Best Microfiber Mops Review

10 Best Microfiber Mops Review

Do you find yourself spending hours on end just having to mop of those pesky stains from your kitchen floor? Have your kids ruined your wooden tiled living room by bringing in their muddy shoes? If any of these circumstances even remotely match your situation, then you should consider an effective cleaning solution.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on hiring professionals, we suggest you bring the professionals right at home. To help you do that, we’ve written down this article on the best microfiber mops available in the market. These mops should help you make sure that you can keep your home clean and healthy.

Why Should You Have Microfiber Mop?

Buying a microfiber mop can be the one-time decision you need to make to fulfill your home’s cleaning needs. And there’s quite a queue of factors that can persuade you into purchasing a microfiber mop.

Microfiber Mops


For those of you living in larger homes, you may have to consider purchasing different pads or mops to help clean different floor types. However, this isn’t the case with the microfiber mop, as it can clean almost any surface needed. Be that tiled floors, wood, Vinyl, Kitchen floors, and even walls.

Not only is the mop able to cover multiple surfaces, but you can also use it for both wet and dry mopping.


Once you spend money on a mop, you won’t have to think about it ever again. These microfiber pads that come with a mop can be used time and time again. All you’ll need to reuse dirty mops/microfiber pads would be to put them in the washing machine and let the machine handle the rest.

Easy Maneuverability

Cleaning can be a tricky task when you have to reach high surfaces and tight spaces. A microfiber mop paired with just the right arm can help make cleaning both efficient and effective. The moveable heads that come with the mop should allow much better coverage and greater flexibility during work.

Value for Money

These factors, such as versatility and reusability, make these microfiber mops last for a reasonably long time. If you consider buying the mop as a long term investment, the right product can be sure to get you the full value for your hard-earned money.

10 Best Microfiber Mops Review

A product as widely available and massively produced, like a mop, can be relatively overwhelming to select. To make your life easier, we’ve made a detailed list and review of the top mops currently available in the market. All you need to do is choose the mop that best fits your requirements.

1. Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop

Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop

This microfiber mops review not only consists of the fanciest products purchasable but also consists of simpler ones that can get the job done right. One such product is this mop from Microfiber Wholesale; the company has used innovative tech and only the best quality materials for optimal output.

Being an 18-inch microfiber pad, allows you to cover larger surfaces quicker and more efficiently. With the mop, you’re also getting an adjustable stainless steel handle; this should give you around 42-70 inches of maneuverability. Thus, reaching into a tighter spot under the furniture can become an everyday cleaning practice.

Furthermore, the 360-degree swivel included on the frame allows you to mop pad to sway along while mopping. This swivel adjusts according to the corners you’re cleaning, assuring you get the most coverage possible. However, if you decide the swivel is not required, you can lock the position of the mop to meet your comfort.

The heavy-duty framing built to house the microfiber pads are built with the Velcro system embedded into it, instead of being glued on. The embedded Velcro system eliminates the chances of the mop pads peeling off due to rigorous usage.

Overall, with all the mops' features and quality, this purchase seems to provide excellent value.


  • Comes with two wet pads and one dry pad
  • Pads are wholly washable and reusable
  • Allow simple and efficient cleaning
  • 360 swivel with lockability feature
  • Heavy-Duty head with embedded Velcro


  • A bit expensive for a mop
  • Does not include extra features such as steam cleaning

2. BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop

If you’re looking for a product that is a bit more sophisticated, then this cleaning mop from BISSELL is the perfect device. The Power Fresh mop design is explicitly to provide a robust and thorough cleaning experience. Thus, the mop makes sure to cover your house adequately and keeps it healthy and fresh.

Getting a germ free household can be a complicated process, plus the disinfectant solutions used can be significantly harmful to delicate floor types. In such a case, the mops three-setting steam system provides extensive functionality. This steamer not only cleans out germs, but it’s also great when you need to remove dried up messes.

