Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet

6 Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet Reviews

Berber carpets are a luxury item for most people. The beautifully woven carpet has elegance and beauty. If you have one of these carpets, then you know that they are not easy to maintain. You always have to take very good care of them.

These weaves of this carpet can easily start to fall apart if you use the wrong vacuum cleaner. This carpet needs a vacuum that does not destroy the weave yet still has a good suction power.

Out of hundreds of products, we got you the best vacuum for berber carpet. This way, you don’t have to take hours to search for the best ones available. So, let us do all of the rough and tough work for you and guide you through the whole process.

6 Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet Reviews

You can see plenty of vacuum cleaners available in the market that are supposed to be good for carpets. However, Berber carpets are a bit different. So, we have an in-depth review of the best ones out there.

1. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet

If you know about vacuum cleaners, then the chances are that you know about shark vacuums too. These vacuums are very high quality, and the manufacturers are very popular for their products. Thousands of people buy their products for amazing premium features.

The vacuum cleaners the manufacture are very high quality, and if you desire reliability, they’re a great option. When it comes to Berber carpets, you can consider getting the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum. This vacuum has the power and other necessary features to keep your carpet clean for years.

It is the best shark vacuum for berber carpet because of its great suction quality. This vacuum is one of the best ones in their line up, and it is very premium. The durability of this product is fantastic, and you get a lot of other features too.

This vacuum has HEPA filtration, so it is perfect for people with allergies. When you vacuum a lot, dirt can easily start to fly in the air, and you can get an allergic reaction from it. So, using the HEPA filter is a safety bonus.

You can reach various places with the press of only one button. The vacuum is very lightweight, coming at only 12.5 pounds. This weight makes it easier for you to carry it around use it on various other surfaces.

If you have Berber carpets, the suction power of this machine will come in very handy. The price may be a lot, but the quality you are getting is top-notch. So, why wait anymore? It is time to treat your quality carpet with the best care.


  • Build quality is very premium
  • You get amazing portability
  • Suction power is great
  • Amazing longevity
  • You get consistent results


  • Steep price
  • Customer service could be better

2. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson is not a new brand, and they are popular for creating great vacuums. They are popular because of how convenient it is to use these vacuum cleaners. The quality of the products is incredible. These vacuums can work very silently and efficiently.

If you ever wanted a vacuum that can do all the work in a few button pushes, Dyson has your back. For your Berber carpet, you can consider getting the Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum has a lot of handy features and a great build quality. It is one of the best vacuums for pet hair and tile floors.

The vacuum cleaner has a lot of versatile use. That is mainly thanks to its self-adjusting head. No matter what surface you are vacuuming on, the head will adjust itself accordingly on its own. It is a fantastic technology and saves a lot of time.

For the people that want easy access to the can, you can do it on this product with one push of a button. You can hygienically empty all of the dirt. The vacuum cleaner needs very powerful suction power to clean Berber carpets.

It is because Berber carpets are infamous for getting dirt deep inside. Thankfully, this product is highly capable of cleaning all of the mess. The product has a very sturdy build quality too. So, if you clean a lot, you will love this one.

The vacuum is very easy to use, and it can clean almost everything in your household. You get a very powerful vacuum for the price. So, if you want the best vacuum cleaner for berber carpet, you can go for this one because of the high suction power.


  • Suction power is incredible
  • Very easy to use
  • Amazing versatility
  • Head can adjust itself
  • You can clean it with one button


  • Does not have great consistency
  • Longevity is questionable

3. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Good quality Berber carpets can cost a lot of money. They have outstanding quality, and it is a luxury item for your house. However, maintaining a luxury item is very difficult. There are various things you have to do. Also, you can not slack off either.

That way, you can ruin the carpet quickly. Cleaning these carpets are the most crucial thing. You have to be very careful. If you are going to vacuum it, consider getting the Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

The product is the best vacuum for wool berber carpetThese carpets are very tough to maintain, and they get dirty very quickly. So, the vacuum cleaner has to keep up with it and offer the best cleaning experience. You get amazing durability and performance out of it.

It has a 1200-watt vortex motor, and the power of it is insane. Even then, the vacuum cleaner is surprisingly very quiet. You can have a very calm and quiet cleaning session with this product. The weight is very light, and you can easily carry it around.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner can suck up all of the dust particles in the wool, giving the carpet a brand-new look. It has a very good quality HEPA filtration system for the ones who are extremely prone to allergic reactions. You can see how well-thought-out this product is.

Suppose you are looking for the absolute premium vacuum cleaner for your expensive wool Berber carpet. In that case, this product will be a no brainer. The price is a lot, but it is worth it when you consider the amount of convenience and quality you are getting.


  • You get great dust filtration
  • Build quality is very premium
  • Deeply cleans the carpet
  • You get high-end accessories
  • Motor is very powerful


  • Extremely expensive
  • Vacuum is not very versatile

4. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

 Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

As technology gets better, our lives are becoming more and more comfortable. The most tech you see are getting cordless. So, nothing will stop you from going the distance. The same goes for vacuum cleaners too. Getting a cordless vacuum makes a big difference in your daily life.

