutions for your everyday life.

Today we’re here to dive deeper into two of their most famous products. In this article of Bissell 9595A vs. 1330, we will dig deeper and compare everything you need to know.

At the end of the article, you're going to find what you require, which will give you the best performance and fit right into your lifestyle like every other Bissell product.

Bissell 9595A Review

Bissell 9595A Review

The best part about this product must be its multi-functionality. It has something for every situation in your house, also considering the affordability of this device, this might be what you want. This product is also in our affordable vacuum cleaner list.

Bissell 9595A is a full-fledged vacuum that is shockingly light-weight compared to the number of functionalities it handles simultaneously. It weighs 15lbs, which makes it relatively easy for you to move around.

It has an innovative brush rotating system that allows you to capture more dirt from your carpets and couches. Another exciting thing is that this vacuum cleaner is bagless; it can still hold up to 2.2L of dust.

Due to that feature, it doesn't require you to empty the tank too often, allowing you to clean more efficiently. Moreover, the filters are completely washable using soap, so you don't need anything extra.

This product has four different brushes that are perfect for cleaning every corner of your house; for that reason, this is all you need to keep your home fresh and exactly how you like it.

Moreover, the structure of the brushes gives you more flexibility and efficiency. The crevice tool is fantastic at cleaning out the corners of your house, while the TurboBrush tool cleans out the main surface.

The extension wand will let you reach higher places, but it will have zero suction reduction. Moreover, the dusting brush also uses its bristles and suction to clean every house decoration safely and flawlessly.

During the usage of all the tools, you will get zero performance reduction due to its unique Multi-Cyclonic System, which provides impressive performance while the filters work to separate all the particles efficiently.


  • Dirt tank capacity of 2.2L
  • Multi-level filtering
  • Light-weight design
  • Four different cleaning tools
  • Multi-Cyclonic System for powerful suction


  • Requires tools and lacks instruction for the first-time setup
  • Short length of the hose

Bissell 1330 Review

Bissell 1330 Review

Another fantastic addition from Bissell is the CleanView 1330. With all the right functionalities, this device is the perfect choice for you if you're looking for a powerhouse at an affordable price.

The powerful cyclonic cleaning system allows you to clean even the roughest of surfaces and give excellent output. You will not notice any performance degradation, even after extended uses.

Moreover, the TurboBrush allows you to clean any other surfaces in your houses, including your stairs, furniture, and other surfaces. The powerful suction is capable of getting rid of all the dirt from the corners. 

Additionally, the device only weighs 15.5 pounds, which allows you to move it around with less energy and get more flexibility. You can effortlessly carry it around to any floor of your house and clean anywhere.

The bagless design has a fantastic dirt tank, which is easy to empty, and completely washable. Moreover, the filter allows you to separate debris and dirt, for which it makes it easier to clean and prevent clogging.

Considering flexibility, it has a 25-foot cord that will allow you to move around without changing power outlets and cover most of your house without unplugging. Additionally, the power rating is 10 Amps, so it consumes less power.

It will also include several tools that will enable you to get more efficiency in cleaning different platforms. For example, the dusting brush and extension wand allows you to reach higher places while brushing furniture surfaces.

Also, the crevice tool gives you more precision in cleaning the corners of your carpet and stairs, so in one package, you get everything you need to keep your house flawless and effortlessly cleaned.


  • Quiet during usage
  • Long power cord
  • Filtering at multiple levels
  • Efficient cleaning with the extensions
  • Dirt tank is easily detachable


  • Bulky design
  • The brush roller gets clogged

Bissell 9595A vs. 1330 Comparison

There are many resemblances in between these two devices, but today here we will point out all the differences for your convenience:


In the case of these vacuum cleaners, it is vital to consider the product's weight, since you will need to transport them all over your house for cleaning. The 9595A and 1330 are slightly different from one other in that scenario.

Both devices weigh almost similar, but Bissell 1330 weighs slightly higher than Bissell 9595A, about 15.5 pounds. This issue may be negligible for some, but some may take this seriously.


One of the most significant differences may be in the two devices' extension, as Bissell 1330's extensions are slightly longer than Bissell 9595A. This matter makes quite a difference in the case of flexibility. 

Moreover, the hose of the 9595A is shorter than that of 1330, which is about 6 inches. But the attachments allow a little bit more versatility to Bissell 9595A.

Dirt Tank

Both of the devices have almost identical filtering tanks, but the efficiency differs in several scenarios. The Bissell 9595A is striving in this particular situation where the filtering is easy to clean and maintain.

In that case, it might be slightly problematic for Bissell 1330, which is somewhat harder to clean since the dirt gets stuck at the head of the device, which requires a little more effort to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of surfaces can I clean better with these devices?

You can clean any surface with these vacuum cleaners, but they are most efficient for carpet floors since it allows for more suction. However, you can use it for all other surfaces just as efficiently.

Does it come fully assembled?

It does not come fully together, but it includes everything you need to set it up without help. It requires you to attach all the extended parts for unlimited usage.

Can the vacuum efficiently clean animal hair?

The vacuums are fully capable of cleaning any material; they also include animal hair, litter, or anything else. The suction system is capable of taking in anything while the filter will separate them for cleaning.

Do I need to buy any extensions?

All the products already contain all kinds of extensions you may require. Four separate tools will allow you to clean any surface around your house and allow more flexibility.

Are the extensions long enough?

This matter varies depending on the device; most extensions are sufficient to reach any surface, allowing you to clean anything with more efficiency. Along with that, the long cords will allow you to carry it around further.


Both Bissell devices are excellent at doing their designated activity, whereas one might perform one task better than the other. But in the case of functionality, both are top choices in the market.

Therefore, this Bissell 9595A vs. 1330 review will allow you to choose what you want for your lasting satisfaction. You can also get similar kinds of vacuums from the Electrolux product list.

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