Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews

10 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews with Buying Guide

Are you tired of cleaning the carpets in the old method? Possession of these plush comforts strewn around is cool but to place them all over the house?

Who would want to clean all the spots on them?

You cannot even ignore it, as leaving them unattended for too long will invite all kinds of allergens, dust particles, and do not forget permanent stain.

But fear not, there is a better solution than throwing them away, we call them portable cleaners.

Let us help you find the best portable carpet cleaner, if you do not know where to start or are new to this particular device.

Having the right equipment can save you from a lot of hassles in the future.

10 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Instead of nervously wracking the head for a miracle, let us have a look at these wonderful innovations and wave goodbye to carpet stains!

1. Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624

Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624

Our first suggested product is from a renowned brand called Bissell. It has spread its wings over the years in terms of terrific vacuum cleaning equipment.

That is why we choose Bissell Spotclean Pro 3624 as the best portable carpet cleaner of all time. It is smartly designed to maneuver all around the house.

It removes the most stubborn of all spots from carpets or upholstery as flexibly as picking up a coin. Even if the stains take place at the stairs or other mitigated surfaces at home, Bissell Pros is the boss.

The five-feet hose that can be buckled at any angle reaches all the tough areas without struggling. It works methodically on the stains that have been set for quite some time by powerful scrubbing.

When we say stains, we mean all kinds there are that make terrible marks on your favorite carpet or sofa. The unit does not even compromise suction power at different stain maintenance.   

We know corded cleaners are somewhat an obstacle for reachability, but Bissell Spotclean Pro ensures a twenty-two-feet cord. It is certainly long enough to touch all those corners that had been ignored for some time.

That being said, the tiny debris and specks of dust are also taken into account. A good, deep clean that results brightening up the house in an instant, what more could we ask?

It weighs around thirteen pounds, which is fairly light for a compact unit like this.

The only drawback we seem to have confirmed is the tank capacity. Keep in mind that it is a compact device. It clearly cannot feature larger tanks due to lightweight maneuver.

You might have to refill the 3/4 gallon tank more than once, which might not be an issue in other comparable products.

Nevertheless, the general added features of Bissell Pro 3624 will deliver a consistent spot treatment in everyday use. You will love the outcome!


  • Easy maneuvering around the house
  • Impressive design
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Expert in removing tough stains
  • Suitable for upholstery, stairs and more


  • Small tank capacity

2. Bissell 1400B

Bissell 1400B

It is small alright, but it surely takes suction power to a different level!

The punch can be felt when operating over the stained area. Thanks to its small footprint, you can move it anywhere you like. The entire unit size covers the tank capacity.

A three-pound water tank might sound insignificant, but do not be fooled. It is a very large tank considering the compact unit size. No more frequent water changing required.

The sturdy spray option makes sure the device cleans multiple surfaces with ease. From upholstery, carpets, rugs, stairs to auto interiors, Bissell 1400B can take them all.

It is very simple to use and store. Carrying it will not cause any muscle strain as the unit is extremely lightweight even after the tank is filled.

There is a three-inch stain removal tool that incorporates strong spray and suction power to target the toughest stains or marks. Either it is caused by a pet, or an accidental spill, the hand tool will see that they are spot clean.

Remember that this is not the end, for leaving the hose without draining the buildup dirt spots is not a good idea. Therefore, it includes a hydro rinse tool along with the hose for proper washing.

This makes using the unit in the future much more beneficial. It weighs only about 12 pounds with a compact structure. Store it in a cabinet, and no one will ever notice such power behind the door.

It is an ideal tool for treating the small marks, so unlike the previous model by Bissell, this one cannot remove bigger stains despite owning one of the best suction power motors.


  • Amazing suction capability
  • Features larger water tank
  • Lightweight
  • Compact unit
  • Hydro rinse tool attachment for hose cleanup
  • Includes a carpet cleaning solution at a trial size
  • Provides a tough stain removing hand tool
  • Suitable for almost all types of flooring and carpet surfaces
  • Eco-FriendlyGreat for pet owners


  • Not suitable for larger and longer operation

3. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

Spilling accidents happen! That does not mean we give up on that stubborn stain. Instead, this portable cleaner takes in the messes fast.

This Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner is the smaller version that is engineered for simple utilization. The brush is motorized, meaning elbow greasing is out of the question.

It moves 1200 times per minute allowing a thorough scrub that goes deep within the fibers. Thus, breaking up the stains feels like a piece of cake.

Next comes the vacuuming process, where the strong suction power extracts those accumulated spots. It even shortens the dry timing to a minimum.

The unit does not only remove stains, but it also infiltrates the soapy contents into the carpet, scrubs it deep down and lifts the dirt, and odor at the same time. Quite impressive for an appliance, we admit.

What is more, you will not need to get a separate unit for different tasks as Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner can be wheeled indoors and outdoors. Consequently, it cleans up the mess on the carpet, rugs, pet beds, mattresses, furniture, or auto interiors that include RVs and boats!

Thankfully the device can be purchased at a budget-friendly cost. It is hard to acquire such powered suction at this price and handles hard jobs just fine at the same time.

The cleaning hose is almost 6-feet-long giving access to an extended range of areas. The only problem the consumers have faced is the sound. Yes, the machine is loud! You might want to put on some ear-plugs before turning it on.

On the other hand, it is lightweight with a moderately large tank capacity and a foldable handlebar. The suction power is almost 10-amp which is pretty cool compared to other similar units at this price.

Overall, it is not that bad! As long as you put aside the noise disturbance, you will get yourself a pretty decent carpet cleaner with many features.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Powerful suction
  • Cleans the harshest job effortlessly
  • Easy storage because of foldable design
  • Large water tank
  • Motorized brushing


  • Not designed to clean larger areas
  • Leaking possibility of a dirty water tank

4. Hoover FH11300

Hoover FH11300

Hoover is another reliable name that brandishes cleaning technology for a better and comfortable life. The model FH11300 is such an example of their products. Many distinguishing features set it apart from other similar units.

Do you fear the imminent bacteria build up into the hose and clogging it for further use? Rest assured for the Hoover FH11300 comes with a self-cleaning technology that flushes the hose.

This technique allows a healthy and safe use of the machine without building a home for the germs and odors. Just connect the hose to the cleaning port and turn on the machine after every use.

It is a great cleaning vacuum since it can virtually remove any spot on the carpets, upholstery, or stairs. This could be a handy device in a home with children and pets for hygienic purposes.

With the help of the antimicrobial multipurpose rubber nub tool, the thing will extract any spot or stain without forming mildew, mold, or bacteria in the process. The hose is about 5-feet that lets you reach further without any hassle.

Most portable carpet cleaners that are handheld usually lack a dual water tank. In this model by Hoover though, the separate tanks offer to reserve clean water that eventually transports to the other after finishing the job.

The unit is less than 10 pounds only, giving it the advantage of moving and storing anywhere at home. It is also highly affordable for those who do not wish to spend much.


  • Lightweight and portable structure
  • Extended reach due to 5ft. long hoseSelf-Cleaning hose to prevent odor and germs buildup
  • Convenient for pet owners and with children at home
  • Removes spots and stains from different fibered materials
  • Includes antimicrobial rubber nub to protect from mold, bacteria, etc.


  • Scrubbing brush could stick to surface if not careful
  • Possible non-durability

5. Bissell SpotBot 33N8

Bissell SpotBot 33N8

This here is the item from the very same Bissell brand that never stops improvising.

The SpotBot is an ideal choice for someone who is busy but has the urge to remove that spot right away. That is where SpotBot comes to rescue. And this can be done without having to hold the machine by yourself at all!

However, measures must be taken before setting it up for the job. Once filling up the water and placing it over the stain is done, all you have to do is switch it on and leave.

The manual mode comes with ranges of attachments as a solution to getting rid of spots and pet hair. You will not have to depend on outside help because this machine is built to provide an expert’s view.

Some may find the device a little heavier than others. Although we can overlook it for being completely hands-free operation, right? It is a small price to pay in order to enjoy freedom.