The device comes with an easy-to-mop swivel; this allows you to maneuver the height of the mop easily as you move along. Thus, you can turn the mop flat and move it around in tight gaps or underneath furniture. Furthermore, the large pad size allows you to cover greater surface area quicker and more efficiently.

Steam cleaning can have your home smelling fresh; the fragrance disks included in the mop can help with this. In the kit, you’ll be getting a microfiber-soft pad, a scrubby pad, fragrance disks, and even a carpet glider. These pads give you all the essentials required to be able to clean your home without professional help.

Apart from this the, Sienna Luna Plus and Cost Way 1500w are excellent microfiber steam mops. If you are fond of this kinds, you can have a look at these reviews.


  • Large Mop head provides better coverage
  • Can be used on almost all surfaces
  • Gets rid of rigid grime and sticky messes
  • No harmful disinfectants are required
  • Easy-to-mop swivel


  • Heavy and tiring to carry around
  • Not as flexible as a 360-degree swivel

3. MOPNADO Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop System

MOPNADO Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop System

For those with large houses, having to go from one room to the other, carrying two different buckets of soapy and dirty water is a thing of the past. The spinner mop has been a revolutionary introduction to the mopping industry, and MOPNADO compliments the spinner mop system quite grandly.

Designed with extremely durable elements such as stainless steel and high-grade plastic makes this mop a lifetime product. Apart from being durable, it is also extremely lightweight, making carrying it around easier. Additionally, the spinner tub has built-in wheels, allowing you to move it around from room to room easily.

The cleaning that you’ll receive from this product is not only efficient; it is also significantly effective. Having a round mop head shape, with a swivel that can be flattened entirely down, allowing the mop to reach tight spots and have a better effect on irregularly shaped sides.

Furthermore, the extendable handle of the mop, which expands from 47”-56” allows for a much greater reach. The mop is immensely comfortable and convenient to use, and the spinner tub has multiple features, such as a padless spinning design and a soap dispenser. Overall, this mop provides a fantastic user experience.


  • Comfortable and convenient usability
  • Come with multiple pads
  • Extension bar and swivel allows better reach
  • Durable build
  • Patented pedal free spinner drive system


  • Mop and bucket are relatively heavy
  • Wall cleaning would not be possible

4. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit

The great feature of this microfiber mops review is that most products have been designed quite creatively, giving everyone something new to get. For the Rubbermaid Reveal spray kit, this factor is wholly real considering the two attachable spray bottles that you get with the set.

These 22-ounce spray bottles that you’re getting with the mop can be attached easily into a compartment included on the mop. The trigger system located in the handle allows you to spray the cleaning solution directly onto the floor. Thus, you won’t need to drag around a bucket of water with you every time you’re cleaning.

Included in this cleaning kit is a wet/multipurpose pad, a dry pad, and a scrubbing pad, keeping you ready for any cleaning need that is to come. The microfiber pads are designed specifically to work on all types of surfaces, so you can consider this as a one time purchase, providing fantastic value.

We can back up this one-time purchase claim, as the mop features some of the most durable materials, thus taking away the risk of breakdowns. Even though the mop features materials of such high-strength, they keep the mop very light.

The mop’s lightness, paired with the broad coverage of the mop, can help promise efficient work.


  • Lightweight and durable product
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Innovative spraying idea
  • Double spray bottle for short work breaks
  • Can work on almost all surfaces


  • Doesn’t come with a 360 swivel
  • Spray trigger is a delicate switch that can break down

5. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

Another spray based cleaning system comes from O-cedar; this is a more economical alternative for those who don’t want to spend so much on a mop. While the mop is a bit cheaper, the quality of the product has remained top-notch. Additionally, the product also comes with quite a few innovative features.

The mopping pads included with the product are some of the best available in the market. What makes these pads so special is their cleaning plus deep scrubbing abilities and their double sidedness. These features ensure a deeper scrub cleaning is achieved with the least amount of time required.

Furthermore, the double sidedness of the pad works best paired with the 180-degree flipping system. This technology causes the entire mopping head to spin, thus revealing a new side once one has been thoroughly utilized. Thus, with this mop, you’ll be able to cover much broader areas without having to waste time changing pads.

