Best Paint Brush for Walls

5 Best Paint Brush for Wall Reviews with Buying Guide

Using brushes to paint walls is one of the most traditional forms of decorating, which is still widely preferred by many professionals and novices alike.

Whether you are experienced in this sector or not, if you want to get the best results, you will need the right tools- that is, the best paint brush for wall in this case.

However, finding one can be quite tricky, especially if you haven’t purchased one before. But there’s nothing for you to worry about because we have already done all the research for you.

Just go through our reviews and buyer’s guide, and you will find your perfect paintbrush in no time.

Benefits of Using Paint Brushes for Walls 

With so many alternatives to paint brushes available, it’s normal for you to wonder why you should go for these. But you should know that they do contain their fair share of advantages that has made them a popular choice all along.

And we will be discussing those benefits in this part of the article, so you will get some insight into the great aspects that a paintbrush can offer you.

  • Offers Preciseness Like No Other 

If you are painting edges or areas that require attention, then this precise tool would be more beneficial for you than you can imagine. In fact, paintbrushes are great for painting details, so you can even try out multiple designs with them without any hassle.

  • Has Many Brush Types 

What makes them even better is that they offer versatility like none other. There are various types of paintbrushes for you to choose from. Hence, no matter which kind of project you need to work on, you will always find a paintbrush suitable for it.

  • Great for Hard-to-Reach Areas

Another great benefit of using paintbrushes is that they will be able to paint hard-to-reach areas with the utmost ease. You can paint ceramic tiles with ease. This is one facility you wouldn’t get from other painting tools.

5 Best Paint Brush Reviews 

Need a paintbrush immediately but aren’t sure about where to look? Well, fret no more because we have already researched and reviewed the top five paint brushes out there for you. Dive in; you may find the perfect one for you soon.

1. Purdy 144400340 XL Series Swan Enamel/Wall Paint Brush

Purdy 144400340 XL Series Swan Enamel

If you want your paintbrushes to make the perfect strokes, then you need to find those that are easy to hold. And this product has been made keeping that in mind, which makes it very convenient to work with. But it does include other fantastic features that you will find out about in this review.

The four-inch varnish and enamel brush comes with a natural hardwood handle. This handle's beavertail style makes it quite effortless to work with while adding comfort and top-notch maneuverability for the users. Even as someone inexperienced, you can work easily with this.

On the other hand, the brush's bristles are medium-sized and stiff, making it perfect for painting walls and other such surfaces. Its size makes it ideal for small and medium projects, but you can do detailed work on larger projects as well with this product.

When it comes to versatility, this product will surely never disappoint you. It has been designed to be used with all sorts of paints and stains, so you can add variation to your projects as much as you want. This brush never discriminates when it comes to variety.

But that’s not all. What sets this tool apart from the rest of its counterparts is that it adds extra shine to your work. Hence, you won’t have to put in extra effort to ensure a smooth finish because this will produce great results nevertheless.

In some cases, the brush may fail to spread paint well, delivering poor results and disappointing the users. On the other hand, the product may seem to be a little overpriced for the consumers, given the quality and features.


  • Effortless to hold and convenient to work with
  • Four-inch brush comes with natural hardwood handle
  • The bristles are medium-sized and stiff
  • Designed to be used with all sorts of paints and stains
  • Adds shine and ensures a smooth finish 


  • The brush may fail to spread paint well
  • May seem to be a little overpriced 

2. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

If you are going to spend your money and effort into getting a good paintbrush, then the first step is to ensure whether or not it provides excellent value for money. While not all products are worth the investment, this one is, and you will find out why in this review.

Are you worried about the brush not fitting into tight spaces? Well, that won’t be a matter of concern with this one. It comes with a flexible handle that is only about two inches. Hence, not only will you be able to paint hard to reach areas, but you will also be able to carry it without any hassle.

On the other hand, the tool comes with a gold polyester and white nylon blend, making it suitable for all sorts of paint. Hence, you will be able to work on multiple projects using this one brush only, without worrying about whether it will be fit or not.

When it comes to durability, this tool doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a brass-plated steel ferrule, which adds sturdiness and protects the product from getting rusted. So, you can use water-based paints without any worries.

With the innovative packaging of the product, it is sure to win your heart. It has been designed in such a way that it will allow you to peg hook the brush using its handle. Furthermore, it also includes a proper illustration of the holding position so that you won’t get confused about anything.

However, the bristles may fall apart while painting if you apply too much pressure, so you will have to be careful with it. On the other hand, the brush fails to coat well at times, which can be inconvenient for the users.