The built-in components make sure to fight against allergens and bacteria. In the meantime, it does all the hard work of delivering the appropriate amount of solution, rub and extract that stubborn stain off the carpet, or upholstery. You can use vinegar on carpets.

SpotBot 33N8 even surpasses other comparable products by preventing pet stench regenerating from the same area.

While the DeepReach technology offers gentle scrubs and cleaning of dirt, it is mainly designed for people with pet stain trouble.

So the device evidently removes those stains found anyplace it is hard to wash off with a long hose. Furthermore, the unit is compact with great performing capability that you can apply anywhere.

This is a great device that mainly focuses on pet animals’ cleaning chores.


  • The hands-free automated cleaning process
  • Deep Reach Technology offers removal of toughest stains
  • Unique spiral brush action
  • Built-In Antimicrobial protection against bacteria
  • Prevents pet odors from regeneration


  • Suitable for pet relevant cleaning chores only
  • Requires double swipe due to moderate suction power

6. Bissell SpotClean ProHeat, 2694

Bissell SpotClean ProHeat

Even though this SpotClean model does not come with a feature of hands-free conduction, it sure delivers the right amount of suction power that is needed to remove the stains.

That being said, you can utilize it on multiple surfaces like upholstery and stairs. What is special about this cleaning kit is that the Heat-Wave Technology featuring promotes consistent maintenance.

Even if the dirt or stain is deeply embedded to the bottom of the fibers, the invariable cleaning temperature with the Deep Reach tool will tackle them excellently.

Thus, no more crying over coffee spill or a child throwing up, the machine will take care of them all. It is a good thing that the water tanks are large enough to capacitate sufficient water or cleaning formula.

The handle on the top sure will let you have a confident grip. Besides, the unit is very lightweight and compact to worry about handling it like conventional vacuums.

There is a Tough Stain Tool about three inches that assists the kit with ridding of the dirt from isolated areas. Also, there are some regions where dirt settles and gives you a headache as you cannot reach out and clean it.

That is not going to happen with the Tough Stain Tool because it will rapidly remove them, especially on stairs, auto interiors. Even the freshly caused mud tracks or spill accidents will be obliterated within a short time.

You will also receive a cleaning formula which is just a bonus to kill the odor and freshen up your home with cleaner surfaces.

Tackling those entrenched stains will no longer need to feel embarrassed about because Bissell ensures reliability and quality.


  • Great for stubborn stains
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces and difficult-to-reach spaces
  • Removes spots impressively
  • Removable  water tanks
  • Heatwave Tech maintains temperature during cleaning
  • Easy storage
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Produces loud noise when operating

7. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

You could say this is the larger version of the previous Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner we have mentioned. It is professional, it does not take no for an answer.

That means stubborn or not, this deep cleaner will remove those stains from the surface.

As it is an upright carpet cleaner, it has a weight of twenty-pound. Moreover, the twenty-eight-feet power cord will let the user cover wider distances without any problem.

The handle is collapsible so that it does not take much space when being stored. Now, the dual cross brushes that come along consist of five small rotating brushes for a deep clean.

They do a splendid job of agitating the dust particles and then removing the deeply embedded dirt in the carpet fibers due to their stiff construction.  

There is a separate compartment for each water tank. A single-arm locking mechanism will ensure the secured placing of the tanks.

The appliance may seem pretty large compared to similar upright vacuum cleaners. However, with the help of the accompanying handy caddy tool, cleaning the stairs and various blind areas can be achieved.

Since we have not mentioned any commercial-grade product in any of the portable carpet cleaner reviews, we believe this one has got the chance to shine with its sturdy build.

It minimizes the usage of cleaning agents by owning almost twice the power of suction than other portable deep cleaners. Moreover, it goes beyond the limit with a 7.7-feet hose length.

You should know that Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is larger in size. So maneuvering it might need a little effort. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an industrial-fashion clean up then go crazy on it!

The portability will eventually synchronize alongside the performance.