Paired with the spraying kit, makes the cleaning process even quicker since you don’t have to carry a bucket everywhere. You can use the best disinfectant available in the market and make sure that your floors are both healthy and sparkling clean.

Plus, with the pads being reusable, there isn’t another product that’ll give such good value.


  • Double-Sided deep cleaning pads
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides money’s worth
  • Spray based quick disinfection system
  • 180-degree spinning mopping head


  • Doesn’t feature a durable build
  • Lacks a 360-degree swivel system

6. Temples Pride Professional Microfiber Mop

Temples Pride Professional Microfiber Mop

If you’re tired of fancy gimmicks and all you’re looking for is a simple mop that gets the job done right, then this is another mop that should be on your list. Temples Pride has designed a mop that genuinely lives up to that lifetime guarantee. Giving you a product that is amazingly durable and flexible.

The mop comes with premium-grade mopping pads; these pads include two wet pads and one dry one. They’re all microfiber pads; however, these are designed to ensure quick cleaning while also being drag and resistance-free. These qualities, paired with its large 18-inch size, make the pads a great way quickly clean up large floors.

Furthermore, the mop comes with a large telescopic handle; this handle expands out from 29-inches to 62-inches. Plus, with the swivel head of the mop featuring a 360-degree movement system, you’ll be able to get to the darkest and tightest of corners easily. All these cleaning are doable while you remain in the most comfortable position.

The mops lightweight further makes it perfect for wall cleaning as well, giving you an overall cleaning solution. Except for walls, you’ll also be able to use the microfiber pads to clean up multiple floor types without any issue.

Although, the price might be a bit steeper for a simple mop; however, the value you’re getting here isn’t comparable.


  • Minimalistic design for optimal functionality
  • Large 18” cleaning pads
  • Extendable mop from 29”-62”.
  • 360-degree swivel system
  • Premium Grade Microfiber pads


  • Price is a bit high
  • Glued down Velcro strips

7. Turbo Mops Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Turbo Mops Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

If you haven’t had enough of the simple pads being showcased in this microfiber mops review, then here’s a treat for you. Another winner in the mopping category is the turbo mop; these are relatively similar to the one’s we’ve featured before.

However, it’s never a bad idea to have a few mop alternatives in mind, when you go for the purchase.

The mop, in this case, has a slightly smaller mop head at 17” compared to the other models. However, this feature does not cause a much drastic increase in mopping time; this factor remains more or less the same. Thus, you’ll still be getting a very efficient cleaning tool, that’ll cover up large floors in minutes.

Turbo Mops have made sure to make some of the best quality microfiber padding available in the market. These microfiber pads are designed to scrub off and pick up even the stingiest of dirt marks. The pads can be used on all surfaces while being thicker should provide you with almost six times the use of regular sweepers.

What further makes sure that you can use it for longer is the mops build quality, the handlebar has been built using a stainless steel tubing. Furthermore, the mop also features a heavy-duty swivel, that ensures failure-free movement. The mop also ensures multi-surface usage, so you can get enough usability out of the mop.


  • Lightweight and heavy-duty
  • Expandable handlebar
  • 360 swivel technology
  • Thick and long-lasting pads
  • Efficient and effective cleaning method


  • Slightly smaller pads
  • Price is a bit high for a simple mop

8. Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor / Dust Mop

Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor / Dust Mop

For those of you looking for cleaning equipment to purchase for commercial use, you should be looking for something that’s both economical and works effectively. This model here should provide you the best value; its cheap pricing and durable build quality make up for an outstanding product.

The mop doesn’t feature any fancy gimmicks; it’s a simple product that features a reasonably large 16” mop head. This mop head isn’t the largest one you’ll find in the market; however, it can still effectively and quickly cover large surfaces with ease.

However, the only issue being the head does not come with a swivel system making cleaning a bit tricky.

Furthermore, the mop features a telescopic handlebar; this can adjust the size according to needs. Therefore, the mop ensures that you can get into tight spaces quickly, giving the floor a complete cleaning. The aluminum build of the handlebar further makes it light and allows smooth coverage of walls as well.

