Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors – Reviews

Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors – Reviews and Guide 2021

Are you tired of mopping your floors by getting down on your knees? Well, we have a fantastic solution for you. What do you think of using heat for cleaning purposes? Sounds bizarre?

Well, hold on. Let me tell you a story. Quite a few years ago, in 1998, a woman from South Korea named Romi Haan was not happy with her daily mopping job. So, she got an idea. She thought integrating steam in the mop to make the best steam mop.

And, the rest is history. Within three years, she made her prototype, and by 2004, she marketized the first ever…steam mop!

Enough history lesson for one day, let’s have a look at the steam mop reviews written below to find out more.

Do Steam Mops Work?

Many get suspicious as to the application of steam for mopping. Do they work? How can only steam get rid of infections? Is it hygienic enough? Well, the answer is – yes. But, let me back my answer up with some technicalities so that you have no room left for doubt.

So, as we have already mentioned, heat from the steam is used to sanitize the floors when it comes to steam mopping. Now, what happens is that the water gets heated first in the reservoir and the temperature rises to 120 degree Celsius.

A jet of dry steam moistens a microfiber pad placed underneath. What the steam does is, it helps to soak the pad, and then the pad helps remove the dirt off the ground. The steam mops successfully abstain from leaving any residue on the ground.

The best thing about steam mop is that it can terminate about 99% of the bacteria. So, to sum it all up, steam mops can;

  • Sterilize your floor
  • Restore the shine
  • Remove stain
  • Terminate dust mites.

And it is a hundred percent safe to use. Although, it's advised to stay careful while using steam mops because it can scald your skin.

So, read on as we review the ten best steam cleaner for tile and grout for you.

Our Best Steam Mop for Tile and Grout Review

Down below will be listing down all the best steam cleaner for tile that money can buy. Keep on reading the steam mop reviews to find out everything you need to know about the products.

Cost Way 1500w and Sienna Luna Plus SSM-3016 are some honorable mentions that you can read after these reviews.

Happy buying!

1. Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steamer 1544A Steam Mop Orange 

Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steamer 1544A Steam Mop Orange

The first thing you need to know about this mop is that it can be used for multipurpose and with its thirteen specialized attachments, you can use it for not only cleaning the floors but also to clean different stains, grouts, counters, windows, etc. And this product from Bissell is one of the best mops for tile floors.

This product comes with microfiber Soft Pad, microfiber Scrubby Pad, fragrance discs, attachable water cup, a tool bag containing tools, and a microfiber towel. It comes with a scrubber which can easily clean off even the tightest spots, and the fragment discs leave a soothing smell right after the cleanup.

The microfiber pads are washable. The heating up time of this mop is very fast, being 30 seconds. Also, any soil stink can get removed within 10 seconds and the drying up time is around 2 minutes.

Also, the power cord is quite long too. With 25 feet, it makes it easier to clean more than just one room at a go. Also, as the name suggests, it is an excellent tool if you have a pet at home as this mop is great at taking off soil stinks and such. It is also considered as the best tile floor cleaner machine in the market by many.


  • Quick heating up time
  • Fragment discs
  • Long power cord
  • Great for houses with pets
  • Multi appliance
  • Washable microfiber pads
  • Comes with a tool bag with 13 additional attachments


  • A bit heavy
  • Tricky water chamber function
  • The water chamber isn't removable

2. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam 

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam

This is a heavy duty cleaner for anyone who wants to take their steam cleaning experience to the next level and is one of the best tile floor cleaner machines. This heavy-duty cleaner cleans various surfaces and takes off even the hardest stains.

It can be used for eliminating grease, grime, and mold from a wide range of different surfaces. Also, along with washing tiles, it's also best suited for grout, granite, wood flooring, etc. The product comes with a large capacity tank which can store about 48-ounce water.

The package also includes a triangle brush, small nylon brush pack, brass brush, fill the cup, scrub pad, mop pad, boiler cap, additional accessories, etc. The water takes around 8 minutes to heat up, and it can provide up to 45 minutes of steam.

