Best Vacuum for Soft Carpet

14 Best Vacuum for Soft Carpet in 2021

The thing about purchasing something expensive is that you don’t only pay while purchasing the product, you also have quite some maintenance expenses. This same concept applies to soft carpets; these add a magnificent touch to liven up your room, but they do need the right treatment to keep its beauty alive for years to come.

One of the biggest problems soft carpets face is vacuuming; regular vacuums are too harsh on the material and can destroy the carpets feel and outlook. For this reason, we went out to find the best vacuum for soft carpets, and the results are in.

This article consists of some of the top machines in the markets that’ll provide you the best results.

14 Best Vacuum for Soft Carpet

With cleaning soft carpets being such a big problem, vacuum companies seem to have gotten the customer’s requests and have responded accordingly. This article features some of the most diverse and functional product ranges you can get for your soft carpets. 

1. Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This guy is unlike most other vacuum cleaner manufacturers whose main goal is to produce the most powerful machine possible. Soniclean took a different approach, where they partnered up with leading premium carpeting companies to understand the carpet before developing their cleaner.

Thus, leading to the development of one of the finest wool carpet vacuum in the market.

With the machine built to clean soft carpets, you’ll be finding some unique aspects to this device unavailable to any other vacuum. Its patented sonic cleaning technology creates 200 vibrations per second motor, breaking out dust & dirt from the deepest crevices.

These particles are picked up by the machines specially designed ultra-soft brush. The soft bristles allow for easy cleaning while being gentle while working on the carpet, thus keeping the carpets pristine soft fibers charm intact.

Furthermore, the EZ-Push technologies adjustable vent design allows airflow alterations, making it easy to push or pull on carpets with longer fibers. There’s also the added factor that the machine weighs only 10.5lbs.

Moreover, to deal with other daily household chores, the machine has been loaded with a digitally adjustable speed-dial. These dials feature a quiet mode for hardwood cleaning and a deep cleaning mode for extremely hard to clean regions.

Additionally, the vacuum uses half the electricity to produce the same power output as a regular vacuum, courtesy of its high-efficiency motors.


  • Patented Sonicleaning technology for creating 200 vibrations per second
  • Healthier air with HEPA certified air filtration system
  • Lightweight vacuum with EZ-Push tech for maneuverability
  • High-efficiency motors consuming 50% less power
  • Versatile cleaning with an adjustable multi-speed controller 


  • Machine design specific for soft carpet mainly
  • Quite Expensive

2. Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded

Shark has a relatively big name in the market for vacuum cleaners, which resonates strongly with extreme power. However, with the HV382 Rocket, the company has taken a bit of a different turn, creating a machine that can handle it all.

The machine has a strong suction force for easy dirt pick-up and uses a series of brushes to break down stubborn patches.

These features help make the vacuum the perfect one-piece solution for every household, while also keeping to your needs of soft carpet cleaning.

The machine comes with Duo-clean technology; this utilizes the brushes to break down dirt deep within the carpet’s fibers. Thus, ensuring a thorough cleansing of the carpet from any pesky pests.

Moreover, one of the most obvious factors you’ll notice once you get to hold the machine is its lightweight. Weighing in at a bare 4.6 pounds, the vacuum by itself becomes very easy to use.

The machine’s lightweight allows the cleaner to glide over the carpet floor much more quickly, without having to push or pull too hard, thus keeping the soft feel alive.

Plus, for those of you with pets at home, the machine is simply one of the best devices to have for pets. It’ll help you break out the pet hair strands from within the depths of the soft carpet, giving you a very thorough clean.

You’ll also be getting a few smaller accessories included in the box, such as nozzle systems and wall-mounting racks for ease and comfort. After this, go check the Rocket HV300. This is a similar vacuum with slight differences.


  • Versatile machine for full house cleaning, including floors and ceilings
  • Duo Clean Technology for intense deep bristle cleans
  • Great machine for Pet Hair removal from deep carpets
  • Ultra-light machine for extremely quick moveability
  • Includes additional accessories such as nozzles, and storage hooks


  • Corded machine relies on cord length
  • No specific tech for soft carpet cleaning

3. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner  Ball Animal 2

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner  Ball Animal 2

The Dyson is a complete beast in the vacuum cleaner market, boasting a power output, unlike any other manufacturer’ one of the company’s biggest selling points. However, who would have known that Dyson would also have a soft spot for frieze carpets vacuuming, a feature that comes enabled in their Ball Animal 2 model.