The microfiber pad covers walls, and much more; this multipurpose cleaning makes this purchase worth its money. Furthermore, the pads come with a Velcro backing system; this should allow you to easily change between mopping without any fear of the Velcro coming off.


  • Telescopic handle for improved reach
  • Velcro backing system for faultless pad removal
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum build
  • Economical pricing for large quantity
  • Highgrade mopping pads for thorough cleaning


  • No 360-swivel system installedSmaller pads make coverage slower

9. O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Wet Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Wet Mop

For those of you looking for an alternative commercial mop, this product from O-Cedar should do the trick. The wet microfiber cloth mop by O-Cedar is a revival of the classical version, with the additional microfiber included. This addition into the mop makes for even greater rugged and deep cleaning with a thorough finish.

The mop comes with an extendable telescopic handle that can expand up to 56 inches in length. Thus, providing extra user comfort while also allowing the user to reach into difficult spots without having to put much effort. Moreover, the mop’s more extended handlebar improves the amount of coverage, making the job efficient.

This microfiber used on the mop is attached in strands; each strand consists of a thick layer of material. The extra thickness allows the microfiber to absorb much larger quantities of water; it can also pick up dirt, dust, and moisture much more quickly. This thickness thus ensures that the mop will give you a quick and thorough cleaning.

Furthermore, the lightweight of the mop allows for more comfortable and smoother cleaning. Plus, since the mop is wholly reusable, you won’t have to worry about spending money on it again and again. Moreover, the mop pricing is relatively cheap; if ordered in quantity, you should be getting your money’s value.


  • Throwback to the classic mop types
  • Thick microfiber strands for thorough cleaning
  • Telescopic handle allows extendibility
  • Quick and effective cleaning
  • Can be paired with a quick-wring bucket


  • Longer time for coverage than modern mops
  • No form of swivel system

10. Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop

For those of you with small kids at home, disinfecting the room and keeping it fresh usually remain essential aspects for the health of the child. In such cases, a regular mop won’t cut; what you’ll be needing is a steam mop. This mop from Shark is quite an excellent product as well, killing 99.99% of germs on just a single mop.

Not only is the mop great at what it does, but it is also amazingly quick. The mop can generate superheated steam in no more than 30 seconds, so you don’t need to worry about the waiting time. Furthermore, the mop uses some of the best microfiber pads available; these drag-free pads allow the mop to glide along any surface easily.

Using steam and the scrub pads on hardened stains should also allow you to remove them easily, leaving almost no mark that they ever existed. Furthermore, the microfiber on the pads can catch hold of much more than that, helping you to entirely clear out your home of dirt, dust, and grime.

Additionally, the mops soft-grip handles and up/down swivel system provide much greater comfort to those using it. The swivel allows the mop to reach into the dark spots located below furniture, making sure to clean out all the germs. Pricewise this mop is relatively reasonable for a steam mop, making it a good purchase.


  • The product delivers good value
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Optimum healthy clean floors
  • Takes only 30secs to heat up
  • Comfortable to use


  • Does not include a 360 Swivel system
  • The mop is relatively heavier

Things to Consider Before Buying

Even though this isn’t one of the more expensive purchases that you’re about to make. The mop is still a purchase that carries quite a bit of importance as the health and cleanliness of your is quite essential. To help you better understand which mop fits you the best, we’ve designed this brief buying guide.

Which Surface Should You Be Mopping on?

Microfiber mops are great at wiping up anything from almost all surfaces; although this is true, it doesn’t paint a complete picture. Each mop and its pad are developed a bit differently including, some for scrubbing, smooth working, dry use, and even heavy-duty.

Different microfiber pad with varying thicknesses and structures make the mop exceptionally good at particular types of floor. Make your mop purchases based on the type of floor you’ll be cleaning; this will give you relatively optimal functionality. Thus, making sure that mop makes your money worth it.   