The additional accessory that comes with the package allows the customers to use the product for various purposes. The power cord is also quite long, being 15.7 foot long. The product also has a steam lock switch where you can quickly push the steam lock switch forward for continuous steam.

Also, there's a jet nozzle which can help remove tough dirt by focused steam flow. Additionally, the utility brushes can take off toughest grease and grimes.


  • Large water tank
  • Jet nozzle offers focus cleaning
  • Steam lock switch
  • Good on laminate floors
  • Scrub pads for larger surface areas


  • Longer heating up time

3. LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop Floor Steamer Cleaner Multifunctional Garment Steaming

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop Floor Steamer Cleaner Multifunctional Garment Steaming

The best thing about this multifunctional steamer is that it can be used not only to clean various surfaces and is one of the best tile floor cleaners but also to clean fabrics as well.

The product comes with multifunction steam cleaner, cleaning pad, filling a cup, cleaning bonnet, etc. If you want to keep your shiny surfaces to keep up its appearance, this steamer could help you with it.

With its non-chemical steam wash policy which is the primary opponent for most steam cleaning devices, it is guaranteed to provide 99.99% sanitization to your floors. And, as the title already says, this steam cleaning device also offers garment washing.

This device offers cleaning by high-temperature steam and rids the floor of bacteria and doesn't leave any harmful residue behind. This device is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces including tile, hardwood, stone floors, etc. 

It also has adjustable steam levels where you can adjust your steam level according to your need. Also, this device can also be used to clean fabrics, glasses, kitchenware, etc.


  • Easy to install
  • The water tank can be filled easily
  • The cleaning pads can be removed
  • Comfortable design for the handle


  • Water pump becomes weak when it’s not used regularly

4. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, 1543A

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, 1543A

It's a must buy product for you if you have pets as it can help you capture and clean pet hair and pet messes from even the toughest corners of your home. Another highlight of this product is that it's both a vacuum and a steam mop at the same time. 

You can quickly clean various surfaces with this product. All types of floors including hardwood, ceramic, granite, marble, and linoleum – all kinds of floors can be washed thoroughly with this device.

Two level steam control and 25-foot power cord also make it very comfortable for use. The heating time is 30 second which is relatively fast too. There comes scented water along with the steamer so that it leaves a fresh scent after the cleanup.

There is also another thing which can come very handy to pet owners which is odor eliminating discs, as it will help remove any types of smell your pet leaves behind will vanish. 

Other unusual features include hands-free emptying (which saves your hand from getting dirty), disposable mop pads, dry tank technology, mop pad kit, etc.  This device is best suitable for households with kids too, for its dual function. And, its digital functioning makes it easy to use too.

At the end of the day, it can easily be said that this is the best steam mop for tile and grout. Don’t just take my word for it, use it and find out.


  • The two-in-one device, vacuum, and steamer.
  • Long power cord
  • Digital controlling
  • Best in households with pets and kids


  • A bit heavy
  • Heating time is relatively more
  • Some customers say it doesn’t meet expectations

5. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer 

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer

The Dupray neat steamer can be a reasonably cheap but just as effective steam mop device in the market today. To disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, this device is one of the best multi-purpose steamers.

The package includes Rectangular Floor Tool, Microfiber Pads,  Window Tool, Extension Tubes, Microfiber Cloth, Triangular Tool, Nylon Brush, Brass brush, fragrance disc, etc. 

The digitalized and lightweight design makes it one of the best steam cleaner for tile. It has around an hour and fifty minutes of cleaning time. The filling up method is straightforward too; you just need to open the cap and fill it in.

It also has a steam lock so; you can just lock your steam output to your convenience and continue cleaning without having to worry about it. However, this device also has a few drawbacks. 

There's no pointer showing how much water is inside the steamer so. You're expected to wait until the steam comes to an end. Also, customers have been known to complain about the absence of accessories bags and different shapes of brushes.