  • High-Grade cleaning options
  • Cost-Effective
  • Includes dual brush system for a deep cleaning
  • Faster drying with 75% more suction power
  • Easily detachable water tanks with locking mechanism
  • Includes a tool caddy to keep track of accessories
  • Collapsible handle to store away


  • Not good with portable action
  • Complicated to clean the unit’s accessories

8. Bissell Little Green ProHeat (14259)

Bissell Little Green ProHeat

Have the stain set-in for quite some time and now you do not know if you can ever get rid of it? Do not worry, this is the kind of problem Bissell Little Green ProHeat specializes in.

Although it is a little pricier for its size, it does take in the obstacles with strong suction power. Most small portable carpet cleaners do not usually come with 9-amp power as compact as this one.

It offers a speedy dry up procedure which is a great advantage when you need a quick clean up before guests arrive. Additionally, the smell will be entirely gone after spot treating.

What sets it apart from the previous Little Green by Bissell is the built-in water heater. We remind you that this does not make it a steamer though!

As a consequence, when the warm water is used to treat the spotted area, the result with powerful spray and suck-in action provides stain free surface as new.

The dual water tanks have the capacity of 48 ounces that will assure proper transference of stored liquid.

There is a brush comprised of the unit for particularly tough stain removal. Also, a spraying crevice tool is included to further broaden the cleaning corners.

If the regions seem to be out of range, the four-inch hose sure helps to reach those places with great flexibility.

All these are incorporated besides the kit and it still weighs only thirteen pounds. The good news is that you can easily move it to where the stain is. A cautionary reminder though; you must never carry the appliance while in use.


  • Compact build
  • Powerful suction for a small appliance
  • Flexible hose
  • Attachment for removing the tough stain
  • Spraying crevice tool to pinpoint set-in soil
  • Quick-Drying, the smell does not linger
  • Includes built-in water heater
  • Adequate dual water tank


  • Short hose length than other comparable models
  • Possibility of spray crevice jamming

9. Bissell 1716B

Bissell 1716B

This model from the same make as the previous product comes in a different design. It has a unique style that distinguishes it from the rest of the Bissell portable carpet cleaners.

The best and worst part of the unit is that it has no hose! Why is it best? It is because there is no hassle regarding bacteria growth into the hose that needs a constant wash after each use.

Consequently, the reason why it is the worst feature is that when you wish to work over a tight corner or hard-to-reach area, it will not work. Its structure is made in a way that it is only suitable for exposed zones like sofas or carpets.

This is compact cleaner alright, but brings a tiny disadvantage as well. As a result, we recommend it to those having problems with pet stains and also do not wish to purchase a bulky cleaner for trivial spots.

However, the unit surprisingly delivers powerful suction and dirt removing strength. It is kind of the best trait for a small handheld deep cleaner.

Bissell 1716B comes with a power cord of eighteen-feet which is an excellent option. You can take it with you anywhere around the home without having to change the outlet too often.

And carrying it is a piece of cake! We literally mean you can eat cake while holding the thing on the other hand. It weighs significantly less, almost around 4 pounds only.

However, there is another drawback that holds this product from being superior. Since it is more compact than other deep cleaners, therefore, it has water tanks with a lower capacity.

As we pointed out, this performs great with small spills on the car interior, upholstery, or soft carpets. It is one of the best for soft carpet. Settled stains can also be gotten rid of so long they are inconsequential.


  • Handles messes with great power
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy portability and storage
  • Suitable for pet stain and accidental small spills, old or new
  • Rotating brushes for fast scrubbing
  • Spray angle and distance is easily controllable
  • Long power cord


  • Small water tank capacity
  • No hose, not great for large area cleanup

10. Bissell SpotClean Portable Cleaner for Carpet

Bissell SpotClean Portable Cleaner for Carpet

We began with Bissell, it is logical enough that we add the final product from Bissell too!

Just like other deep cleaners SpotClean Portable Cleaner for Carpet also combines the innovative design along with outstanding performance. It is lot like theBissell Powerforce Helix 2191 we reviewed before.

