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Best Granite Sealer Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide and FAQ

Granite undoubtedly beautifies any surface. However, with time, the beauty of granite fades because of absorbing various liquids and chemicals used on its surface. Granites have tiny pores which are not usually visible to the normal eyes. Through these pores, liquids and other chemicals seep in and ruin the luster of the surface.

To protect the surface of granite, using the best granite sealer is a must. Granite sealers are very simple compounds. They form a strong bond within its molecules and protects the surface of the granite from external factors that cause damage to the granite.

There will be listing the best granite reviews below. Keep on reading to find out more about the products.

Benefits of Granite Sealer

Granite sealers are chemical compounds in a liquid form that helps cover up the pores on the surface of your granite and protect it from getting damaged from liquids in the future. Granite is used the most on kitchen countertops, which is probably the place that gets the roughest treatment.

A kitchen is used multiple times a day, starting from spilling liquid to getting scratches from knives, etc. After use, kitchen countertops usually face harsh cleaning in an attempt to turn it squeaky clean.

Apart from soap and water in cleaning,  coarser chemicals are often used as well. These chemicals easily seep into the granite through its numerous minute pores. Slowly with time, the granite loses its beauty and looks old too soon.

Accordingly, protecting the granite from such damage is not a big deal at all since granite sealers are easy to use. All you have to do is properly clean the granite surface and apply the granite sealer on it. To make sure even application of the product, you can use a brush to spread it all over the granite.

The final step requires you to wipe off and polish the surface with a dry cloth to ensure perfection. This is easy to do and guarantee maximum protection to your granite surface.

Our Best Granite Sealer Picks

If high-quality granite sealers are not used, your granite will not be appropriately protected. To help you to find the best sealer for granite in the market, we have created these granite sealer reviews for you.

Here are the products we have found the best in the market:

1. Granite Gold Sealer Spray

Granite Gold Sealer Spray

This is one of the most reliable products you can find for sealing granite. It creates a barrier between external components and the granite; thus protecting the surface against liquids like oil, water, coffee, tea, wine and cleaning chemicals.

The product also defends the granite from scratches and gathering up dust from time to time. This is not applicable only for granite but you can also use this on the surface of any stones like marble, travertine, grout, slate, and limestone.

You can easily use it without much efforts. Just spray this compound on a clean granite surface, preferably within 3 feet and immediately wipe it up with a cloth. Make sure you wipe it off quickly for a flawless application.

To ensure maximum protection, you will need to repeat the process 2-3 times. Be certain that you have the intervals for 20 minutes in between the applications. Since this sealer is non-toxic, it is safe to put food on top of it and around it.

This sealer is also PH balanced and biodegradable, which makes it safe to be used as a surface where food is kept. It has no phosphates or ammonia used in making the compound. Overall, this sealer has been produced keeping the utmost food safety in mind.

It also comes from a family owned business that has cared for stones and its maintenance for three entire generations. With a history that strong, you can only expect the very best from this product.


  • Non-toxic and doesn't contain harmful chemicals
  • High-quality protection
  • Can be used on any stone surface
  • Very easy to apply and maintain


  • Might not be 100% effective without multiple application
  • If applied on wet surfaces, it will create stains

2. Black Diamond Nex-Gen Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

Black Diamond Nex-Gen Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

This is one best granite countertop sealer that you can lay your hands on. The product has amazing quality with long-lasting protection for your granite. It will undoubtedly produce very professional results after use.

Accordingly, this sealer protects your granite from liquids like ink, drinks, oil, coffee, and wine. It also has a special property that protects your kitchen countertop from germs and bacteria. The liquid is non-toxic and non-corrosive. That means, while protecting your granite from corrosion, it will also ensure that you are safe around it.

However, since food is handled around it and sometimes even on it, the chemicals should be food-grade. Thus, non-toxic products are a must for use in the kitchen.

This product also doesn't produce any harmful odor that can ruin the environment in your kitchen. The chemical is water-based and can be used on both interior or exterior surfaces. You can also easily use this product to seal any stone, even concrete.

As this is very easy to use, you can utilize by yourself. All you need to do is apply the sealer on a clean and dry granite top and wipe off the excess liquid. If you want hefty protection, you can repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Consequently, it dries off quickly, and you can use your countertop after 24 hours. On the other hand, make sure you do not let the sealer to be dried off completely before you have wiped out the excess. Letting it dry as it is, will create an uneven surface and will leave your granite looking muddy forever.


