Best Sponge Mop Reviews

Best Sponge Mop Reviews | Top 10 Picks

From the concrete floors of your garage to the wooden or tiled ones in the kitchen, everything needs a good cleaning once in a while- even if you aren’t the tidiest.

But fortunately for us people living in this day and age, we don't have to get down on our hands and knees scrubbing the floors like Cinderella.  Cleaning tools have escalated in both quality and design to the point where even the old mops have a new spin to them. And that’s exactly what this list is all about.

Let’s find out the best sponge mop in the market today. Go ahead and read through to find out. Our well researched top 10 picks won’t disappoint you.

Benefits of Sponge Mop

Gone are the days when sponge cleaners were considered low-tech. With the way science has progressed, there’s been a massive improvement in the material of the sponges as well as the design and overall quality.

So, before we dive into the sponge mop reviews, we thought you’d like to know some of the benefits of using them.

Benefits of Sponge Mop

Easy on the Hand

Ever wondered why those window cleaning people always use sponge mops while scrubbing the high-rise buildings? Yes, it’s exactly because of their lightness on the hands. Unlike microfiber or cut-end mops, these don’t get too heavy too fast with water absorption.

So, if you’re planning to clean some ceiling corners, this would be the best choice.


Obviously one of the first things to look at while buying cleaning tools like this is its absorbency. Everyone knows that sponges are great absorbents.

Scrubbing dirt off floors is much easier with spongy materials in comparison to others. These mops can soak up a lot of liquids and still have room for more.

Rough & Tough

For rough use, a PVA based sponge cleaning tool is perfect. Polyvinyl Acetate is a common material nowadays used for making these mop heads.

The benefit of this is that it’s much more absorbent compared to traditional sponges while being more durable to higher temperatures.

This is a substance that’s durable against harsh chemicals. So, while your other cleaning clothes and fibers might disintegrate when cleaning up spillage of chemicals, these won’t.

Good for the Wood

If your house has wooden floors, you’re probably looking for something that leaves the least cleaning liquid residue. For wood, liquids are a big no-no. That’s why spongy cleaning tools help remove almost all the liquid and have it dried in no time.

10 Best Sponge Mop Reviews

For the first time buyers, it might seem intimidating to choose one from many models. Not to mention how similar the features seem for each. That’s why we’ve taken a good look at the top 10 and brought you their reviews with pros and cons.

1. Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop, FGG78004

Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop, FGG78004

If durability is the number one factor in your list of priorities, then you might want to go with this product. For anyone dealing with chemicals and spillage of the harsh stuff, it’s important to use something that doesn’t harm them or the cleaning tool itself.

Since this mop from the company Rubbermaid Commercial happens to be designed for commercial use, you can bet that it’ll have a long life. Be it grease, snow, dirt, or dust, this will get them off your floors with ease.

The handle on this is a good 37 inches in length making it suitable for using on hard to reach places. Thanks to the PVA material and rollers, the sponge soaks well.

You can just leave it on the cleaning liquid tub for a few minutes and rub it on the area to clean. It can get things like dried yolk or grease from car oil off epoxy floors in no time.

And if you're planning to paint walls that haven't been washed in a decade or so, this tool can be used for prepping them up. The mop has good absorbency and thus helps clean up pre-washed walls and prevent drips.

The only downside would be the handle being collapsible. But as long as you don't go leaning on it for support during chores, you'll be fine.


  • Made of PVA material and so it’s durable
  • It can withstand harsh chemicals
  • Gets sand, crumbs, and pet hair off easily
  • The stiff sponge is good for hard floors and leaves lesser water residue


  • Metal screws in it may rust over time 

2. Casabella, Painted Steel Original Mop

Casabella, Painted Steel Original Mop

Who said cleaning products were only meant to be functional and dull? This Italian style cleaning mop from Casabella will definitely change their minds. Blurring the lines between practicality and aesthetics, this product still performs like a pro.