With the Ball Animal 2 other the soft carpet cleaning, you’re also getting features that can’t be expected from any regular vacuum cleaner. The first one being the source of the machine’s tremendous power, which is possible due to the Radial Root Cyclone system.

This system pulls out even the deepest seeded microscopic dust particles from the densest of soft carpets.

So, you’re not only getting a machine that’s great with carpet cleaning; it can theoretically clean almost any patch of dirt at home. Thus, bringing us to the machine’s versatility, a possibility made through the machines, Instant-Release wand, and Turbine tube.

These extensions allow you to reach almost any part of your house for easier clean-ups.

Additionally, the Turbine tube is a great accessory if you’re got Pets at home. The turbine tube, paired with its brushes, pulls out pet hair from within the soft carpet without damaging the carpet.

An essential feature that Dyson includes in its products is a whole-machine filtration system; this prevents any dust particles or allergens from being exhausted.


  • Radial Root Cyclone tech make this the most powerful vacuum
  • Intense and thorough cleaning with Deep Cleaning feature
  • Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head, Instant-Release wand, and Turbine tube
  • Thick filtration pads that prevent the release of allergens
  • Easy and comfortable to use machine and accessories


  • Weight is a bit high
  • Quite an expensive device

4. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

If you’re looking for a machine made specifically to clean soft carpets, then the Miele C3 is something we highly recommend. This premium Vacuum delivers one of the highest grade services, one that’ll keep your carpet fresh and soft for a long time. All possible due to Miele’s high-efficiency quiet motors that provide performance like no other vacuum.

The motor used in the C3 is a 1200-W Miele made vortex motor with controllable speed settings for cleaning based on the carpet. However, it’s not the motor that’s the star of the show here; instead, it’s Miele’s Electro Plus Floorhead.

Furthermore, the vacuum head includes Easy-Glide technology that allows the head to move over the carpet with the highest of ease. Also, the vacuum head also contains a 5 level heigh adjustment system, a feature that is not readily available.

This accessory should allow you to adjust the height at which the vacuum heads make perfect contact with the carpet, keeping the carpet smooth and removing all its dirt thoroughly. The added swivel tech is another feature allowing easier reach.

Besides the soft cleaning abilities, the machine also comes with other features like leaning the machine itself. These maintain the air that flows out of a machine to be filtered out using a HEPA filter, thus cutting down allergies and other diseases.  You can also get the machines other vacuum heads enclosed inside the vacuum, for easier reach.


  • Smoothly built and extremely efficient for C3’s Miele’s Vortex Motor 
  • High-grade HEPA filters keeping home air extremely clean
  • Electro-Plus floorhead’s height adjustment methods for deep soft carpet clean
  • Effortless maneuverability with a glide off carpet features activated
  • Includes multiple accessories in one pack


  • Machine is not for daily usage
  • Premium build requires a much steeper price

5. Bissell 20431 Powerglide Lift-Off Pet Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

Bissell 20431 Powerglide Lift-Off Pet Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

A combination of Soft carpets and hairy pets spells disaster for any household; having to detangle and get our hair from carpets can be a nightmare. However, for this nightmare to end, we have the required solution.

Bissell’s 2-in1 vacuum cleaner, the 20431 Powerglide, is the perfect machine for the job boasting a range of features you won’t find on most other machines.

One of the most critical features that the device comes with is the triple action brush roller system. The perfect addition to any soft carpet, these brushes provide a gentle rubbing action that works wonders.

These brushes break down the dirt and hair particles rooted deep in the fibers of the carpet; once broken out, they’re easily extracted through the high power vacuum.

A unique aspect of this machine is its 2-in-1 capabilities; the lift-off technology should allow you to use the machine anywhere. Its quick-release action should let you pull off the machine from the main body, turning it into a portable device.

Portability is a brilliant option for more thorough cleaning abilities, as you reach areas previously inaccessible.

With the machine, you will be getting a specialized pet hair cleaning tool as well. Thus, making picking up pet hair from carpets and upholstery no longer a tedious chore.

Other than these features, the machine has the highest grade filtration systems. Partnered with Febreeze, this filtration system helps clear out pet odor and should freshen up your room.