  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Comes with a flexible two-inch handle
  • Contains a gold polyester and white nylon blend
  • Includes a brass-plated steel ferrule
  • Allows you to peg hook the brush using its handle 


  • Bristles may fall apart while painting
  • The brush fails to coat properly at times 

3. Pro Grade - Paint Brushes - 4 Pack Variety Angle Paint Brushes

Pro Grade - Paint Brushes - 4 Pack Variety Angle Paint Brushes

Paintbrushes can create quite a mess if you don’t know how to clean them, and most of them are not very effortless to clean. However, the case is different with this one, which makes it much easier for its users. Find out more about its amazing aspects in this review.

At an affordable price, this product offers four angled brushes in one pack. This aspect makes it suitable for both professional painters as well as beginners; therefore, no matter at which level you are, this would be absolutely perfect for you.

Along with that, this product ensures excellent results like no other. It comes with a sturdy and solid wood handles that offer both control and comfort. Hence, no matter what you are painting, you will be able to get the work done just how you would want to.

To make sure you use your time wisely, the brushes come with thick quality synthetic filament blend, which will hold more paint and hence, will require fewer streaks. For better cutting control, the brushes come with a thinner tip at the bristles' ends.

The stainless steel ferrule, along with the wood material, offers durability like no other. You can wash and reuse the tools for an extended period without worrying about replacing them anytime soon. This aspect will save both your time and energy.

One of the significant drawbacks of this product is that the bristles keep falling out, and you will have to pick them up in the middle of the painting. Moreover, the filament blend is not up to the mark, which can be disappointing.


  • Effortless to clean
  • Contains four brushes in one pack
  • Solid wood handle provides control and comfort
  • Comes with thick quality synthetic filament blend
  • Stainless steel ferrule offers durability 


  • Bristles keep falling out
  • The filament blend is quite disappointing 

4. Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set, 5 Piece

Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set

If you are a beginner who just got into painting, you will need a set of brushes convenient to use. While such products can be challenging to find, here’s a set of brushes that will not disappoint you. Find out more about its redeeming qualities in this review.

This product will increase your productivity like no other. It has been designed to enhance your painting skills while increasing efficiency as much as possible. By mixing high-quality SRT filaments, this brush will let you hold more paint than others, and hence, will save you time.

But that’s not all. The filaments make sure to provide an even and smooth finish. You will be able to make more precise strokes, which will also enhance the quality of your work significantly and deliver better results.

When it comes to versatility, this product will exceed your expectations like no other. The brushes are capable of withstanding abrasive surfaces while providing equally excellent service in smooth surfaces. Therefore, you can work with various projects without any trouble.

Other than being durable, the brushes are very easy to clean as well. Hence, no matter which paints you have been using, you can always wash it and reuse it with different paint. So, you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

However, the bristles get separated when you add paint to the brush, which can deliver uneven streaks. On the other hand, the brushes may fail to hold paint properly from time to time.


  • Convenient to use for beginners
  • Holds 30% more paint by mixing high-quality SRT filaments
  • Provides a smooth finish with precise strokes
  • Are capable of withstanding abrasive surfaces
  • Can be cleaned and reused 


  • Bristles get separated when painting
  • The brushes may fail to hold paint at times 

5. Hiltex 00308 Brush Paint Stain Varnish Set with Wood Handles

Hiltex 00308 Brush Paint Stain Varnish Set with Wood Handles

Are you looking for handy brushes that you can carry with yourself for those sudden urges when you feel like painting? In that case, you just came across the perfect product for yourself. Find out more about its stunning aspects in this review.

What sets this product apart from the rest of its counterparts is that it is ideal no matter what you need it for. For instance, the set of brushes can be used for work, craft projects, and even for DIY projects at homes. Its uses know no bounds and have no limits!

This aspect brings more versatility, along with the different widths of each of the brushes that will allow you to make strokes of various sizes and designs. As a result, you will be able to use this set for multiple projects without worrying whether they are suitable.

If you are against wasting your paint and your time, then you will love these brushes. Each of the tools contains polyester bristles with feathered ends, which are designed to hold more paint. Therefore, you will be able to get your work done efficiently with fewer streaks.

But that’s not all. The brushes come with heavy-duty natural wood handles, which will allow you to paint, stain or varnish with it quite effortlessly. This aspect will provide control and comfort like no other. However, you can have a look at the best stain sprayer for fence.

However, the bristles included are uneven and tend to fall out easily, so you will have to be quite careful when painting with them. On the other hand, the brushes can flick stain on your surroundings if you are not cautious enough when using them.