You already know about Dyson. Their products are amazing. These vacuums are highly-rated because of how easy it is to use them. The same goes for the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum  Cleaner. It is one of their premium lineups.

This vacuum has a lot of modes. The max suction will take up to 115 AW, which is more than enough for everyone. Other than that, you get a run time of 40 minutes.

With the suction power, that is a lot of time to clean up. Moreover, it has a Dyson V8 motor, which runs very efficiently. It can suck up all of the dirt and dust particles from your carpet. That is great because you get a very clean and beautiful result.

If you want to clean more efficiently, this vacuum is the best vacuum for berber loop carpet. The suction power is strong, but it does not affect the carpet’s weave. So, you don’t have to worry about the weave of the carpet falling apart.

This vacuum is fantastic if you want to preserve your Berber carpet. There are thousands of happy customers because of how convenient this vacuum is to use. So, if you desire the amazing protection for your Berber loop carpet, this one is it.


  • Vacuum is completely cordless
  • You get a very durable build quality
  • 40-minute runtime
  • Very lightweight and versatile
  • Washable lifetime filter


  • Does not come cheap
  • Consistency is not very good

5. Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Capacity is very important when it comes to vacuum cleaners. If you have a lot of storage to put the dirt, then you will not have to clean the vacuum now and then. That will save you plenty of time.

However, a vacuum that is for your home does not usually have a big size. So, after searching a lot, we found the best one for you. The Galaxy 1150 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is something you can always look forward to when tackling heavy work.

If you live somewhere that gets dirty now and then, keeping a Berber carpet will be very difficult. On the other hand, cleaning out your vacuum so often can also be very annoying. So, it looks like the vacuum here will go perfectly with your situation.

You also get two HEPA filters with this product. That way, you can save yourself from getting any allergic reaction while cleaning. Plus, getting the extra one will save you a lot of money. This vacuum has a very powerful motor, which has a lot of suction power.

However, it does not make a lot of noise. It is surprisingly, very quiet. If you are delicate of sound, you don’t have to worry about any sound pollution with this model. It has a 360-degree hose rotation, which helps a lot when you are cleaning.

This way, you don’t have to move the vacuum body every time you are cleaning somewhere else. The rubber wheels make the vacuum slide on the floor very smoothly too. You can make your cleaning experience much smoother with this product.


  • Large capacity
  • You get an extra HEPA filter
  • Hose can 360-degrees
  • Can glide very smoothly
  • Performance is very consistent


  • Not very portable
  • Build quality does not feel very premium

6. Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to properly cleaning and organizing your home and getting a high-quality vacuum, you end up spending a lot. It is because these vacuums do not come cheap. If you want to clean your Berber carpets, you more or less have to be ready to spend. It is also a very good frieze carpet vacuum.

Getting a cheap vacuum will only be a waste of money, and you will not get good results. However, it’s not entirely impossible to find an affordable one with good specs. The Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

For the price, this vacuum is a very good option. The manufacturers did not slack off with the overall quality. So, you get a good product that is going to work with everything you throw at it. The motor of this machine is great and has good suction power.

If you are on a budget, this one will be great for you. You can expect great results like the ones you get from high-end models. The build is not very durable, but it is good enough for day to day use.

It has a good HEPA filter, which will help you a lot with allergic reactions. There are five height adjustments too. That way, you get a much more comfortable cleaning experience. You can adjust the height according to your need on various surfaces.

The product has great attention to detail too. It has a quality bumper to prevent any scratches on your furniture when you are cleaning. The vacuum is reliable and strong, and it can get all of the dirt out of your Berber carpet.


  • You get a quality HEPA filter
  • Price is very budget-friendly
  • Bumper to prevent scratches
  • Product is very reliable
  • You can adjust the height


  • Durability is not outstanding
  • Not too flexible

What to Look for Before Buying?

Berber carpets are beautiful and expensive. To most people, it is something irreplaceable. One carpet can easily change the whole aesthetic of your house. So, it would help if you took care of it.

The way to do it is by getting the best vacuum cleaner for berber carpet. However, that is not the only case. There are various types of things you have to look out for before buying one.

These vacuums do not come cheap. So, you might want want to follow our guide to prevent any confusion.

The Suction

If you want to avoid any damage to your Berber carpet, the vacuum needs to have a powerful suction. That way, it will not unweave the carpet and properly clean the dirt and debris.

For Berber carpets, the vacuum cleaner needs to be more powerful than your regular one. Another great feature you can look out for is good adjustability. If you can adjust the suction power of your vacuum, it will be amazing.

This way, you can get the best results. All you have to do is find the right suction strength for your carpet, and you are good to go. You can prevent some accidents from happening too.