  • One of the best pet hair removal machines available
  • Quick dirt breakdown with Triple Action Brush roller system
  • Unique lift-off technology for instant portability
  • Lightweight and long vacuum wand can reach into hard to reach areas
  • Partnered with Febreeze for odor removal tech


  • A bit more expensive than most
  • Brush Roller doesn’t feature tangle-free abilities

6. Shark NV803 DuoClean

Shark NV803 DuoClean

Like the previously reviewed product, the Shark NV803 is also quite famous for its removable canister system. A system that allows this Shark vacuum to be easily turned into a portable and carry sized vacuum cleaner.

The portability should allow you to reach the more inaccessible regions of your soft carpet, such as under couches and other furniture.

With the device large floorhead, the vacuum can pick up even the most minuscule of dirt particles from the carpet’s fibers.

This power, paired with the long-range you’re getting with the 30-foot-long power cord, should allow you to cover every corner of your house and the carpets thoroughly. The thorough cleaning is improved further through the accessory nozzles provided.

Moving around with the upright vacuum setting is also quite easy and comfortable. The swivel setting on the floorhead allows for much easier movement overall.

Additionally, since the machines fairly lightweight, gliding through the carpets should not be an issue for you. This machine will help make this tedious chore of cleaning a quick and easy task.

Besides cleaning, the machine also includes a high-grade air-filter with the machine; this works to clear up the rooms’ air from deadly allergens.

Overall what you’re getting with this machine is not only a vacuum that can clean up your carpets; but also one that can come in handy to use throughout your house. Thus, this machine will provide the best value for your money.


  • Extremely long reach with a 30-foot-long power cord
  • All-in-one product that can be a total home cleaning solution
  • More effective cleaning available through deep cleaning technology
  • Lightweight and swivel tech provides maneuverability
  • Comes with a wide array of nozzles for full cleaning 


  • Bagless machine will not hold much dirt
  • No specific soft carpet feature

7. Kenmore Elite 81714

 Kenmore Elite 81714

Small machines can pack quite the punch, and the Kenmore Elite 81714 provides impressive proof for this statement. The lightweight machine weighing in at only 22lbs with a retractable cord may not seem like much. But it is one of the best bagged vacuum cleaner in the market.

What is hidden under its plastic covering is one of the most powerful and high capacity dual power motors, to give you an all-in-one clean. These powerful motors are big enough to generate a deep clean, working to dig out the most stringent dirt particles from carpets or even floors.

To better work with soft carpets, the machine comes with ultra push nozzle tech, this senses the thickness of the carpet and adjust the power accordingly. Thus, ensuring the carpets aren’t over vacuumed, damaging the carpets feel.

Moreover, the added pet hair remover tool; is the perfect addition for pet lovers who also love their soft carpets. Quite a lot of pet hair tends to end up and get entangled into these carpets. The Pet Power mates motorized brushes help pull out these hair stands as effectively and efficiently as possible, saving you time and effort.

Besides making an amazing and highly versatile machine, the people at Kenmore have also put in the effort to help give you a healthier environment.

The machine is equipped with a HEPA filtration system, trapping in 99.7% of dust particles inside the vacuum. Dust particles then collect into the collection bag and can then be safely disposed of.


  • Automatically sensing power controls using Ultra Plush Nozzle
  • Lightweight and compact design for quick and easy cleaning
  • Improved HEPA filters that capture 99.7% of allergens and pollutants
  • Dual motor system for greater power with the varied speed-changing ability
  • Bagged Dust canisters for large quantity collection and less frequent deductions 


  • Follows an outdated design concept
  • Bad history of malfunctions

8. Oreck Swivel Axis Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Swivel Axis Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Who, ever said, cleaning can’t be stylish! This beautifully designed vacuum cleaner from Oreck is the perfect answer for people looking for an easy-to-use machine. For the vacuum to perform as a complete home cleaning solution, the machine must be extremely powerful.

For this reason, you’ll find that the vacuum runs using a tremendously powerful dual-speed motor.

Dual Speed motors are a necessity for cleaning out entire homes, moreover ones with soft carpets. It’s crucial to adjust the machine’s speed according to how delicate the carpet is, ensuring your expensive carpets don’t damage from regular cleaning.

The higher speeds available on the device also ensures that deep cleaning of the carpet is possible.