The sleek and sturdy design with good quality material is what makes this one of the most popular mops today.

Equipped with a rust-resistant lever and a pole that lets you adjust the height; this is definitely a boozy cleaning tool. The lever has been designed for maximum wringing. Again, the pole is made of steel so it's meant to last.

This has a highly absorbent mop head that is refillable with a replacement sold by the company.  And best of all- there's no plastic wrapping.

The mop head has cardboard covering only (which is super easy to remove) and you can insert the two pieces of the tool without any instructions in a matter of minutes.

It can be squeezed totally dry or to a drippy point depending on how you want it. The lever does a great job wringing out all liquid. You can be sure that this no-fuss cleaning equipment will last well over a year and more.


  • Firm sponge on the head allows scrubbing floors without abrasives
  • The height adjustment feature on pole lets you set just the right length
  • Easy maneuver with a heavy-duty wringing lever
  • It has a rust-resistant design


  • Lesser absorbency compared to some other sponges

3. The Super Standard 11" Double Roller PVA Sponge Mop Set 

The Super Standard 11" Double Roller PVA Sponge Mop Set

This is the kind of product you'd spot being used in pet shops, restaurants, and wielded by school janitors. Not only is it designed to be durable but it also has a lean and green outlook for the extra points.

A robust handle combined with the textured grip and non-slip head make it one of the best mops out there. Whether you like side to side or up and down cleaning patterns, this mop head will be well up for the task.

You’ll get an especially sturdy pole on this product that features a telescopic handle. It's thick and allows height adjustment to the desired position of the user. So, if you're one of those people who always struggle with a backache after a good cleaning spree, this will be your next best friend.

And just to make sure you have a backup; the company includes an extra PVA refill in the same green color to have it match. The fact that this is a 100% pure PVA sponge just makes things even better.

The super grippy texture of it is what makes it able to grab dirt, debris, and pet hair all the while absorbing liquids like a magnet and leaving clean and dry floors.

Removing extra water from the head is also easy thanks to the handle attached at the base. All you need to do is pull on it and the water will be wrung out in a fluid motion.


  • The sponge is made of 100% PVA and has a great grip
  • Telescopic handle lets one adjust the suitable height
  • Durable and doesn’t leave water streaks
  • It comes with an extra refill as a backup


  • Mop head is a bit narrow

4. Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop 

Libman 2010 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop

Tiled floors look nice when they’re new but as time passes, the grime and dirt that’s stuck in the crevices just can’t be ignored. Not only does it take away the polished smooth look but it also makes it hard on you to get them cleaned up.

For cases like this when reaching the nitty-gritty bits seems impossible, you can use this mop from Libman. It's a specialized tool with enough grip and absorbency to catch all the dirt from corners and off the tiles.

Having two different functionalities on two sides makes this a versatile tool. On one side you get a conventional sponge that's great for absorbing liquids and the other side has a thick bristled cleaning brush that's perfect for scrubbing.

The sponge is 10 inches wide and resistant to tear while the brush is 8.5 inches. And the patented roller feature on it makes changing the sides easy as pie.

There's a wringing lever that's easy to pull and helps you remove excess cleaning liquid or water. Construction-wise, you can tell that this is meant to be durable and sturdy.

And the fact that the bristles on the brush are made from recycled materials adds a nice eco-friendly touch to the tool. For storage, this can be hung up with the loop built-in on top of the handle.


  • The sponge is durable and tear-resistant
  • This has a built-in scrubbing brush made from recycled material
  • Steel handle has a hanging loop for storage
  • Its lever wrings out liquids well


  • This might chip hardwood floors

5. Quickie 051TRI Sponge, Super Squeeze Mop 

Quickie 051TRI Sponge, Super Squeeze Mop

Finding the perfect cleaning tool to get your hardwood floors to shine isn't easy. If anything, the ones that say they'll scrub the dirt off end up scrubbing the shine off the wood too.

