Best Electrolux Vacuum Reviews

5 Best Electrolux Vacuum Reviews with Buying Guide

In the modern world, no one has time to do house chores in an old-fashioned way. Hence, we have designed machines that are fast yet efficient and sometimes even enjoyable.

You will see the same trend in vacuum cleaners as well. Notice how they have gone from big bulky machines to convenient small cleaners. And one of the leading brands for such specialization is Electrolux. However, they have numerous models and a vast portfolio, which is why we will talk about only the best Electrolux vacuum.

These devices are super useful for any household as they have tons of features that you can exploit. Moreover, you will also see how easy cleaning becomes when you get a product from this brand.

5 Best Electrolux Vacuum Reviews

Without further ado, let us see which models are the top-ranking ones from the Electrolux brand.

1. Electrolux EL7201A Bagless Upright Vacuum

Electrolux EL7201A Bagless Upright Vacuum

Some people love decorating their homes with numerous furniture. It makes the rooms feel more lived in. However, cleaner under and around this furniture can be such a pain! Even vacuum cleaners fail in this field as they might not easily fit.

However, upright vacuums such as the EL7201A might be the product of your cluttered dreams. It has a 180-degree swiveling head that makes it a piece of cake to move around solid objects. This unit fits right at any corner because of its angle.

It even has a small LED at the top of the head that illuminates the dark places! So now you can clean under tough places, and you are doing. Several attachments also support this range of movement.

You get three different heads, including a crevice tool, a brush roll, and a small dusting brush. So, depending on the surface, you can change the tools and clean them accordingly. Additionally, changing the heads is very easy too.

Moreover, you also get an aluminum wand that adds more height to the flexible hose. It also makes it stiffer, which allows you to hold it upright and vacuum walls and shelves.

So, you get a 3-in-1 action with this one device. It is a comparatively small item since it is a bagless cleaner. But it still has a dust cap that is in conjunction with a high-quality filter. Thus, it will not only clean the visible dirt but also clean the air.

Since it is small, its motor is also tiny. But you will still get 11 amps of power, which is sufficient for cleaning carpets, stairs, sofas, and curtains. It will be a very good vacuum for stairs.


  • Enables 3-in-1 cleaning
  • Comes with useful attachments
  • 180 degree swiveling head makes it easier to clean
  • LED light increases visibility
  • Lightweight design


  • The cleaner can be loud

2. Electrolux Pure i9 Robotic Vacuum, Shale Grey Satin

Electrolux Pure i9 Robotic Vacuum, Shale Grey Satin

If you simply do not have the time to look after the floors, then even the most powerful vacuum cleaner cannot help you. However, an automated one can. Luckily, The Pure i9 from Electrolux is a fully automatic robotic vacuum.

It is a hands-free product that does not require any supervision what so ever. Having supreme mapping technology surely helps it get around to different places in the house as well. Not only does it cover every spot, but the robot also knows where it cleaned earlier. It remembers the entire layout of the room, similar to the Roomba vacuums.

Besides that, the 26 cm cleaning path vacuums a large surface in one go. So, it can cover any place such as under furniture, beds, etc. Its triangular shape also helps it to fit into tight corners.

A small fan extruding at the side also does an excellent job of sweeping corners. It can truly travel to every part of the house as it can even climb small heights. So, if you have a carpet, the product will detect it and climb.

The i9 might be a small tool, but it can collect an impressive amount of dust, even pet hair, and store it in the dust cap. Moreover, it automatically returns to the charging station and starts charging when it runs out of charge.

What is truly fantastic is the app that you can use for the robot. You can check its activity, monitor its health, and even fix schedules sitting anywhere inside your house. To do this, you will have to sync the robot to the app, et voila! You then have full access to the device.

If you are into robot vacuums, you can have a loot at the comparison of Roomba 860 and Roomba 870 or Roomba 761 and 650.


  • Automated-vacuum
  • Can reach tricky corners
  • Automated charging with a docking port
  • It can be app-connected
  • Intelligent navigation system


  • It is not suitable for deep-cleaning

3. Electrolux EL7085B Ultraone Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Electrolux EL7085B Ultraone Deluxe Canister Vacuum

These devices make cleaning so easy. With some swipes, your whole house is dust-free. However, cleaning the vacuum itself can be pretty boring, and sometimes even a challenge if the product design is unnecessarily hard.