Just ensuring power isn’t enough, comfort also plays an important part, and Oreck does a brilliant job to ensure this. The 360-degree Glide tech attached with the vacuum’s large 13” floorhead, ensures easy and accurate movement of the machine.

Accurate cleaning is a necessary factor required to ensure the vacuum can clean all areas of your home.

A wider cleaning path achieved by the large 13” floorhead further ensures that you can complete cleaning as quickly as possible. Another factor that sets the standard of this machine to the top vacuum list is the HEPA rating.

The HEPA filters put into the machine’s inner bag ensure none of the dust particles escape back into the air, clearing up the air by 99.97%.


  • A tremendously beautiful and retro design; that comes in a vibrant color
  • 360-degree glide technology ensures easy maneuverability
  • 13” floorhead provides an immensely wide cleaning path
  • HEPA filtration system captures out 99.97% of residue dust particles
  • Dual Speed motor providing variety for use 


  • Not the most versatile machine
  • Price is quite steep

9. Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Maytag M1200 may be a bit older regarding home cleaning technological aspects; however, it is still one of the top competitors in this sector. Designed to work on carpets, the MI200 is the perfect solution for soft carpet cleaning.  However, this does not limit the machine from cleaning out other floor types, either.

Running on a dual intake system that relies on two motors to work together produces an immense amount of suction force. Thus, making the machine a perfect fit for carpets, as the dirt and dust particles get sucked in from the carpets’ roots.

But it’s not just for carpets; the machine performs tremendously on bare floors as well, easily sucking out stringent dust patches.

For carpeted floors, the machine has another trick up its sleeves. The machine comes with an automatic height adjustment setting, with 6-positions settings.

These adjustments allow the machine to adjust itself to your carpet’s height, ensuring effective cleaning without damaging your carpet. Thus, providing an effective way of keeping your carpet feel as is.

Other than the floor cleaning methods, the machine also includes advanced air cleaning tech. A six-stage filtration system is what separates you from the dust and allergens collected inside the machine.

These filters keep your air allergen-free and provide a safer and cleaner environment. Additional charcoal filters go the extra mile and provide and help absorb odors.


  • Extremely powerful dual intake system with dual motors
  • Six stage filtration system with charcoal filter pads included
  • Auto height adjusting floorhead with six height settings included
  • Long 35-foot cord for obstruction less cleaning
  • Includes full bag indication, LED headlight


  • Bulky and difficult to move around with
  • No Pet Hair cleaning nozzle included

10. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

The NV356E is a more advanced model of Shark’s Navigator line, one of their top models, and the perfect model for soft carpet cleaning. It’s a machine that you can depend on when it comes to cleaning up your entire home with its highly versatile functionality.

Paired with lift-away tech, the machine deals with more than carpets, tackling hard floors and ceilings too.  

This machine comes with a deep cleaning system; this works by using the machine motors to harness extreme suction powers. High suction inserts much-needed forces to the carpet floor’s deepest roots, digging out dirt particles and germs embedded into it.

However, the machine’s suction powers can be varied, so you don’t need to worry about more delicate carpets.

Additionally, the machine also provides the ultimate level of convenience and useability. The machines swivel tech and lightweight allow the floorhead to move along the surface with the greatest of ease.

Added to this, you also have the lift-away tech, improving the machines’ versatility and allowing you to clean more than just floors.

You’ll also get an entire range of nozzle accessories added with the machine, including a Pet Power Brush or tools for reaching narrow crevices.

Equipped with all these accessories, you’ll never have to worry about the difficulties of home cleaning. Everything will be handled by one machine; thus, providing you with your money’s worth.


  • One machine that does it all at the best value
  • Clearing out most carpet dust and dirt with deep cleaning technology
  • Effective and efficient cleaning with easy-flow swivel technology
  • Broad availability of cleaning accessories and nozzles
  • Portable cleaning enabled with Lift-away tech 


  • Not the best looking or the most compact design
  • You’ll need to purchase the accessories separately

11. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind

With the amount of tech advancement in the last few years, it’s only expected that some of it would pass on to the home appliances sector as well. This idea is exactly what you’ll get to see with the Bissell Cleanview Swiel Rewind vacuum cleaner.

Bissell’s high-tech cleaner is a standout machine, fitting into any household to provide effective and efficient cleaning.