  • Lightweight
  • Digital and aesthetic design
  • It takes about 7 minutes to heat up
  • Comes with about 1.50 hours of cleaning time


  • No accessories bags
  • Can weigh more with water
  • No pointer to show how much water’s inside
  • The funnel is a little challenging
  • No variety in brush sizes

6. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

This deluxe cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner which can be used for cleaning, sanitizing, mopping, and a great many other purposes. This steamer comes with the option of controlling the steam up to four different categories; this can help you to use it according to your level of cleaning.

The package includes Mop Head, Scrapper, Squeegee, Triangle Brush, Large Brush, Extension Wand, Nozzle, Scrub Pad, Utility Brushes, Brush Attachment, Microfiber and Scrubbing Mop Pad, Storage Bag and Fill Cup, Accessory Net, etc.

This device can clean even the toughest of stains by just using mere water, and it can heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The machine takes up to 12 minutes to heat up and can deliver around two hours of continuous service.

The design system allows you to control the steam output. The lightweight design allows you to carry it anywhere you want around the house without any hassle. The steam controller will enable you to apply steam on stains according to their intensity.

Also, since the power cord is very long, which makes moving it around extra comfortable. You can also clean various parts of your car with it.

Also, did I mention the 23 tool pack? Don’t tell me it’s not cool!

This is a premium brand, so I would suggest you check out the McCulloch Mc 1375 and McCulloch Mc 1385 after this if you were looking for a lighter version.


  • Multiple usages
  • 4 bar pressure
  • Larger water tank
  • Longer usage time at a go
  • Long Cord
  • 23 additional tools


  • Relatively longer heating time

7. PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner 

PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

This is one of the most potent steamers ever designed, and it’s a pro at cleaning even the toughest of stains at a short period. It can also be used for many purposes. 

This device can clean various hard surfaces along with sofas, carpets, stainless steel kitchen sink, bedroom mattresses, etc. It is a very lightweight device, and one can use it for cleaning by holding it in their hand very comfortably.

It also has a 9.8-foot cord attached to it which makes it very convenient for both indoor and outdoor usage. It has around 3-4 minutes of heating time. It also has 9 pieces of accessory set.

But a downside of this can be its sketchy direction manual. And also, there is no switch for locking the steam. So, you'll have to keep pressing it while you're working with it. Also, the reservoir isn't enormous, so you are expected to refill it quite often.

But, like all other steam mopping devices, it offers chemical-free deep cleaning for multiple surfaces which is natural, efficient and comfortable so, it is bound to get points for that, right?


  • Multipurpose
  • Portable
  • Handheld
  • Can be used for clingy stains
  • Long foot cord


  • Small reservoir
  • Fewer tools in the accessory set
  • No steam lock switch
  • The pressure might not be constant

8. Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop, Steamer, 1806, Sapphire

Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop, Steamer, 1806, Sapphire

This device can help you clean your floor without using harmful chemicals but only steam, and still guarantee the elimination of 99.99% germs.

This is a neat lightweight device which can provide you with clean floors and a genuine sense of cleanliness. You can also insert the fragrance disc while cleaning so that you can enjoy a fresh scent while working and it will leave your floors with a delightful smell too.

This device also has got a straightforward refill policy which allows you to fill the water reservoir quite easily whenever needed. Also, its flexible steering enables you to reach under heavy furniture and clean those areas up too. Also, it's easy on all kinds of hard floors including hardwood, ceramic, granite, marble, etc.

Also, the mop pad kit includes washable soft mop pad, washable scrubby mop pad, Spring Breeze Scent Discs, etc. Also, there's scented water that makes your floors smell fresh after mopping. If this isn’t the best steam mop for tile floors and grout, I don’t know what is.

Other important points include, a) It's effortless to install, b) easy to use, c) it isn't noisy and last but not the least is that it's very much affordable. So, if you're new to the concept of steam cleaning and aren't very comfortable with it, you can start with this.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Scent discs available
  • Scented water available
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • Not as much durable

9. SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F 

SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F

Looking for the best mop for tile? Then look no further. This device naturally deep cleans various types of surfaces without the need for any chemicals. The powerful heating technology will help this steamer heat up pretty fast and reach its max temperature which is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only takes up to 30 seconds.

