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SOBCon Founder, Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss is a brand strategist and leadership trainer who teaches business how to build a customer- company balance into a decision making foundation to produce true innovation, and how to use persuasion to influence people across and up the corporation to put that innovation into action.

Liz Strauss was named Titan of Web 2.0 at II World Forum “Communication on Top” in Davos, Switzerland. Liz also has been named to the Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers the Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008, and most recently to Top Social Media Strategists To Watch In 2010 You can also follow Liz on Twitter (she’s @lizstrauss), and on Facebook.

SOBCon Co-Founder, Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie

St. Marie

Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie  is a former service company executive with more than 28 years in the business world, writing about his experiences and observations on his blog, ““. He is also active in the social media community as a co-founder of SOBCon, a biannual business conference and one of the best learning forums for small and medium-sized business owners in the US, with its unique “models and masterminds” approach.

You can also follow Terry on Twitter (he’s @starbucker), where he loves to play virtual disk jockey and share his love of music, and on Facebook.

The Original Founders and How SOBCon Started

SOBCon grew out of Open Comments Night on Liz’s popular when several regular attendees including original founders: Terry Starbucker and Chris Cree convinced Liz that what was happening online needed to happen in person as well. Once the wheels started moving, Terry, Chris and Lisa Cree, and Liz Strauss saw that vision through to the reality that became SOBCon The Relationship Bloggers Convention and Networking Event on May 12, 2007. In late 2007, Chris and Lisa left the Founders Team to focus on their own business SuccessCreeations, which has grown include Emmanuel Press. Now Chris and Lisa support and advise from a distance.