One of the best features you’ll be getting with this machine is its triple action brush roll. The high-speed roller pushes into the carpet, working into the deeper roots to break out dust and dirt particles.

Broken dust particles will allow the machine to pick up particles easily and quickly from the carpet. A factor that is further supported by the high-suction power of the vacuum.  

Other than its effective cleaning abilities, the vacuum cleaner is also quite efficient. The vacuums swivel tech added with its lightweight should let you move on the floor and around furniture much more quickly.

This machine also comes with additional nozzles that should help you clean more than your floor; thus, providing a versatile product.

Furthermore, the edge to edge system on the floorhead helps cover a much larger area in a much shorter time; while also covering all corners evenly. Thus, making the device a great investment for soft carpets of irregular shapes.

 You’ll also get specialized pet tools with this machine, thus, getting to that pesky mess of hair that your pet might leave on your carpet.


  • Comes with a triple brush roll system for easy dirt breakdown
  • Swivel system paired with lightweight allows seamless movement
  • Accessories and nozzles included with the machine
  • Edge to edge floorhead design enables all-around cleaning
  • 27-feet automatic retractable cord 


  • Does come with the more maneuverable lift-off tech
  • Cord length is a bit shorter than most vacuums

12. Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Magnesium RS gives out the most futuristic vibe than all the other machines we’ve reviewed in this article. The machines sleek yet minimalistic design is one that you’d be more than proud to put on display than have it in stuffed in a closet.

However, it’s not all about the looks; the machine also features an extensive range of abilities.

The first and most important feature would be the machine’s lightweight, paired with its slim swivel design. These factors are both enough to allow you to glide the machine over your soft carpets easily.

The machine would also be able to reach underneath and behind furniture and narrow openings, thus giving you the option of thoroughly cleaning your home.

Furthermore, for carpet cleaning, the machine has been installed with an automatic power adjustment system.

Using these methods, the machine becomes capable enough to detect what it is cleaning, from hardwood to long pile carpets, and automatically adjusts itself according to it. Thus, making sure the machine can deep clean the carpeted areas.

For your safety, the machine includes an auto shut-off system. Thus, it helps prevent the motor from overheating if there is a situation where the machine gets clogged up on clothing or your carpet’s material.

The machine also comes with a HEPA certified air filtration system, which makes sure to a 99.97% certainty that none of the particles going in make it out.


  • Weighs as much as a gallon of milk at only 8 pounds
  • Easy and comfortable cleaning with the added swivel system
  • Five layers of HEPA filters for 99.97% protection from allergens
  • Multi-surface cleaning abilities should give versatile all home cleaning
  • Automatic power adjustment system to deal with varying floor types


  • Not the most mobile vacuum you can get
  • Has a small capacity dust collection bag

13. SEBO 9580AM Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum

SEBO 9580AM Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum

The SEBO 9580AM may not be the fanciest looking or feature the newest tech in the market, but it’s a product that’ll get the job done. This plastic made machine is power-hungry; that uses high-grade 1300W motors to generate enough power for effective room cleaning.

The large motor can generate more than enough power to initiate deep cleaning for carpets.

One of the standout points about this machine is its extensively wide size, providing a cleaning path of 14 ½ inches. Thus, it should be much quicker for you to cover any room. The added fold-down swivel should let you reach into extremely narrow surfaces under beds and couches; for a complete cleaning of your room.

SEBO’s automatic height adjustment solution is an excellent trick for soft carpet owners. This shift in height should allow you to quickly get your cleaning done onto carpets with much more ease; thus, ensuring a more optimal clean.

For thorough cleaning, the machine comes with a multitude of accessories and nozzles for effective cleaning.

With this model, you’ll also get a much larger capacity dust bag, able to take in almost 1.4 gallons of dust. Thus, ensuring that a single run is good enough to cover you home without you having to empty the bag.

However, if you run out of space in the dust bag, the machine comes with an automatic shut-off system, keeping the bag from over-filling and blowing up. 


  • Long 40-foot cord for obstruction-less cleaning abilities
  • Powerful 1300W motor with immense suction capacity
  • Instant-use wands with multiple nozzles enabling cleaning perfection
  • Provides quick cleaning with a wide cleaning path of 14.5 inches
  • The machine has fold-down abilities for easier cleaning 


  • Machine is relatively heavy and wide
  • Does not come with the newer features

14. Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 120 V

Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 120 V

If you are looking for a more traditional type of machine that sends you back to a nostalgic feel, then the ORECK commercial U2000R-1 is the perfect match.

