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Best Spin Mops Review | Top 10 Picks

The house you live in gives you a roof on top of your head, helps you build a life, and gives you so many memories. But it also needs constant maintenance, lest you want to live in an unkempt place.

And that brings us to a plethora of cleaning needs, tools, and whatnot. But to wet wash the floor, you need to go down on your knees and slave the floors away with a damp rag. Are you already imagining it and suffering? But when you have products like the best spin mops, why suffer?

They are effortless products that will make the chore super easy. So, follow more of this spin mops review to find out your options and benefits.

Why You Should Have a Spin Mop?

Some of the benefits that we think you will derive from these spinning mops are:


Some of the models come with wheels, while some have soap dispensers. Some models combine both features as well! All of these small additions only cut the time required to mop floors short.

You do not need to carry the bucket or run for detergent powder every time. Just drag the bucket to desired rooms and get the floors clean.

Easy to Use

The spinning mops are as simple as they sound. Based on the model, press the handle onto the spinning cup, and it will either spin 360 degrees or 180 degrees. Sometimes you even have foot pedals, which makes things more effortless. So, no need to bend, no need to dip a rag in water and squeeze. You can do all those chores with one spinning motion.


These products require little to no maintenance. The soapy water keeps the interior relatively clean. However, when the water gets cloudy from all the dirt, you can quickly drain them through a port. Then a gentle scrub removes the excess debris and dirt from the bucket.

10 Best Spin Mops Review

In an attempt to shorten your research time, we have gathered ten of the most amazing spin mops that you can consider trying.

1. MOPNADO Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop System

MOPNADO – Deluxe Stainless Steel Rolling Spin Mop System

If you have a spacious house and the idea of carrying a mop and bucket all over the place gives your PTSD, then look no further. MOPNADO brings you a deluxe product with wheels and everything, but it is for cleaning floors!

This product has a makeshift bucket where you can pour detergent and water while carrying the mop on the mop holder. So, unlike previously both your hands would not be engaged in carrying each of the items.

Now, you can stroll around the house with everything, thanks to the wheels. The water bucket can hold enough water to clean at least one room before becoming mucky.

But the tool also has a unique spin rotator, which ensures that the mop is sufficiently dry before it touches the floor. So, you can wipe in one go without having to rub again and again. It also dries quickly.

Thus, the chances of leaving streaks are less. Besides, the mop has microfibers that are soft and absorbent. So, it can hold water and dirt effectively, but still, be gentle on the floors.

The mop handle is 56 inches long, and you can retract it according to need. It is entirely of stainless steel, so constant contact with water will cause no harm. It also has a telescopic lock design that enables easy twisting.


  • Lightweight stainless steel handle
  • Easy to twist and control
  • Gentle mop
  • Highly absorbent fibers
  • Easy to carry


  • Not suitable for tall people

2. CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop with Dolly Wheels 

CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop with Dolly Wheels

If you want a heavy-duty spinning mop that can serve you for years, you should not miss out on the CycloMop commercial spinning mop. It is a product that will keep your floors clean while being durable.

The high-quality plastic material on this item ensures that repeated accumulation of water, dirt, and detergent does not decay the product. Soap is notorious for causing corrosion.

However, since the plastic is so sturdy, it can easily tackle the decay while still maintaining its bright neon exterior. The neon exterior is also noteworthy as it is visible from quite a distance.

Thus, it will be great for schools, construction areas, or any busy area. So, people will notice the spinning mop and understand that the surface is wet and slippery. Hence, you will not have to put up a warning sign.

The steel handle on the mop is sturdy as well. It is intentionally lightweight so that the user can work with it for hours without their hand cramping. Stainless steel also helps the product in staying durable.

Rust or bacteria cannot accumulate on it; thus, the chances of transferring the bacteria to the user is also less. It has thick strands of fiber which absorbs a lot of water at once. But when you spin it, the water drains out, along with the dirt, and you are left with a clean mop again.


  • Sturdy, long-lasting product
  • Lightweight moping handle
  • Bright neon exterior
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Fast spinning action


  • The agitator might have some issues

3. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Cleaning System

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Some spinning mops need a lot of hand movement and pressure to get rid of the excess water. So, instead of having less chores, you find getting more tired because of all the up and down spinning motion.

However, with the EasyWring by O-Cedar, you can experience the most stress-free moping ever. It has a foot pedal at the back of the product. So, press on it with your foot while you gently hold the mop in place, et voila! The mop will be semi-dry.

You can take it off the station and start wiping the floor. The mop handle is smooth and lightweight too. So, holding it will not cause cramps. However, the mop on this product is a beast, and it can weigh the product a bit.