It is rather handy on different kinds of surfaces like vehicle interiors, furniture, carpets, staircases, and more. Hence, it is a versatile kit that many users have come to like.

Not to mention it comes with a moderate amp power and slim body that cause no trouble while storing or carrying to several areas.

When a simple vacuum does not help rejuvenate the living place, this appliance is the next best option to brighten up the dullness. Of course, it also means a thorough cleanse of the spots.

It contains several cleaning tools for detail cleaning along with a deluxe flexible hose. Any spot that is old or set new will not be left alone when these tools are utilized in a combo.

Plus, complex situations of hard range can be effectively dealt with, with the help of the 2-in-1 spraying crevice tool. Keeping your pets or children from the delicately stained areas is no longer required.

All you need is to take out the Bissell SpotClean, fill in the water with Oxy solution if you prefer, place the hose with the attached nozzle, and turn it on!

No matter how strongly those stains have embedded down the carpet fiber, this machine will make sure to get rid of them all as thoroughly as possible.

Besides, the HeatWave Technology ensures consistent water temperature maintenance during the entire cleaning process. This speeds up the task further than other portable carpet cleaners.


  • Excellent suction power
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Efficient performance
  • Detachable water tanks
  • Includes a trial size cleaning formula
  • Better maneuverability


  • A high-pitched noise when operating
  • Possible tank leak after a few uses

Things to Consider Before Buying

A portable carpet cleaner, or carpet shampooer as most are familiar with, consists of some important components. A pump, vacuum, solution tank to recovery tank, etc. is vitally important for a thorough job.

What if there are details you are not aware of? Let us check out a few of these points before buying the product.

Suction Power

Carpets attract the most dirt within a day. This dirt and many other kinds of dust attached to it tend to dry over time. The stain, as a result, holds on to the surface unyieldingly.

That is why you must make sure to select a product from the portable carpet cleaner reviews that are suitable for your carpet and grabs that stubborn dirt out of its comfort zone.

The higher the power, the greater it triggers on quality performance. Some models even include brushes to scrub off the stain and dirt entirely from the fibers.

Tank Capacity

It is one of the most significant features to consider while buying the carpet shampooer. A tank should be somewhere around 30 ounces.

This is because the capacity will define how competently the removing of dirt is carried out. 

It does not really matter if the rooms are entirely carpeted or the floorings simply have small ones. As long as the tank does not require frequent refilling, you are good to go.


A portable vacuum cleaner will be reflected as convenient if it is compact and easier to transport.

Also, a heavily weighted cleaner does not always mean hauling burdensome equipment. Because these weighty models always incorporate handle and wheels for easy dragging around the house.

To meet the appropriate unit you must compare it against your capability. People who find it tough carrying such household equipment, we advise opting for the lighter models.

They do not come with wheels but since they are lightweight, you can easily bring them upstairs or outdoor.

Do not forget its size either. A bulky cleaner does not speak easy storage. So, research and find out what fits the best to the place where you would keep it.

Quality of the Cleaning Brush

Most people usually forget about this option and look straight for the power and quality of the product. A cleaning brush is just as much important.

Quality of the Cleaning Brush

When buying the appliance, check if it includes a cleaning brush. Why would one have to go through all the hand scrubbing if that is not why you get the carpet cleaner?

Make sure it works well. A quivering brush helps with a substantial amount of scrubbing dirt on carpet fiber scoring an excellent outcome.

Hose and Cord Length

The hose length is not as concerning as a cord length. At any rate, a hose should be long enough to comply with the precise cleanup of the messes.

For example, a 3 to 5 feet long hose is a sufficient length conducting large stains.

A power cord, on the other hand, needs to be longer regardless of the carpet extractor’s superiority.

To avoid visiting power outlets too often, we believe a 15 to the 20-feet cord is decently long to allow enjoyable cleaning.

Types of Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Are you familiar with this particular appliance’s variations? If not, it is better to know some of the common types to figure out which out of many portable carpet cleaner reviews fits the best.

Upright Carpet

They are industrially used for heavy-duty operations. Upright vacuum cleaners are surprisingly lightweight despite their size. However, some are designed compact as well as light for ease of portability.