But fear not because we've included just the thing to help manage (and prevent) this dilemma. With this mop from the company Quickie, you can rest assured that your hardwood will be handled gently and restored to their original dirt-free luster.

This is a tool that has a super absorbent cellulose sponge. It can handle light spills of juice and coke alongside grime built-up over weeks and months. And it doesn't even take that much time since the patented cellulose sponge is dual-layered with maximized absorbency to help in drying.

Whatever it cleans and however the mechanism works, you can bet that this won't be gauging or chipping your floors.

You'll notice a pink soft scrubber built-in on the head. This is for extra effective cleaning as it can be used to take off grime caked on the floor. You can even use it on your home's walls. The product comes along with a dustpan, a duster, and a broom.


  • Has a scrubber built-in for removing spots
  • It can be used to clean many different surfaces
  • Dual-layer cellulose sponge has great absorbency
  • This comes with accessories and a hanging hoop


  • Putting excessive pressure on the head might cause it to be removed

6. Quickie Back Drainer Sponge Mop Refill 

Quickie Back Drainer Sponge Mop Refill

While we take a look at pull-pledged mops with the handles and dustpans, we might as well check out one of the best refills. A great sponge is what makes or breaks the mop itself after all.

So, here's the Quickie Back Drainer refill that's suitable for tackling the ugliest of messes. This blue beauty is cheap, easily attached, and fits the 050 mops of the same company.

Whether it's in a wet or dry state, this maintains its soft and flexible shape that makes it easy to use and clean with. It’s made of cellulose and cellulene both of which are great materials with good absorbency.

So, this will do fine cleaning bathroom floors. Despite its high absorbency and good capacity, it’s easy to squeeze all the water out when you need to by wringing the lever.

This is a 9-inch wide poly sponge that's just 1.6 ounces in weight. The fabric type is Nullify and the fact that you get 12 pieces a pack for the low price it comes in is fantastic. It’s a sure budget buy that’s meant to last and serve you well.

Cut it up into smaller pieces for multi-purpose use as these are great for cleaning countertops too.


  • Soft and flexible in different conditions so retains original form
  • Made of highly absorbent material called cellulose
  • It comes in packs of 12 so it's a money-saver
  • Water can be wrung/squeezed out easily


  • This only fits mops of the same brand

7. Casabella Wayclean Microfiber Butterfly Squeeze Mop 

Casabella Wayclean Microfiber Butterfly Squeeze Mop

If you're looking for a good value product that's inexpensive yet works like a pro you can invest your money on this one. This product from Casabella is a microfiber squeeze sponge cleaning tool that's well suited for commercial use.

It's got a sleek and slender design with a head that lays flat for cleaning. There are replacements available at a fairly cheap price and they work just as good as the original sponge.

Microfiber sponges are one of the best cleaning materials out there. They trap dirt and dust like nothing else and can be washed and reused several times. So, in this case, you'll be sure to get some good use out of the mop before you need a new one. You can even use this to dry up walls without streaking them.

The issue with many mops nowadays is that they tend to wear and tear very soon when combined with cleaning liquid. But in this case that will not be a problem since microfiber sponges are good with cleaning chemicals.

Furthermore, the scrubber that it comes with is handy for polishing stubborn spots. A word of advice, however, is that it's better to combine this with a spray bottle of the liquid instead of a bucket because wringing it doesn’t drain out liquids completely once soaked.


  • The sponge is washable by machine and hand
  • Great absorbency
  • Durable and replacements are cheap
  • Works well with cleaning chemicals


  • Doesn’t wring out water fully

8. Casabella 86012 Height Adjustable Duster Broom with Dustpan 

Casabella 86012 Height Adjustable Duster Broom with Dustpan

Are you looking for something old school but with a new spin? Then this might just be your fancy.

For a mop that's ready to dust on demand and can be stored away neatly, Casabella has it covered with their Duster Broom. Bringing inside boots from a dirt bike ride or trekking shoes indoors won't seem like such a nightmare thanks to this super quick and handy tool.