The EL7085B has Electrolox’s signature brush roll attachment, but the roll is also self-cleaning! You may ask how, and the answer is that the roll smartly compiles all the pieces that can get tangled.

So, it turns long hair, pet hair, wool, and strings into a ball and sends it into the dustpan. The entire process happens while the vacuum also suctions small dirt particles. Hence this machine takes care of both visible dirt and dust.

However, you will have to clean the brush roll from time to time to ensure maximum efficiency. It also has HEPA filters at the opening of any brush. So, nothing goes to the dustpan without passing through the filter.

That way, it can contain allergens and small particles with ease. And the best part is they are washable. You can take it out of the container and chuck it in soap. Thus, you save money from having to buy replacements.

This model is a canister system and not upright. However, it has a wand that extends to your arms reach. You can even adjust it as it has three levels of height. This wand not only makes controlling the hose easier but also has buttons right on your fingertips.

To top it off, you will also get three different tools that will help you clean almost everywhere around the house. The crevice tool, especially, will be handy in dusting cushions, walls, and sofas.


  • Has a self-cleaning brush roll
  • Three different height adjustments
  • Easy to control
  • Comes with three attachments
  • No need to buy filter replacements


  • You may experience loud noise

4. Electrolux Upright Vacuum, Brushroll Clean, EL8807A - Corded

Electrolux Upright Vacuum Brushroll Clean EL8807A

Before buying a vacuum, if you only think of the floors, that will not do. You should get a device that can clean the carpets, wooden or marble floors, and even the walls.

Electrolux offers such products called the EL8807A. Why buy multiple devices when you can clean all the surfaces with one product? It can cater to the dirt on different surfaces thanks to its brush-roll feature.

So, the vacuum head has a brush that rolls instead of a static tube with bristles. The dirt passes through the brush and forms into a cluster, which then goes straight to the dust canister. Hence, whether it is a woolen carpet or long human hair, it does not get tangled.

Moreover, the machine has impressive power when it comes to suction. The brand has a unique cyclonic technology that ensures zero reduction in power. So, it will clean all the areas with the same force.

You can even vacuum walls with this baby. It has extension wands and hoses which can stretch to reach the high corners of the ceiling. Moreover, different heads also make the task easier.

For example, there is a crevice tool that will fit perfectly in any corner. There is another brush that bends in the middle. So, you can suction the edges of the stairs as well. On top of all of that, you get a 25-foot power cord for maximum movability.

The brand also takes care of filtration by installing powerful HEPA filters to capture the smallest dirt spec. You can wash it directly under tap water or detergent water if the filter becomes too dirty.


  • It can clean all the surfaces of your house
  • Comes with hoses and wands
  • Has different attachment heads
  • It allows more movability
  • Comes with washable filters


  • Assembling the parts can be annoying

5. Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum

If you are a clean freak and do not care how big the vacuum cleaner is as long as it keeps your house squeaky clean, we have something for you. The EL4335B fro the brand is a high-power vacuum with unique features.

It has a 12-amp motor with its signature cyclonic technology that promises to draw every bit of dirt with one swipe. Moreover, it has a large brush head that covers a lot of space that needs dusting.

Two wheels at the bottom of the wand remain adjacent to the large head as well. So, it becomes easy for you to move it around. Besides that, the whole machine is also movable and has faux wheels that work.

However, the hose can stretch up to 8 feet with ease. So, it is unlikely that you have to move the machine around too much. Even the cord is lengthy, about 21 feet, so you do not have to worry about power outlets.

Another reason why this model is great for heavy cleaning is it has a sufficiently large dust canister. It can hold up to 1.4 quarts of dust that passes through the brush roll. The roll itself captures some debris along with the filter.

Of course, the filters are top-notch qualities, and for such a premium product, the brand only included premium HEPA filters. It can capture up to 99.97% of allergens. The more good news is that you can easily clean it and the canister because of easy empty technology.