This vacuum may be an older machine, but it comes with the power and reliability you get from newer. Plus, since the machine is much cheaper than most others providing better value.

Installed into the machine is an extremely high-speed motor, producing around 5000-6500RPM. This much RPM is enough to create suction that can pull out dirt and dust from the depths of carpets. Additionally, the machine caters to carpets; it also allows multi-floor cleaning making it great for all over your home use.

High-speed roller brushes installed into the floorhead should allow the machine to breakdown dirt and dust from the more stringent stains. Thus, initiating the machine micro-sweeping technology for the thorough cleans.

Only weighing at 9 pounds and having 40feets of cord allows the machine to cover a much larger area in a much shorter time.

This model of the Oreck commercial comes with the XL badge, meaning the dust-bags in the machine can store quite a lot of dust. Thus, making trips to the dustbin while cleaning much less frequent.

Moreover, the machine comes with six additional dust-bags; thus, collecting almost two weeks’ worth of dust and dirt, taking away the regular need for emptying the bags.


  • Simple and nostalgic design focuses on making prices lower
  • Lightweight and much easy to carry around your house
  • Multi-surface cleaning abilities enabled
  • High power motor and rollers that spin at 5000-6500 RPM
  • Deep cleaning and micro sleeping tech has also been enabled


  • Does not come with a wand for perfectionist cleaning
  • Not the best-looking machine in the market

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Soft Carpet Vacuums are a bit more different than your regular vacuum cleaners, which is why we find it best you get a bit of an idea about the product. This buying guide will be going in deep with what’s most recommended and things to consider when purchasing a vacuum for soft carpets.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners come under two sets of purposes general and specialized. Understanding these two purposes is crucial for you before making a purchase, as it helps determine where you will get the best value for your money.

  • Specialized Purpose Vacuums

some of the vacuums in this article that work best for soft carpets are designed mainly to work on those particular floor types. Therefore, in this case, if your house is covered with soft carpets, then this particular machine would be the perfect cleaning solution for you. Some machines are also able to do hard tasks like cleaning urine from carpets.

  • General Purpose Machines

 designed mainly for general usage to cover your entire house, cleaning up almost any floor-type you may have. However, in this case, you’ll probably be missing out on the specialized mechanism that you might have gotten with the special purpose vacuum.

So which type fits best for soft carpets? To understand this, you must understand the types of floors you want to clean. We recommend going for general-purpose machines, as they provide a better value for your money since they’re able to clean your entire house with the same effectiveness and efficiency.

However, try to make sure the vacuum that you purchase comes with these recommended features for best use on soft carpets.

Lightweight and Large Wheels

Movement on a soft carpet needs to be quick and effective; slow-moving machines can end up damaging your carpet through the extended suction process. Additionally, maneuvering through the thick and plush fibers of a soft carpet by itself is a challenging process.

Therefore, to ensure effective movement over your soft carpets, make sure to buy machines with larger wheels and lightweight. These features help ensure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get stuck onto the high friction surface of your soft carpet.

Additionally, the vacuum also moves along exceptionally quickly, thus making sure every spot on the carpet only the optimal amount of vacuuming.

Swivel Technology

One of the most significant factors that initiate an effective moving vacuum cleaner is Swivel Technology. Swivel tech allows the vacuum cleaner’s floorhead to adjust its angle according to what is required for optimal cleaning.

The movement the swivel head initiates on the vacuum cleaners floor head is smooth, allowing the cleaner to glide along with you.

Swivel Technology

Moreover, the swivel tech on a vacuum cleaner further eliminates the obstructions previously presented when cleaning narrow or difficult to reach areas. An example of such obstruction would be; areas underneath couches and beds, which are usually extremely difficult to reach.

However, quite a lot depends on the type of swivel tech used. Many machines have the swivel abilities that allow the floorhead to flatten out or stay in place only.

Other machines come with a comprehensive 360-degree swivel technology that allows the floorhead to move in almost any direction. Each has its pros and cons and must be looked into before making the purchase.

Height Adjustment

A soft carpet vacuum cleaner must be able to shift heights according to requirements; this is necessary for soft carpet cleaning. As the height adjustment allows the vacuum to be perfectly on top of the soft carpet’s fibers, making sure the machine is not in direct contact with the underlying base.