But being so big means that it can hold water with easy, and when you wring it out, most of the dirt flows out. Thus, you only need to wipe once or twice over the same surface to get a clear result.

The mop head also fits the corners of the room with ease, thanks to the slightly triangular shape. It also has a pivoting mop-head and handles connection, which means that you can bend the handle entirely from the bottom, and it will fit under furniture or your bed.

So, wiping narrow spaces and unreachable areas is a breeze with this product. Moreover, it has a sleek exterior with a cool red-black design. It will fit right in your modern house aesthetic. 


  • Foot pedal for easy wringing
  • Pivoting mop-handle and head
  • Fits narrow spaces
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight


  • The mop handle may fall short for some people

4. Casabella Graphite/Orange Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket

Casabella Graphite-Orange Spin Cycle Mop with Bucket

Are you a bit more of a clean freak than the rest and find yourself adding more soap than usual in your moping water? That inevitably increases the number of times you need to refill the soap again with new water.

But what if the moping bucket had a soap container? This wild dream of yours can come true if you pick the spin mop by Casabella. It is one of the best spin mops in the market because of its durable design, sleek look, and a small addition of a soapbox.

So, you can store the detergent powder there and quickly mix it with clean water whenever needed. Like any excellent spinning mop, it also has a stainless steel wringing cup.

Therefore, the water cannot accumulate in corners of the cup and cause rusting. It protects the container as well as the mop head that holds the delicate fiber. The microfibre on top is extremely durable as well.

It can endure wringing after wringing and the harshness of soap without getting damaged. So, you do not have to worry about spinning the mop too many times and fear that it will tear.

The product also has wheels and a handle. You can push the handle to move the bucket full of water, which saves time and energy. To wring the mop, you only have to press the handle downwards gently, and the spinning cup will do the rest.


  • Soap refill container
  • Extra moping head
  • Has wheels and handles
  • Stainless steel wringing cup
  • No heavy lifting


  • No replacement for the handlebar if it breaks

5. Twist and Shout Mop - Award-Winning Original Hand Push Spin Mop

Twist and Shout Mop

In this spin mops review article, we have even included the original spinning mop. It might be the first model, but it is so good that the product can still compete with the newest additions.

This mop might not have any wheels for a strolling bucket, but it makes up for that with the rest of the parts. Every part of the wringing bucket is of plastic, so the weight of the product decreases drastically.

Hence, it is one of the lightest spinning mops to date. Moreover, the handle is of aluminum alloy, which keeps things lightweight as well. You can adjust the handle according to your height.

It does not have parts like foot pedals or agitators; thus, the chances of those breaking are zero. You simply push on the handle, and the spinner will rotate with an impressive 2500 rpm.

So, it gets rid of most of the water, leaving you with a semi-dry mop head. This speed is also essential for the mop head as it can absorb up to 8x more water than its weight. Hence, spinning at that speed ensures that the water, along with the dirt, leaves the fiber.

These microfibers can last more than a year with ease. Thus, the need for replacement is low, and you can be sustainable with your products. The cleaning agents are also less harsh on the product, but it cleans effectively.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • 8x times absorbing capacity
  • 2500 rpm wringing speed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Adjustable aluminum alloy handle


  • Does not have wheels

6. Goplus Microfiber Spin Mop with Bucket and 2 Heads Mop

Goplus Microfiber Spin Mop

People have different preferences when it comes to how wet they want their mops to be. It can be because of the floor type or just a pet peeve. So, if you are a person who likes an almost dry mop but none of the spinning actions give you that, then the Goplus product is for you.

This mop cup has a 360-degree rotation system. So, by pushing on the handle, you can spin the strands to a full 360 degrees. That will be enough movement and speed for the water to leave the mop.

Thus, you are left with an almost dry mop, which is perfect for hardwood or marble floors. This is one of the best mops for hardwood floors. It also has significantly fewer chances of leaving streaks as the mop holds less water.

However, you should know how much you want the mop to spin is entirely up to you. You can push the product halfway, and it will only spin 180 degrees. So, you control the wetness of the mop.

You get two mop heads with excellent quality fibers. Interestingly, you can use the mop wet and dry. The bucket, along with the pivoting mop head is all plastic. The metal pole is stainless steel. So, altogether it weighs less and is easy to carry.

Moreover, it functions purely on mechanical force and does not require any power consumption. So, it is a one-time purchase that will last a long time. Since it does not have critical parts like agitators, it does not have the chance of breaking prematurely either.