It's got an attached dustpan which can be removed whenever you want to use it as well. The handle is sturdy enough with height adjustment features. It can reach quite high since the maximum height is 55 inches. Again, for the users on the shorter side, it's easy to set the right position and clean away.

You even get a smaller pop-out broom with this that's easily detachable. The dustpan has a small rubber lip which makes it conform to the floor better.

As for the broom itself, it has bristles that are angled and thus assist in reaching corners or crevices for a thorough cleaning. The black and yellow color combination is also a nice finishing touch.


  • Great for dry debris and dusting
  • It comes with a detachable small broom
  • This has a dustpan that can be stored together with the main piece
  • The handle is extendable to 55 inches and height can be adjusted


  • It doesn't deal well with wet debris or spillage

9. OXO 12171100 Good Grips Quick-Dry Microfiber Butterfly Mop 

OXO 12171100 Good Grips Quick-Dry Microfiber Butterfly Mop

Are wiping off spillage, scrubbing off grime, and clearing dirt clogged corners from floor tiles all there is to cleaning? There are so many microbes, germs, and bacteria around us that we can't even see with our naked eyes.

And more often than not, our traditional cleaning tools- the dusters and brooms aren't cut out for clearing those away. That's why you might want to consider an upgrade and invest in this product from Oxo.

This mop has a special antimicrobial material on the head to make sure it does more than just clean dirt. And even more, the head has a pivoting feature that makes sure you can reach under furniture or tight corners.

It's an impressive 11 inches wide which means you get to cover a lot of cleaning ground at one go. For dealing with contoured surfaces, this is one of the best tools.

There's an easy to hold handle on this that wrings out water thoroughly with a simple pull. The pole is made of steel. Since the sponge has a microfiber layer, its absorbency is quite high. For ease of storage and drying, the design allows the tool to be kept upright with elevated feet.


  • Pivoting features on the head allows cleaning tight places
  • The microfiber layer helps it be more absorbent
  • Has antimicrobial material in the head for improved hygiene
  • It can be set upright with elevated feet


  • Finding a replacement may be difficult

10. Superio Sponge & Go Mop 

Superio Sponge & Go Mop

For the ones looking for something more conventional and rougher in comparison to the foam rubbery ones available nowadays, this might work the best. This is a slender cleaning tool from Superio which comes in blue color and works like a charm.

Although the head width might take a bit getting used to, once you do, you won't regret the purchase. There's an attachable scrub brush that comes along with the head. You can keep it on or detach it depending on your cleaning routine.

This is a product weighing 1.6 pounds and has a long enough handle to ensure extra reach in areas without the need to bend excessively. Your floors can be cleaned to a sparkling sheen using this tool.

The sponge on this can be bent/parted midway for added versatility. For dealing with rough and tough stains or grime, just pop off the detachable brush and get to scrubbing.

Refills for this are easy to find and go on in a snap. So once your sponge is done with its life's chores, you can go ahead and get a new one. It's simple and easy to squeeze out the liquid and even when it's dried out, you'll find it to be flexible.

Seniors with health conditions who find it difficult to move around heavier high-end tools will appreciate this lightweight easy-to-use product.


  • Lightweight and easy to wring water
  • There’s a scrubber attached that can be popped off for separate use
  • The sponge is flexible even when dry
  • It can be used on carpets and a variety of floor types


  • It might be difficult to detach the scrubber at first

What to Look for Before Buying?

So now that you’ve checked out some reviews, you might ask- what makes a tool the best of its kind? Surely there’s a list of features that make it stand out from the rest.

And you’re exactly on the right track because up next, we’ve enlisted the bullet points to help you figure out which is the best sponge mop for you. These are what you need to prioritize while looking to seal the deal:


First and foremost, you have to check the material. And this includes not only the sponge but also the handle and lever, how it's built, and how sturdy it is. Too much plastic isn't a good thing in this case. Steel handles tend to be heavy but are very robust.