  • Non-toxic, food-grade chemical
  • Low or no odor
  • Very easy to apply and use
  • Can be used on both concrete and stone


  • The bottle doesn't come with spray applicant
  • Letting it dry off completely will leave a hazy finish

3. TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector

TriNova presents you one of the most effective products available in the market. Its professional quality stone care system will blow your mind. The sealant is of premium quality and will take care of surfaces of any stone including granite.

If you are looking for a sealant that will last for a long time, this is the one. You can easily use it on other stones like marble, quartz, quartzite, and soapstone.  Due to the powerful polymers blended in its production, the chemical penetrates the stone and blocks other materials from entering the stone.

This sealant protects your granite from water staining and another residue gathering on the surface. A perfect finish will give you a glossy, shiny surface. Hence, you will get a granite top with a natural, shiny look.

The bottle comes with an extra-long nozzle pipe that ensures you can use up to the very last drop. The pipe of the nozzle bends sideways so that it reaches the very end of the bottle at the corner. Keeping the bottle a little tilted will assure that you get every bit of this sealant out.

It also comes with a practically no-odor formula that keeps your kitchen and home odor-free and fresh. Using this on the granite is also very easy. You need to apply a coating on the surface and wipe off the extra liquid with a dry cloth. Remember to polish with a micro-fiber fabric after it has dried off to give it a glossy finish.


  • Extra-long nozzle to get out the last drop
  • Leaves a sleek and glossy finish
  • Extremely easy to apply and use
  • Ensure high-quality protection for years


  • Might need multiple layers for best results
  • Will not work correctly if the instructions are not followed thoroughly

4. Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish

Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish

This product has one of the best formulae for cleaning and polishing stone surfaces. It is made to take care of your granite and keep it sparkling. You can use this product daily for your precious stone surfaces.

The product is an entirely streak-free. It removes grease, stains, watermarks, and grime without leaving streaks behind. Since this product is PH balanced, it will keep the stone seals safe from damage or discoloring.

The enhancing formula of this product also gives the stone surfaces more depth and reveals the beauty of the stone surfaces further.

This product makes the patterns on your beautiful granite to be exposed even more and brings out the natural shine of the stone. It practically leaves your surface glossy and slippery to the extent that your hands will gently glide along the surface.

You will also be able to use this product on surfaces of other stones like marble, quartz, soapstone, slate, quartzite, Corian and limestone. This is also applicable to laminate tiles and concrete.

After the huge amount of time you spend on choosing the prettiest stone and the money spent on buying it, it is extremely necessary to use the best products to ensure that the stone surfaces remain beautiful for years to come.

Likewise, The product provides the best protection for your stone surfaces and ensures that your stone surfaces remain dazzling and beautiful.

You can increase the shine by polishing the surface more while using this product. Thus, the best possible shine on your granite surface will remain.


  • Can be used every day for cleaning and polishing
  • PH balanced formula keeps your granite surface safe
  • Brings out the natural pattern and shine of the granite
  • Cleans grime and stains, and keeps the surface protected


  • May make the countertop too slippery
  • Not the best product for cleaning dried out grease

5. Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment

Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment

If you like hassle-free maintenance and one product for everything, this is your grail. The all-in-one formula of this product makes it perfect for sealing, cleaning and polishing your granite surface- all at once.

This guy is applicable for both granite and quartz by leaving a perfect finish on the surface.

It acts as a great protectant for your granite surface. The bottle is also made from stainless steel that makes it easier to store and handle. This is formulated with ioSeal and applicable for various kinds of stones and stone-made surfaces.

You can easily use it as a regular cleaner to clean the surfaces. It will wipe all sorts of marks and stains left by tea, coffee, wine, and other liquids. Moreover, it also eliminates grease marks and grime in one clean sweep.

Apart from cleaning, this product polishes your surface surprisingly. Just spray this product on your countertop and rub the surface several times with a dry cloth. Your surfaces will shine like it's brand new! Your granite top will gloss and shine like a mirror.

Accordingly, The product works simultaneously as a granite sealant. It enters the tiny pores on your granite and other stones. Then seals those pores off so that other materials cannot come and enter. Thus, your granite stays protected and safe from other substances ruining its color and luster.