It also has other convenient features such as fingertip buttons for easy control and three height adjustment levels on the wand. So, you can control every movement and action with ease.


  • Can hold a good amount of dust
  • It is effortless to maintain
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Comes with a premium HEPA filter
  • Has easy controls


  • It is a bit bulky

How to Choose the Best One

There are multiple factors to consider before you get dead set on a vacuum cleaner. But do not worry as we will describe each of these factors and inform when it will benefit you the most.

Type of Vacuum

If you did not already know, vacuum cleaners come in various shapes and sizes. There are giant vacuums with big canisters, upright models, regular-sized cleaners, and even robotic machines.

Each of these designs will benefit you in different ways. For example, if you want a machine for your warehouse or garage, you should certainly pick a bigger model. That way, you can clean at a stretch, and the canister will acquire all the dirt.

For your household, you can always pick regular vacuum cleaners or upright ones. Upright models provide you more flexibility as you can easily walk around with them. They will also be more suitable if there are stairs inside your home.

On the other hand, if you do not need frequent deep cleaning, you can go for a robotic cleaner. The devices are self-sufficient and very easy to manage. However, if the house has stairs, you should ensure that the robot has quality navigation sensors to avoid falling off the stairs.


The motor will decide how much power you will get. Obviously, Ael will generate more power, but that does not mean it will be optimum. Smaller cleaners can also produce sufficient power if they have good designs and technology.

So, if you want the best buck for your money, check for unique systems in the product or the energy-efficient label. Moreover, the weight of the motor will also affect the overall weight of the machine. So, if you want more mobility, you might have to sacrifice a larger motor.

Hose and Wand

The length of the hose is significant for any vacuum cleaner. If it has a nice length, you can get more reach while not moving the machine every 2 minutes. Moreover, the hose should also stretch. This feature will ensure that the machine does not fill the room with wires and hoses.

Having extra wands is also helpful. The wands are generally straight and do not bend. So, you can use those to clean upright surfaces such as walls or shelves. It will also come in handy if you want to reach under furniture. However, you should check the material of the wand.

If it is not aluminum or any other light material, then you might get arm aches quickly.


The different attachments always make such products more versatile. It allows you to vacuum different surfaces, whether its floors, fabric, or even a car. A brush roll and a crevice tool ease your vacuum experience.

So, if you are eyeing a product that does not have a crevice tool, you probably should avoid it. Other attachments, such as a dust-brush or a mini roller, can also be useful for different situations.


If the product has the option for cleaning at different speeds, it makes vacuuming on multiple surfaces easier. Now, if you think about it, cleaning a wool carpet will need much more strength than cleaning a marble floor. The placement of these speed buttons and on/off switches are also necessary.

Some brands also provide an app that can virtually connect the machine to your phone. If your favorite model has such features, then you surely made the right choice.


You should not compromise on cord lengths. If brands are coming out with cleaners with less than 10 ft cords, they reduce the quality of the product. A long cord will let you vacuum from one power outlet and increase mobility. If you want, you can even take the product out to clean your car or outside furniture.


HEPA filters have become the industry standard when it comes to a vacuum cleaner. They are excellent in containing small dust particles and cleaning the air. However, these filters have different types too. Some are washable; some you need to replace. So, you should check what filter model your vacuum has.


You will have to clean the vacuum machine from time to time, and many people do not look forward to that day. However, many models now have simpler cleaning systems with easy-to-empty technology and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For how long can I use an Electrolux vacuum?

You can easily use the products for eight years or more.

2. Are Electrolux products expensive?

The brand has products of different prices, but it can be considered a high-end brand.

3. Do all the models have a brush roll system?

No, the robotic models do not have the brush roll system.

4. How do I clean the filters?

You pop it out of the canister and wash it directly underwater and any soap.

5. How long is the extension cord?

The extension cord's size differs based on the model, but it is more than 10 ft in general.

Final Word

People around the world know and love Electrolux for their amazing products. They have been a manufacturer for so long that finding the best Electrolux vacuum was not easy. But we have our verdict, and it is up to you to decide which one of them is your favorite.

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