This device also was one of the best products in Amazon and no wonder it made all its way up there. The great heat helps any bacteria just to get terminated, and any stubborn stain will easily melt away.

The package consists of a hot steam clean mop, Instruction Manual, Slip Ring, Microfiber Pads, Table Cleaner with Cleaning Cloth, Steam Head with Tile Cloth, Extension Hose, Long Brush, and its Frame, Nozzle with Round Brush, Copper Brush, Measuring Cup, Funnel, Shoulder Strap, etc.

Also, the mop can move around 180 degrees so, you can reach stubborn stains easily and clean them up. The microfiber pads are also washable. It’s also very safe to use. Also, the steam control tool can be optimized regarding which surface you are cleaning.

And, about the chemical-free cleanup, it can be very sustainable and environmentally friendly so, you can take pride for doing your part to protect the environment as well! This is, hands down, the best steam mop for tile.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Fast heating speed
  • Many accessories included
  • Overall, a great cleaner


  • Cheap button and adjustment tools
  • Not encouraged to use on carpets 

10. Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner 

Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner

This is a versatile cleaning device which you can use to clean both indoors and outdoors. The water reservoir can hold up to 1.5 liters of water, and one can continue cleaning for 45 minutes continuously with one refill.

It can be used on various surfaces like hardwood, tiles, granite, marble, etc. and also on most cotton and wool carpets. This is especially an effective vacuum for wool carpets. And not only that, but it is also great for cleaning windows, can easily fit into corners, and offers integrated steam cleaning depending on the type and stubbornness of a stain.

The power cord is about 16-foot-long which surely make moving around your house cleaning a lot easier. Their customer service is also top notch. The one downside of this product can be that it is slightly overweight. 

But, this is easy to use and easy to get started with. So, most of the customer reviews are highly positive. Again, being a steam mop, it can clean very efficiently and kill about 99.99% of the germs just by using steam so, you gotta give credit to it for doing a good job.

However, the handle can be too small so, caution is necessary while using it.


  • Versatile usage
  • Speedy heating time
  • Long Cord
  • Great customer service


  • The handle can be a bit small
  • Lack of storage for attachments that come with the package

The Perfect Steam Cleaner For Tile - Buying Guide

Here, we discussed what are the key factors to look for while buying the right steam cleaner for your purposes. FYI, these are the considerations we took while making this wordy piece on floor steam cleaners review. Read and see for yourself!

Steam Mops And Hard Surfaces

Steam mops are designed mostly for tiled floors and hardwood ones. They might not work best with fabric/carpet etc., or at all. If your priority is the latter one, you might want to choose a steam vacuum.

Heat And Killing Germs

While a lot of the steam mops claim to get rid of 99.99% of the germs, many steam mops do not live up to that. So, it’s necessary to be sure about the actual heating rate before you consider buying one if you’re looking to terminate all the germs.

Reservoir Capacity

You just need to make sure how much water can your device can hold at a time before you make the purchase. This will make sure you don't need to refill it several times while cleaning because it can be quite inconvenient.

Continuous Steaming

For your convenience, you can check out if there’s a heat lock capacity in your device because, if there is, it’s going to be mega helpful to you as you won’t need to keep pressing the button down while cleaning.

Steam Control And Integrated Cleaning

Many cleaning devices allow you to set your power high or low depending on the stain you're cleaning so that the appropriate amount of heat can help you clean the stains.

Continuous Cleaning


Just like bissell 1940 powerfresh steam mop, this varies from device to device but, the more place you can cover at a time with your mopping device, the better. This way, you will save a lot of time as well.

Steam Mops And Environment

Well, steam mops are environment-friendly and sustainable. You can clean up your floors with mere water using steam mops so; you are doing your environment a big favor.

So, rejoice yourself for being a part of the environment warriors. Also, a steam mop can last up to two years if properly used so; it's sustainable too. And, most of the steam mops are mega affordable.

Steam Mops And Preparation

Well, while steam mops do help cleaning stains and all that, it’s still advisable to sweep your floor before trying to mop it by steamers.