You will not find a better product in the market that is capable of doing all three things at once. Therefore, if you are not at all a hassle-taker and like to rely on one product that solves it all, you should get this product.


  • Can simultaneously clean, polish and seal
  • Can be used on any stones surface
  • Makes surfaces reflective and glossy
  • Protects surfaces from


  • Works better as a shiner than a cleaner
  • You may have to use a separate soap first

6. Weiman Granite Sealer and Protector

Weiman Granite Sealer and Protector

Looking for something more professional that would completely seal off your granite and stone surface? Weiman brings you their most professional product for sealing.

This product is based on a floral polymer that is highly effective. It is both water and oil based, and have a powerful formula. This formula protects the surface of the granite and other stones from dirt and stains.

The sealer is better than an aerosol that can be easily applied with a trigger. It is perfect for both outdoors and indoors, for kitchens and even bathrooms. This product keeps your stone surface safe from liquids like tea, coffee, wine and from grease and grime.

It also keeps the surfaces secure from corrosive factors in the air than discolors and damages stones over time.

This is a very good product to restore lost color and shine of old granite. Use this product on your granite surface and see how your granite shines like brand new!

Apart from protecting and restoring old beauty, this product is excellent for providing a superior quality polish to the surface. It polishes the products without leaving any streaks and makes the surface shine like a mirror.

Likewise, this is superb for other stones as well, such as  marble, quartz, travertine, onyx, limestone, and slate. So you can easily use the same product for everything made from stone at your home. It doesn't only look spectacular, but also feels fabulous to touch.

Besides, this product is made from a non-toxic, non-acidic and unique formula that keeps the surface safe for food.


  • Professional-quality sealing and polishing
  • Usable on any kind of stone surface
  • Leaves the surface glossy and shining like a mirror
  • Protects stone surface from damage and discoloration


  • Doesn't fill up the more prominent craters on the stone surface
  • Might need a lot of polish to take off the hazy look

7. Black Diamond Nex-Gen Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

Black Diamond Nex-Gen Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

For complete protection of your countertop from oil, coffee, food, grease, ink, wine, and harmful germs, this sealer is one of the best granite countertop sealers available in the market.

It gives your countertops long-lasting protection from all sorts of major external stain-creators. Likewise, this product ensures a professional service that leaves your granite surfaces looking like new. It is also non-toxic and non-corrosive that has been designed uniquely only for stones.

Accordingly, the product is one of the best sealers you will ever find as it is tested by professionals and used widely by stone-care people all around the world. Moreover, this is also safe for contact with food, and that is very important since the food is handled around the kitchen counters and sometimes kept even on top of it.

This safe product keeps your loved ones safe and gives you the much-needed peace of mind.

It is a low-odor product and thus, doesn't fill up your kitchen with a toxic chemical smell. This guy is a water-based product and equally applicable for use on both the internal and external surface of the granite.

However, this doesn't work on only one granite but is equally useful for any kinds of stone, grout and even concrete. It is also straightforward to use. All you need to do is apply the sealer on the surface of your granite and let the liquid seep into the stone.

Once the liquid penetrates the surface, just wipe off the excess liquid for a beautiful finish. You can also buff it up by polishing the surface when dry.


  • Professional quality sealing
  • Non-toxic and safe around food
  • Low odor formula keeps the surrounding odorless
  • Easy to apply and use


  • Will be needed to reapply after 6 months
  • The spray attachment doesn't come with the bottle

8. Tenax Granite Sealer, Marble Sealer, & Stone or Concrete Sealer

Tenax Granite Sealer, Marble Sealer, & Stone or Concrete Sealer

This is yet another sealer that is widely loved by professionals all around the world. It has an excellent capacity for coverage, and just one quart can cover 160-180 square feet of area.

The special formula makes this sealer dry within minutes, and it is completely invisible once dry. You can wait for a maximum of 10 minutes for the entire surface to dry. Within 24 hours after using this sealer, your countertop will be perfectly water-repellent.

It is a mineral based product that can be used on all kinds of stone. Although it stops other kinds of liquids from entering the stone, it keeps the surface breathable at all times. This product does its work very efficiently by making sure that the color or shine of the surface is not ruined.

The product is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. Since it makes sure that the finishing keeps water away from the surface, it can be used in bathrooms and other places where water is in plenty. It will leave your surface completely protected and polished.