Microfiber Mop

Type of Mop to Purchase

All microfiber mops necessarily do the same task; however, there are still quite a few variants that exist between them. The most common ones being the simple professional mops, the steamer mops, and the spin mops.

Each mop is considerably different in design and has an extra few features to them. Still, they all perform the same process of cleaning.

If you don’t trust cleaning agents and don’t want any of that toxic chemical anywhere near your expensive wooden floors, then the steamer is for you. The mop uses electricity to superheat water and run it out as steam through a nozzle; this can happen in a continuous or a manual process. I suggest you to check out the Mc 1385 from McCulloch and Wagner 0282014 915.

While it does provide a thorough cleaning, it also burns down all germs and viruses, making your home healthier.

The spin mop is like any other professional mop, however it’s circular in design and comes with a bucket. This mop is usable for those who’re cleaning large surface areas and can’t afford to wait for the mop to be cleaned and dried after every wipe.

Lastly, you have the professional mop; this is the simplest of the bunch. Here the mop uses a lightweight mop head, usually with a 360 swivel. This mop is mainly for those who prefer flexibility and are looking for quick cleaning techniques.


Size is a factor that can be broken down into two different categories, one is the size of the mop head and another being the size of the handlebar.

Lets talk about the mop heads first, mop heads are the platform at the end of a mop that house the scrubbing pads. Each mop has a different sized/shape head available. So, when you go out to purchase a mop, buy one with a large and thin head and universal size. Most people go for 18” pads; these are relatively large and have fantastic coverage.

Moreover, all these pad sizes are relatively common in the market, allowing you to alternate to different mop heads in the future.

The length of the handlebar is also enormously important, longer bars allow for much better reach. However, storage is also a concern, which is why it is always recommended going for telescopic bars; these bars help provide the best of both worlds.

Thus, the handlebars allow you to get into tight spaces or under furniture for thorough cleaning.

Other Features

Features like the 360 swivel system are essential additions to the mop industry. These allow the user to navigate the mop through uneven or irregular sides easily, giving the home a far better clean. This system also provides quite the comfort to its users as they don’t have to twist and turn, the mop does it for them.


1. What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a commonly heard term used for device/screen cleaning cloths. However, quite a few people know that microfiber can also be used as an effective home cleaning solution. Home cleaning is possible due to what’s going in this piece of cloth.

The cloth is a synthetic creation, created using a blend of polyester and polyamide. These two things that make up the material make it extremely durable and amazing at absorbing water. Thus, making microfiber an obvious option to consider for cleaning solutions.

2. Are these microfiber cleaning pads reusable?

Not all pads are reusable, some pads that are supplied by manufacturers may just be for disposable use. However, there are quite a few manufacturers that supply reusable pads; these can be used again and again, even after washing it 500 times.

3. How will I be able to reuse my microfiber pads?

Cleaning a microfiber pad is hugely simple; all that’s required is a foamy hand scrub using lukewarm water and soap. After which a thorough rinse should do the trick to making the pad as good as new. If you aren’t feeling like doing a handwash, you can just put the pad into a washing machine or dryer, and the rest should be history.

4. Will I need to put on a cleaner onto mop?

The answer to this depends on what you’re trying to clean. If you’re trying to pick up dust and dirt from your floor, a dry mop should do the trick effectively. However, if you’re looking to remove stains or clean the floor to make it healthy and fresh, then a cleaner becomes necessary.

5. What types of floors can I use my mop on?

The best feature for microfiber is its ability to clean on almost any surface. Thus, you’ll be making a money worthy purchase as all you’ll ever need in one single mopping pad.

Most microfiber mops can quite easily cover floors made using materials like tiles, hardwood, vinyl, marble, linoleum, and concrete. Thus, one mop will be able to cover your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and garage, without the need for a product change.

Final Words

The importance that mops place on a daily healthy and clean livelihood only seems small but has a powerful effect. If a mop can have this much value, there’s almost no reason why you should not buy the best microfiber mop in the market. Thus, you’re helping keep your family healthy, plus living in a fresh and clean home.

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