Vacuum cleaners that sink entirely into the carpet can deal quite the damage to the carpet. The brush bristles hitting the carpet’s base are devastating; they could loosen the base’s fibers, creating empty patches on the carpet. Thus, in a basic sense will destroy the carpet entirely.

To make sure carpets quality and feel is maintained even after vacuuming, a manual or automatic height adjustment system will come in handy. The height adjustment creates some extra space within the carpet and the vacuum floorhead. Thus, avoiding the brushes from abrasively running on the carpet and ruining it.

We recommend you go for a cleaner that comes with an automatic height adjustment system. The machine detects the rise in height and accordingly adjusts the floor head along with it. Thus you don’t have to waste time figuring out which level is the right height for your carpet; it also helps avoid continually changing the height.

Motorized Brush Roll System

One of the more essential features required for soft carpets is the motorized brush roll system. Soft carpets use various long strands made of fiber or other materials, which are amazing to the feel; but are a magnet to dust and dirt.

Dust particles usually settle to the bottom of the carpet, hardening over time; and become extremely difficult to vacuum.

For scenarios like this, and in general, a brush roll system is a necessity. The rollers spin the brushes at extremely high speeds working into the depths of the carpet. These brushes work to break down the dirt and other particles into tiny pieces, making it simpler and quicker for the vacuum to pick up.

We recommend the triple action brush roller system for carpet cleaning; this is by far the most powerful brushing tool there is. The triple brush system works together to break out various levels of dirt and dust into tiny pieces.

Variable Speeds

A machine with a variable speed motor will come in very handy when in use. The variable suction speeds allow you to choose the required vacuuming speed according to the floor or carpet you’re cleaning.

Soft carpets usually require higher speeds for deep cleaning purposes, but it's recommended to use slower speeds for more delicate or expensive carpet types.

Thus, making sure the carpet gets an optimal cleaning while also ensuring that the carpets are not damaged anyway.

How to Vacuum a Soft Carpet? 

How to Vacuum a Soft Carpet

The push and pull effect on high pile carpets becomes quite tricky when the vacuum is used in the same methods as on hard floors. And the intense mesh of fibers that make up high pile carpets make maneuverability and vacuuming quite a chore. Thus to operate a vacuum on these carpet types, a different method is required.

  • Ensure the floor head’s height is increased, giving you enough space for air to flow while the brushes also reach deep down into the carpet. 
  • Once the correct height is chosen on the vacuum, run the machine at its highest setting to ensure deep cleaning.
  • If the machine becomes extremely easy or extremely difficult to push, you’ll have to turn down the speed setting by one notch
  • To ensure the machine is interacting with the carpet, check to see if the vacuuming leaves brushstrokes and isn’t too hard to prove.

These factors will ensure that the vacuum is working perfectly on the carpet and will give you results. Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning soft carpets, try to treat them as regular carpets, ensuring they receive regular cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I vacuum wet carpets?

Vacuuming a wet carpet with a regular dry vacuuming device is something you don’t want to do under any circumstance. Using a dry vacuum to vacuum a wet vacuum can prove very dangerous; instead, use a wet vacuum cleaner to soak up the water.

  • Can a vacuum cleaner ruin my premium soft carpet?

The answer to this mainly depends on the type of carpet and how a vacuum cleaner is used. Suppose a high suction vacuum cleaner runs on a delicate carpet. Then it is highly likely the vacuum cleaner will damage the carpet over time.

  • How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Unless you have people regularly running around with dirty shoes all over your house, or you have pets at home. Cleaning your carpet twice a week should be enough.

  • Will a vacuum keep my carpet clean?

If properly done, then yes! Regular vacuuming will help clean out carpets from dirt and dust patches trapped deep inside the surface of the carpet. It will also help you get rid of allergens and tiny particles from the air in your room. 

  • Will vacuuming help make my soft carpet softer?

Yes, vacuuming helps make your soft carpets have an every lasting fluff. This fluffiness happens due to the vacuum pulling out the strands of fiber back straight, giving you an everlasting fluffiness.

Final Words

Soft Carpets are a brilliant way to decorate a house; they help give your home a more homely feel. However, these carpets will need to be maintained, which is why you must only consider the best vacuum for soft carpet.

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