This is also straightforward to use. You need to apply the product on the surface of your granite and see if it is being soaked in. You will understand whether the stone is soaking the liquid in by the change in color. When it starts to soak the liquid in, the stone becomes darker.

Once the liquid is soaked in, wipe the surface with a clean cloth so that extra liquid doesn't sit on the surface. Wait for 5 minutes while the surface dries off and then apply a second coating to ensure high protection.


  • Protects the surface from damage or discoloration
  • Highly effective for any kinds of stone
  • Very easy to apply on the surface
  • Drying off takes 5 minutes


  • May give off a strong smell while using
  • The smell may linger for a few hours even after drying

9. Granite Plus! 2 in 1 Cleaner & Sealer for Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone

Granite Plus! 2 in 1 Cleaner & Sealer for Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone

One of the best granite sealers in the market and delight to use. It keeps your granite tops clean and streak-free. It is also PH balanced, which makes sure that it is not harmful if your food and drinks come in contact with it. Furthermore, it has a no-rinse hypoallergenic formula that makes it just great!

Similarly, this amazing sealer protects your surfaces from getting stained. It also helps the surface not to gather dust and get dirty quickly. Since the surface becomes dust and liquid repellant, cleaning becomes easy.

The sealer protects your granite surface from all kinds of stains like coffee, tea, ink, wine, and grease marks from food. It can be used easily on countertops, floors, and showers, and even on surfaces that comes continuously in touch with water.

This product is made in the USA with unique design and tested by professionals. It is also widely used by professionals around the world who highly recommend it. Your granite top will need sealing only about every three years after using this product, which is pretty long-lasting.

Every time you use this sealer, you fortify the performance of the product. It can be used on surfaces of Corian, ceramic, quartz, limestone, travertine and marble as well. Rinsing is not necessary for this product.

It is a part of a premium series of stone care products that keep your work surfaces well groomed and glossy. The performance of this product is truly unmatched. It gives you the perfect value for your money which has  made it the best sealer for granite.


  • Usable on all stone, ceramic and tile surfaces
  • Great quality of service
  • Readily applicable and stays put for three years in a row
  • Makes surfaces shiny and glossy


  • Less effective in case of hard water marks
  • The bottle might be challenging to work with

10. Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

This product comes with the best applicator which is uniquely built for taking care of stone surfaces. The spray valve is new and improved. It allows you to carry out a full coverage with little effort.

The applicator evenly sprays the sealer on the surface of any stone and provides you a smooth application.

This material is designed in a way that the liquid can penetrate deep into the surface of the stone, thus ensuring a solid barrier between the stone and other substances. The molecules also have a thick and strong bond between themselves. Hence, the coating protects the stone even from moisture.

It is a water-based sealer and also acts excellently on grout. Using one sealer approximately 100 square feet can be sealed easily. It can be used on granite, marble and other stone surfaces as well. It is not meant for any artificial surfaces.

The barrier produced looks very natural and does not look like an extra layer at all. It leaves the surface well-protected and shiny. This product has been in the market for 15 years and has successfully catered to millions of stone surfaces.

It also polishes the surface and makes it look glossier than before. It brings a brand new look to any surface and gives the surfaces back the shine that it has lost over time. It is also very easy to apply.

In order to use the product, you need to apply it on the surface of the granite. The excess liquid needs to be wiped off completely with the help of a clean cloth. You can wait for few minutes to dry the surface off and apply another coating if you like, but it is not required.


  • Applicable for any natural stone surface
  • Great and improved applicator that ensures an even application
  • Leaves surface looking like new
  • Consumer-friendly product


  • Might have to apply multiple time to get the full effect
  • Old watermarks might still be visible

Features to Consider before Buying

Before you order one of these products, you will need to keep the following features in mind:

1. Bonding Between The Molecules

You need to buy a product that is strong in terms of bonding among the molecules. The stronger the bonding, the securer will be the protection. For example, the Tenax Hydrex is a great product with strong bonding between the molecules. 

Strong bonding will also create a stronger, impenetrable barrier which is extremely necessary for keeping the granite surface safe from harm and corrosion. Stronger barriers also keep moisture away from the surface that keeps the stones safe from the destruction of nature.

2. The Time Necessary to Dry

This is very important because if the sealer does not dry off easily, it will be more time-consuming. In most of the cases, you will have to apply the sealer multiple times to get the best results. To do that, the surface needs to be completely dry first.