Build Quality

Since these vacuums will cost you a pretty penny, you might want to take the best that you can get. Remember that you get the best longevity out of a product if it has a durable build quality.

The vacuum has to be lightweight too. That way, you can carry it around everywhere. Portability will give you good versatile usage, and you can clean various things other than your Berber carpet.

So, you will get the most out of your money. Also, having a lightweight vacuum cleaner is better for your health too. You can prevent fatigue too. Tackling hard and longer cleaning sessions will be much easier than before.

Corded or Cordless

You can find two options for vacuum cleaners. One is corded, and the other is cordless. These two are different and perfect for different cases.

  • Corded

Corded vacuum cleaners are the ones you see the most in the market. This option is always a safe choice because you can get consistent results out of it all the time. However, if you buy one, make sure that the cable is long and durable.

That way, you can go in various directions and clean with no problem. Plus, if the cord is durable, then it would be very convenient. Power cords have to deal with a lot of pressure. So, they might break easily.

If you break your vacuum’s power cable, fixing it will be difficult, and you might have to buy another one. The biggest selling point for corded vacuum cleaners is that they can offer great reliability.

You get a constant electric connection, and you don’t have to worry about it suddenly dying out of battery.

  • Cordless

If you want to be free, then the cordless portable option will be perfect for you. Cordless is perfect for normal usage since there are always battery problems. You always get a limited runtime.

However, cleaning with a cordless vacuum is much easier. You can finally stop worrying about the cable, and you can take it anywhere you want. Going from one place to another becomes much easier with a cordless vacuum than a corded one.

However, when you get one, try to get the one with the biggest battery. It might be slightly heavier, but that won’t make a big difference. On the other hand, if you can get 10-20 minutes more with a bigger battery, it will be well worth it.

The Type

There are primarily two types of vacuum cleaners available, making many people very confused. Manufacturers make Upright and Canister vacuum cleaners. They both are perfect for Berber carpets. So, which one to get?

  • Upright

This type of vacuums is less powerful than canister ones, but they are lighter and easier to use. You also get a cheaper price tag with these models. If you want the best bang for the buck option, then upright vacuum cleaners will be perfect for you.

  • Canister

Canister vacuum cleaners are much more powerful than upright vacuums. They have stronger suction, which makes them suitable for Berber carpets. If you want, you can easily take on rough cleaning sessions with these vacuums. 

Berber Carpet Maintenance

Berber Carpet Maintenance

If you own a Berber carpet, then you know how difficult it is to maintain them. Since these carpets have a tight weave, you can not use any vacuum cleaners on them. They need different vacuum cleaners.

Also, they can get dirty quickly too. These carpets are beautiful, but beauty comes at a cost. A good quality Berber carpet can go for a lot. So, it would help if you took very good care of them.

If this is your first time owning one, then don’t worry. We will guide you through everything. So, cleaning these carpets won’t make you so anxious.

Material Wise Cleaning

Olefin Berber carpets have a low moisture-level, which helps it to dry quickly. So, if you want, you can clean it with steam. That will maintain the quality of it. You might need vinegar for cleaning urine out of carpets.

If the Berber carpet you have has a nylon build, it is best to dry clean it. These carpets are very expensive. So, they need the best care out there.

When it comes to Berber carpets with wool, it needs a powerful vacuum cleaner. These carpets are extremely expensive and require a lot of care. So, you have to be careful of the weave.

Cleaning Them

Always clean your carpets regularly. If you are consistent, then there will be no rough cleaning sessions. Plus, keeping it clean all the time makes it look beautiful and preserves the quality.

Protecting Them

These carpets are very delicate. So, if there are some kids in your house, make sure to tell them not to mess around with it. Also, for the pet owners, it would be wise to keep your buddies at a distance. That way, you can properly preserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I vacuum my Berber carpet?

If you can, try to vacuum it every one or two days. This way, you can preserve the beauty.

  • Are vacuum cleaners safer for Berber carpets?

No, most vacuum cleaners can easily ruin your carpet. You have to get a vacuum cleaner, which is upright or canister.

  • Where should I place my Berber carpet?

Try to put it in a place where there is little traffic. The less you walk on it, the more it will keep looking like brand-new. Use double sided carpet tapes to keep it in that place.

  • Is the HEPA filter necessary for my vacuum?

If you have a dust allergy or someone you know has it, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can prevent these allergic reactions with a HEPA filter. You take a look at the top vacuums allergies sufferers.

  • Do I need accessories with my vacuum cleaner?

It depends on you. If you have only one use for your vacuum cleaner, you will not need many accessories. However, they are always a safe choice to have.

Final Words

Getting the right vacuum for your Berber carpet is necessary. That way, you can preserve the quality for a long time. So, suppose you want the best cleaning experience. In that case, you can consider our in-depth review of the best vacuum for berber carpet.

All of these products are high-end, and you will get amazing results out of them —no reason to worry about your Berber carpet anymore.

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