  • All plastic surface
  • Two sets of fiber heads
  • Can work wet and dry
  • 360-degree rotating cup
  • Stainless steel mop handle


  • The pivoting head is hard to control

7. Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop System with Bucket and Round Mop Head

 The same lever for the breaking mechanism is also applicable for adjusting the height of the handle. You can extend it up to 53 inches. So, you will not have to arch your back to get it to spin. The adjustable handle lets users of any height use the product.
Leifheit Clean Twist Spin Mop System

Having a house with multiple rooms and different floor settings can be challenging to clean. You will need to refill the water bucket more often and change the spin settings to adjust to the floor.

However, the Leifheit makes that action easier with their twist spin mop system. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water with ease. So, no more refilling the bucket frequently. Having more water also means that the fibers get a clean rinse every time.

Thus, the floors react better with a clean mop head. It also takes significantly less time to wipe the floors since the mop remains cleaner. Moreover, it has a twist system that breaks the wringing whenever needed.

The mop handle has a lever that goes up and down. When you want to twist, pull the lever down and simply shut it when you want the wringing to stop. Thus, you preserve moisture in the fiber and can change the level according to different floor types.

This product has a pretty turquoise shade. So, it will look great in any household. Moreover, it is also relatively small and will fit any cabinet with ease. 


  • Spin breaking mechanism for moisture control
  • Ideal for multiple floor types
  • Hold 5 gallons of water
  • Has a nice color
  • Adjustable handle


  • Might become heavy when reached full capacity

8. Hurricane Spin Mop Original Home Cleaning System by BulbHead

Hurricane Spin Mop Original Home Cleaning System

Sometimes it can be hard to work with mops with long handles as it lacks maneuverability. However, the long handles are needed to spin the mop. It also lets you stand upright.

But what can you do to improve precision? Well, you can try the spin mop cleaning system by the Hurricane. This product is among some of the best spin mops because of its sturdiness and simplicity.

It has a swiveling point that connects the handle with the mop. So, when you push the handle, it easily goes forward. Moreover, the wetness of the mop makes it slippery, which reduces the friction between the floor and the fiber.

The mop head is significantly bigger as well. So, it covers more surface area at once, letting you finish your cleaning chores much faster. However, a bigger mop head does not mean it is a heavy product.

With the steel handle and head, the mop only weighs about 2 pounds. So, it is lightweight enough to carry around easily. This factor also helps the tool to wring the mop easily.

The foot pedal eliminates the need to apply force on the handle. On the other hand, the lightweight handle works excellently with the pedal. It also has a semi-transparent bucket that lets the user view the water level.


  • Lightweight handle reduces pressure
  • Foot pedal for easy wringing
  • Semi-transparent bucket
  • 360-degree rotating mop head
  • Easy to install


  • The microfiber threads can fall off

9. EGOFLEX Spin Mop Bucket System - Premium Microfiber Floor Mop

EGOFLEX Spin Mop Bucket System

Just as the spinning mop keeps your floors clean, the mop needs cleaning as well. However, that process can be painstaking as you need to carry the bucket to dump the water, then scrub it clean, and leave it to dry.

But with the EGOFLEX spin mop, one of the processes can become super easy. The bucket on this product has a convenient port that you can close and open. The port drains the water from the bucket.

So, you can leave the item in your bathroom to drain without having to carry it around. Besides that, it is an extremely sturdy product. The external neon outlook with the bulky plastic should indicate that it is durable.

However, the plastic weight does not matter as you get wheels. So, you can just drag the product effortlessly. The handle, on the other hand, is lightweight. So, you will not have to carry a heavy handle all the time.

It is also adjustable and can extend up to 55 inches. So, say goodbye to ‘bend and wipe’ because you can stay completely upright with this handle. It connects to a 180-degree spinning mop head through a pivot point.

You also get several kinds of fibers for different floor types. There is even a stiff brush-head that will enable you to scrub-clean porcelain and ceramic tiles. So, it a versatile product for people of any height.


  • Easy maintenance because of draining port
  • Multiple mop-heads
  • Extremely versatile
  • Sturdy neon plastic bucket
  • Spins 180 degrees


  • The mop is slightly more expensive

10. HAPINNEX Easy Spin 360° Press Mop Bucket Set

HAPINNEX Easy Spin 360° Press Mop Bucket Set

If you need a no bullshit, simple spinning mop, then the HAPINNEX Easy Spin is a great option. It has all the features you would need for effortless moping, without the extra fancy features that may wear out over time.

It is a lightweight yet durable product that has a plastic build. Thus, the chances of rust are eliminated. Even the spinning mold is plastic. So, water cannot cause any damage to it.

All the plastic parts make the tool lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, it does not matter that the product does not have wheels. It does have a robust handle that you can hold to carry the entire bucket full of water.