If you want to make sure that you are buying a product that dries off quickly, you can check the description for how long it takes for the product to dry off completely. For instance, the Tenax Hydrex granite sealer takes only about 5-10 minutes to dry off before the surface is ready for another round of coating.

3. Applicator

This feature is more important than you think because without the applicator, the sealer would be tough to use. Some of the sealers come in spray bottles which you can easily use to spray the liquid onto the granite surface. Sometimes, the applicator comes separately, but along with the package.

In some of the most disappointing cases, applicators are not included in the package. For example, the Black Diamond Next-Gen Granite Sealer doesn't come with an applicator. If you do not have a spare applicator lying around at home, you will have no other way of applying the sealer.

In such cases, you will have to order a sealer separately, or buy one from the local market. If that is the case, make sure that the applicator fits the bottle perfectly. Otherwise, the applicator will be of no use.

4. Number of Coatings Required

Some of the granite sealers require multiple coatings to get the best effect. On the other hand, in some of the cases, only one and a maximum of two layers of the product were sufficient to bring out the best in the stone. Before buying, look for the instructions and check whether multiple coatings are necessary.

It is always better to buy the ones that do not require multiple layers because multiple layers mean more product and more effort. However, in case of products that do not need multiple layers, you will only be wasting the product if you do not know that a single layer is enough for bringing out the protection and the shine.

For example, the Rock Doctor Granite Sealer needs to be applied 3-4 times to give the maximum granite protection and to bring out the shine in the granite.

Types of Granite Sealer

Based on the functions and how the work is done, sealers can be of three different types:

1. Penetrating Sealer

Exactly as the name suggests, these kinds of sealers penetrate the surface of the stone and block the pores so that other substances cannot seep through. These sealers do not create an extra film; instead, keep the surface of the stone natural.

Likewise, they are great for protecting your granite from basic stains like tea, coffee, ink, wine and other substances that can stain the surface. In other words, these sealers can provide moderate to high level of protection to the surface.

2. Enhancing Sealers

The name says it all. Enhancing sealers improve the color and look of the stone. It means that it modifies how the granite looks originally. These products are mostly oil based and give your granite surface protection from oil-based stains that can leave marks behind.

They also make the color of the stone more vibrant, but it does not, make the surface shinier. It enhances the color of the stone but leaves the other aspects alone such as the shine of the stone.

3. Topical Sealers

Topical sealers give your granite surface an excellent glossy finish. They do not seep into the stone surface like the penetrating sealers but produce a shiny and silky transparent film over the top of the surface. This quality makes the surface more polished than other sealers can make.

These kinds of sealers also wear off more easily than other types of sealers. To keep these sealers and their gloss intact, you need to be apply more often to the surface of the stones than other kinds of sealers.

Although this particular feature makes these kinds of sealer a little inconvenient to use, the gloss that these produces is worth the pain.

However, the sealers in our review are all penetrating sealers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's walk you through the most common questions you may have:

Q. Can this Product be Used on One Marble?

A. Yes, most stone sealers can be used on all kinds of natural stone. Nevertheless, if you are using it on a particularly sensitive kind of stone, feel free to knock the producers before buying a particular brand of granite sealers.

Q. Can this be Used on Tiles?

A. Yes, most granite sealers are equally applicable for tiles and even concrete. You can also check our tile sealer reviews.

Q. What is the Difference between Oil Based and Water Based Sealers?

A. Oil-based sealers will keep oil-based products away from the surface, and water-based sealers will keep water-based products away from your surface. However, things are not entirely black and white when it comes to sealers. More or less all sealers keep the basic kinds of stains away.

Q. Does it Come with an Applicator?

A. Most brands provide an applicator with the bottle. Notwithstanding, a few brands are found not doing it. Therefore, make sure you read the descriptions.

Q. How Many Layers Do I Need to Apply?

A. This varies from product to product. On the other hand, it is always very safe to apply 3-4 coatings of the product to get the best result from any product. It is best that you research the correct way to seal grouts before you do it.

Got more questions? Feel free to mail the sellers.

Final Verdict

We hope that our granite sealer reviews were tremendous help to you. Now that you are thoroughly educated on the subject and can be considered somewhat of an expert, feel free to choose the best granite sealer out there. Make your granite top shine like a diamond from the Rihanna songs!

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