Again, a rubbery sponge that doesn’t soak up water isn’t going to be good. What you need is a PVA or microfiber one. There are some with dual layers or cellulose which work amazingly as well.

Sponge Type

You need to consider what type of sponge is attached to the head. What’s the design of it? Is it PVA or is it just rubber? The best, in our opinion, are the ones with microfiber layer on top and we’ve listed out some products that have this.

Sponge Mop

Wringing System

It's a hassle when the sponge that's supposed to suck up everything like a magnet ends up soaked and drips all over the floor. What's more is that their wetness causes them to lose shape, build gunk, and even wear out faster than they were meant to.

This is why you should get a tool that has a good wringing mechanism. A lever or a pulling handle that gets things dried to the core.

Smoothness and Compatibility

Is the substance on the head perfect for the floor you have? Often, we find users cleaning away with the wrong tools for years only to find out that things would’ve been so much easier with a different one.

For example, rough bristled brushes are good for reaching crevices and scrubbing caked dirt. But they might chip hardwood floors.

So there has to be softness to the sponge as well as a good grip. Make sure to get something that lays flat and glides over your floor type smoothly.

Long Term Cost

While something might seem budget-friendly at first, the cost of supplies needed along with it might prove otherwise. Maybe the refills are too expensive or hard to find? Perhaps a certain type of cleaning liquid is only suited to the tool.

Don't be fooled by the cheap price tag but rather consider the long term expenditures. If you want to be safe than sorry, always research and read the sponge mop reviews to see if it’s a gimmick. Inexpensive refills or even add-ons are more cost-efficient than you might think.

Handle Style

For many of us, the task of mopping the floors seems like a big hassle simply because of how long it's required to bend and stretch our bodies to high or low places.

This is why you need a well-designed handle that allows additional features like height adjustment and extension. While those might be a bit more expensive, your health is worth a lot of bucks so why not?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean mop sponges?

You can easily clean sponges of mop heads by adding 1 cup of hot water with 1 cup vinegar in a bucket and putting it there for around half an hour. After this wash, you need to let it air-dry completely. 

2. Can sponge mops be used on hardwood and tiled floors?

Yes, they can be used on tiles and hardwood. The trick is not to be too aggressive in the case of hardwood. You have to be gentle with the hardwood mop. Using a mop with a good grip and softness allows zero streaks and clean floors.

3. What should you look for in the best sponge mop?

Good build, a user-friendly design, and great absorbency are what you need to prioritize. And to go into details, you can check our buying guide that includes a list of key points to look out for the like style of the lever and handle, how it can be refilled and cost, etc.

4. Can one mop the floors with just water?

Yes, you can. It’s not an obligatory thing to use cleaning liquids all the time. Besides, around 70% of people believe that hot water kills bacteria and is thus great for cleaning floors. It also melts down stubborn grime and grease.

5. How do you stop the mop from smelling?

If you use bleach to clean your floors, then it is obvious the mop will smell. To get rid of it, you can make a mixture of 2-3 cups of baking soda, half or 1 cup of salt with 3 gallons of hot water, and let the mop soak in it overnight. Using vinegar mixed water for cleaning is also a good way to do it.

6. Do you need to rinse the floor after it’s been mopped?

It's advisable to do so since it helps your floors dry faster and also clear out any residue of cleaning chemicals or debris. For this, you should wring out your mop properly, rinse it out and then run it over the surface finally.

7. How do you remove a sponge mop head?

You can push down on the wringer handle with some force, flip it over and once the sponge head becomes loosened, you can wiggle and slide it off. Some designs use screws in which case you might need to undo them.

Final Words

Which do you think is the best sponge mop for you? If you’ve set your sights on one from this list, go ahead and grab it. You won’t need any magic wands to clean up once you’ve got one of these at home, that’s for sure.

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