Most of them are utilized for professional cleaning action. Thus, they maintain capable stability.

Almost all essential components to complete the cleaning process are included and it still does feel as heavy as some conventional ones.


Those carve and intricate designs on your furniture or other cushioned pieces are not going to get themselves cleaned. This is where the upholstery vacuum cleaner is best suitable.

It most certainly gets rid of the spots found in tight places or the hollows of the items efficiently.

Tackling is what it does best. Therefore, if your house does not incorporate minimalism, in other words, lots of furniture and sitting areas, this type of vacuum cleaner will definitely come in handy. 

Many models combine carpet and upholstery options to minimize the cost and space margin.


Are you not a fan of the wheeled vacuum cleaner being dragged around to clean the car interior? Sometimes a handheld portable vacuum cleaner is the solution to simple mobility. It is very versatile. They are of the best vacuums for pet hair and stair carpets.

They are lightweight, designed to carry effortlessly, and come with quite a good gripped handle. Plus, their compact structure means no hassling over storage space.

Mattress Handheld

Let us not forget about the sanitation around sleeping areas. That is right; mattresses do tend to gather germs over time. It is also the reason why a mattress handheld vacuum cleaner is pretty useful.

They have the feature of a UV radiation rod that impressively prevents the regeneration of bacteria.

However, this does not mean it is for mattress cleaning purposes only. You can apply it to sofas or car interiors too.

Cordless Handheld

As the title shows, these vacuum cleaners are powered by lithium batteries. You can charge the device after use that lasts for about 20 minutes. You will gain some excellent high action cleaning benefits within these minutes.

The cordless handheld vacuums usually provide an expandable foldup rod that allows the vacuum to stay in an upright position.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can a portable carpet cleaner remove all stains?

Not particularly. They are most ideal for pet stains, dirt, soil, pet urine, or vomit.

Some vacuums such as Electrolux cleaners have enough power to remove oil stains, chocolate, wine, foot tracks, and general mud tracks in the house.

  • Is it necessary to use a cleaning agent?

We believe the answer relies on your preference. In any case, if you intend to add such chemicals, always do a test on a little spot of the carpet. Remember to select a less visible area.

The use of cleaning agents could be the right answer if you are looking forward to a refreshing change.

In addition to brightening up the carpet and furniture, the process leaves a trail of the soothing fragrance.

Nevertheless, a lot of detergents could damage the surface you are working on. Thus, mix them moderately!

  • How often should I use my portable carpet cleaner?

A carpet must be cleaned whenever you see spots. Many experts recommend at least 12-month of intervals for light and mid soiled areas; 3-6 months if it is heavily soiled.

You may need to clean the carpets more often if there are children or pets in the house, or you smoke.

Always remove the stains instantly.

Some have even advised vacuuming before carpet cleaning. This allows a deep clean for an extended period.

  • What kinds of cleaning agent should I use on a carpet?

Go for safe use than getting the expensive kind. Non-toxic cleaning products are the best choice to claim multiple advantages.

Always choose products that are hypo-allergenic and soap-free. Make sure they do not give off a chemical odor and has no off gassing.

Follow these basic instructions to achieve the finest cleaning product that goes with the carpets, either at homes or businesses.    

  • Which cleaner is better for me, upright or portable?

It depends. There is no better way to compare these products because it all relies on suitability.

An upright cleaner works great in a large house with plenty of rooms to cover. Their base is larger in comparison, so cleaning a wider area is tackled within less time and effort.

Portable cleaners are more about the field of application that is hard to get by an upright vacuum cleaner. They primarily deep clean spots or grimes on stairs, upholstery, grime, and so on.

Now, once you focus on which is most fitting to your requirement, the job at hand will become immensely comfortable.

Final Words 

As you can see, the best portable carpet cleaner varies in a different household. What you may think is best might not be the ideal choice for the other.

Therefore, head for the one that meets your requirement regardless of the budget.

You will see a vast transformation in your living area only because you chose it right!

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