It is also easy to clean this item as it has a draining port. So, water simply drains out of the tool when you unplug it. Again, the plastic material makes scrubbing the bucket simple and time-efficient.

There is also a small soap dispenser. You can store liquid detergent or powder detergent mixed with water in it. So, whenever you fill the bucket with fresh water, you can squirt a little soap from the dispenser and not carry a detergent bag all the time.

The cotton microfiber is amazing for wringing. It loses 2x water with every wring but still holds its shape. Plus, the soft cotton fibers leave no streak mark. The exciting news is you get two sets of this fantastic mop head.


  • Convenient soap dispenser
  • Easy water draining port
  • Lightweight plastic bucket
  • Wrings 2x water
  • Two sets of mop head with the package


  • The head and handle connection is flimsy

How to Choose The Best One

We also have this buying guide where we talk in brief about each of the factors that you should think about before making the right purchase.


Having wheels on your spinning mop will matter a lot, depending on the size of your house. For example, if you in a duplex, then going for a lightweight plastic bucket with no wheels will be the best.

On the other hand, for a one-story spacious house, you might benefit from a bucket with wheels. It will allow you to drag the product everywhere. If you have no problem carrying a bucket, at least make sure that the container handle is sturdy and does not break easily.

Foot Pedal

These spinning mops defer based on how you spin the mop. You can either go for mops with a foot pedal or simply push on the handle to spin the cup. The price will also vary due to the extra features.

A push-spin mechanism allows you to have more control on how much moisture you want to retain. On the other hand, a foot pedal enables you to keep one hand free. You should also look for a lightweight handle if a foot pedal is not your cup of tea. That way, you can avoid putting more pressure on your hands while pushing.

Bucket Size

Although bucket size is not a crucial factor, it still affects how you wipe the floors. For a house with smaller rooms, a small bucket will suffice. But for a bigger house, the water will get cloudy quickly, and you will have to refill it with fresh water again and again.

Mop Size

The mop size, shape, and flexibility should be a priority. A bigger mop-head means it can cover more of the floors. However, it will also take more effort to spin those mops. A bigger mop will also retain more moisture, so if your floor does not need it, you can avoid it.

There are various shapes, such as circular, slightly oval, or triangular mops. Each of them serves a purpose. You can fit the triangular mops around the furniture or room corners.

Mop Size

However, a pivoting connection makes that possible for any mop head. So, always check if the mop has flexible connections.

You should also consider the handle size and adjustability. If it is not adjustable, look for a tall handle. Also, always look for stainless steel handles to avoid the chances of rust-formation.

Soap Dispenser

Some buckets have a unique built-in soap dispenser. It is a fun addition that decreases your trip to fetch more detergent or liquid soap. Thus, you get to save more time. Plus, it also allows you to achieve the perfect soap to water ratio every time, as you can control the soap amount with each pump.


Products like spinning mops should be a long term asset. But to make it last long, you have to see whether the materials of the item are durable. Such as the spinning cup should always be stainless material or of plastic. If not, then rust-formation will start in a few days. Soon the product will begin to decay, and it will even tear the mop fibers.

The plastic exterior should also be sturdy so that water does not leak from it. It should have the capability to hold water and not bend downward.

Drain Port

Another smart addition to several models is the draining port. This small feature makes such a difference when it comes to maintaining the water bucket. You can unclog the port, and the water immediately leaves the container. So, if you are frequently wiping the floors, do keep an eye for the draining port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does water spill from the spinning cup?

No, the mop stays deep inside the cup. So, when the cup spins, it does not spill any water outside. Moreover, some models have a splash guard to keep every drop of water inside the bowl.

Are the mop heads replaceable?

Yes, some brands offer an extra set. You can also buy separate mop heads as long as it fits the handle dimensions.

Can I adjust the handles?

The length of most mop handles are adjustable and ranges up to 55 inches. Some may not have adjustable handles as well.

How do I clean the bucket?

The buckets usually have a draining port through which water can flow out. Then it becomes easier to clean and scrub the bucket.

Can I wash the mops in a machine?

Yes, these mops are machine-washable and can handle harsh soaps.

How much water do the containers hold?

The amount varies among different models, but it can range up to 2 gallons.

How to install the mop?

Connect the handles along with the lever if it has any. Then look for the pivoting connection on the mop head. Then insert the handle and press it till you hear a clicking sound.

Final Word

The best spin mops can change how you view wiping and cleaning the floors. It makes the task manageable so that it does not tire you as much. Moreover, there are so many fancy features on different models that you can try. So, get one of these spinning mops and see those floors shine!

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