Steam Mops And Buckets

Well, such mops are bucket-free. Here’s to smart cleaning for the rest of the way!

Power Cord

The length of power cord is an important issue when it comes to steam mops as the longer the cord, the more convenient it is going to be for you to use.

Steam Mops Various Brush Sizes

Well, basically, they come with two brush sizes, rectangular and triangular.

Microfiber Pads

The microfiber pads that come with steam mops are washable and well, when they do need a replacement, they are quite cheap as well.

Additional Accessories

Well, we all love free stuff so, if your device is offering more additional accessories along, I would say, grab it fast! But, always remember quality over quantity.

How To Use A Steam Mop For Tile?

Steam mops can do wonders for your floors if used correctly. It is very hygienic and time-saving. So, if you want to take your cleaning to the next level, it's essential that you try it.

But first, allow us to educate you on how you can use it and make the most out of it.

1. You Need To Prep Your Floor First

Well, yes, the steam mop will clean your floor very well but, if you're lazy to sweep your floor and just try using steam mopping on a filthy floor in the first place, it won't work at its best. So, try prepping your floor first and, use a steam vacuum.

2. Only Use It On Sealed Floors

Steam mops can be a heavy-duty device to use on any other floor which isn't sealed and ruin them with too much moisture. So, only use them on sealed floors.

3. Have Spare Mop Pads

It's advised to have more mop pads along, so you don't drag dirt along from one place to another. Many products already give extra mop pads, and because of that you don't have to worry about it much, and most of them are washable as well.

4. Do Note That It's Mostly A Maintenance Tool

Steam mop is vastly just a maintenance tool, meaning most of the products aren't suitable for heavy duty and aren't ideal for tough, muddy surfaces either.

So, to sum it up real quick: To get started with a steam mop, prep the place you're wishing to clean, clear it out of any unnecessary things, start mopping!

And to get started with the product, read the manuals carefully, install and get started. Also, do change the mopping pad regularly and store it in a dry place.

How To Clean A Steam Mop?

A steam mop can do wonders to your floors only with steam but, it needs proper maintenance too. So, read on to find out how to clean a steam mop.

1. Make Sure It's Unplugged

Unless you are scatterbrained like me, this is the most fundamental stage. But, please do make sure it's not connected while cleaning it to avoid danger.

2. Make Sure The Water Reservoir Is Empty

You must make sure the water reservoir is empty before you start with the cleaning process.

3. Wash The Pads

Most of the pads that come with steam mops are washable so, do wash them. You can use detergent if you like and make sure they're dried after you're done the washing.

4. Wash The Reservoir

Clean the inside of the tank with cloth and be gentle when you’re performing the task.

5. Clean The Surface

Clean the surface with water and a clean cloth.

After you’re done doing these, reattach your device and continue your daily cleaning!

Steam Mop VS Swiffer Vs Regular Mop

If you are still not convinced why and if you should try out steam mopping, here’s a little comparison for you.

Traditional mopping can be tiresome. With buckets and detergents and whatnot, it couldn't be any more bothersome than it already is. On the other hand, steam mopping is bucket free! Detergent-free! Chemical free! And overall, very convenient. The steam mop can be environment-friendly and sustainable!

And, most of the mops have fragrance discs which help spread a very fresh smell after the moping is done. Overall, steam mopping is time-saving, efficient, and very hygienic.

Note, steam mop and Swiffer are the same thing, how is that you ask? Swiffer is the name of the steam pads that are attached to most steam mops. It dissolves the dirt with which the power of the steam cleans it.

If you are still confused about the question that "do steam mops damage tile floors", read this article.

Final Verdict

Hope you had fun reading the steam mop reviews compiled just for your shopping convenience. This article might also answer this question "do steam mops work on tile floors", if you had this in your mind. So, finally, all I want to say is, if you're tired of trying out conventional ways of cleaning and aren't very happy with it, best steam mop for tile could be your answer.

You can try them out, and I'm sure the results will speak for themselves! Good luck.

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