  • Ideal for work, craft projects, and DIY jobs at home
  • Handy brushes that can be carried easily
  • All of the brushes come with different widths
  • Polyester bristles with feathered ends hold more paint
  • Come with heavy-duty natural wood handles 


  • The bristles are uneven and tend to fall out easily
  • Can flick stains on surroundings 

How to Choose the Best One 

When it comes to painting brushes, settling down for an average one is not an option. You should give the time and effort required to get an excellent paintbrush, which will deliver the best results.

You might struggle to get the most suitable one if you have never purchased one before. But there’s nothing for you to worry about because, in this section of the article, we will be discussing the fundamental features and factors that you should look out for when getting a paintbrush.

  • Choose the Right Bristle Type 

There are two types of bristles for you to choose from- synthetic and natural. The former is suitable for latex paints, while the latter is used for alkyd paints. Hence, you should pick according to the kind of paint you will be using for your projects mostly. Finding a latex paint sprayer is not as hard as a good paint brush.

  • Choose a Shape According to Your Project 

There are mainly four types for you to select from- angled, flat, tapered, and striker when it comes to shapes of brushes. The most popular one for painting walls is angled and flat, but you can also go for striker brushes if you need to paint large areas.

  • Select the Right Size 

For painting walls, you would typically want to go for wider brushes- that is, larger brushes. However, you can also choose the narrower versions if you need to work on the details or designs on a wall.

  • Don’t Settle for Cheap Brushes 

Most people tend to go for inexpensive brushes, but you should avoid doing that because spending a little more on a brush would be worth it. The expensive versions provide better results and are easier to use in general. They also hold more paint and require less time to work with.

  • Is It Reusable? 

You should go for reusable brushes because they tend to last longer and provide smoother strokes. Hence, select one that is effortless to clean and can be reused.

Types of Brushes 

Paintbrushes are available in various shapes and types, which gives you more options to choose from and added flexibility. There are mainly four types for you to select from, and you can choose according to your project requirements.

  • Angled 

The most popular form of painting brushes is the angled one. It is made for working on edges, and the bristle length generally decreases from one end of the brush to the other end.

  • Flat 

For painting on flat surfaces, the flat paintbrush is the most preferred choice. In this case, the bristle length remains the same throughout the brush.

  • Tapered 

If you want more control while painting the walls, then you should go for tapered brushes. The bristle length is typically longer in the center of the brush, and it tends to taper toward the edges for a narrower shape.

  • Striker 

The striker paintbrush is a cylindrical one, which is mostly used for painting difficult areas. However, they are suitable for large exterior areas as well.

Synthetic vs. Natural Brushes 

Synthetic vs Natural Brushes

When buying paintbrushes, you will notice that they offer two types of bristles. You may be confused about the kind you should be getting, and that is what we will help you out within this section of the article.

  • Synthetic Bristles 

These are made from polyester, nylon, or usually from a combination of both. You should use them with latex paint, but they can be used with alkyd paints as well.

  • Natural Bristles

As the name suggests, these are made from natural substances such as animal hair. You should use them with alkyd paints only, as using those with water-based paints can cause the bristles to absorb water and go limp.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is it possible to paint an entire room with a brush only?

Yes, you can, but it will require a lot of work. Professional painters can use a lot of techniques and give the room and a faded paintbrush look, but if you aren’t skilled enough, the results can go south. Hence, use a roller if you aren’t experienced enough. You can also use the best commercial paint sprayer.

  • What should I do to avoid streak marks?

Getting rid of streak marks can be hassle-some, so it’s best to avoid them while you are painting. For that, you should make sure you are using the right kind of paint and using the right type of brushes. Moreover, you should also make sure the wall surface is properly primed and prepared to be painted on.

  • Do streak marks go away when the paint dries?

If you notice streak marks while the paint is in the drying process, then there’s a high possibility that they will remain there after the paint fully dries. Hence, it is recommended to get rid of the marks while the paint is still wet and can be worked with.

  • Should I paint vertically or horizontally?

You can paint both vertically and horizontally, depending on how you’d prefer it. However, when you are about to finish, it’s recommended to apply the paint vertically for a better outlook.

  • How many coats of paint should I put on my wall?

That depends on some factors. For instance, if you are coating over a different color, then you will need at least two layers of paint. But if the existing paint is of a darker color, you will need more than two paint layers. On the other hand, coating over the same color will require only one layer. 

Final Words

A task as important as wall painting should not be taken lightly, and hence, you should give enough time and effort to get the best paint brush for wall. We can assure you that the process will become a lot more fun and efficient with the right tool at hand.

Lastly, if you want to carefully paint the inside, you can check the best paint sprayer for interior walls review.

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