Best Door Popper Kit

The Best Door Popper Kit in 2021

Shaved car doors have become a massive trend among aftermarket car enthusiasts. If you are wondering what a shaved door is, it is a customization style that makes your car doors totally plain. It gives the car a very clean, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing look and gels really well with the modern minimalistic approach.

However, a shaved door also means you no longer have an external door handle on your car. Wait that can’t be right; how do I get into my car then? Well, this is where the perks of having the best door popper kit come in!

As always, we have put several door popper kits to the test to find you the best four options. The guide contains not only reviews of the four select products, but several other information you will find handy in buying the perfect product!

Benefits of Using Door Popper Kit

If you are still not a hundred percent sold on door popper kits, let us walk you through some advantages of having one installed.

Beautify Your Car 

The very first, and most obvious advantage of using a door popper kit is that it gives you the option to have a shaved car door. As we’ve mentioned before, this very on-trend aftermarket customization does not leave an option for an external handle. If you are looking to join in on the bandwagon, you will definitely need a door popper kit!

Newer Models

Posh, new models of cars may even come with shaved doors – so door popper kits are no longer something that is only in demand by aftermarket enthusiasts. Your car may require it fresh out of the factory too.

Besides purchasing for customization, if you are looking to purchase door popper kits for such cars, you have come to the right place!


In this day and age, more and more people are becoming fans of automation. We love for our work to be taken care of by machines and systems – and who would not want for car doors to be added to the list of things that can be controlled with a simple remote?

4 Best Door Popper Kit Reviews 

To kick this article off, let us start with the four door popper kits! These kits have passed all our tests, and we are excited to recommend them to you.

1. AutoLoc Power Accessories 129184 4 Function Remote Shaved Door Popper Kit

AutoLoc Power Accessories 129184 4 Function Remote Shaved Door Popper Kit

Let us look at the first door popper kit we have picked as our top four. This kit will help you open your car door efficiently without the need for an external handle. The kit comes with all the necessary equipment and components needed to successfully install a door popper kit.

As the popper is fully remote-controlled, it will make life much more convenient for you. You do not need to reach into cars with shaved doors to open the door using the internal handles anymore.

Furthermore, the kit has a very heavy-duty construction. This makes it very compatible with use with sturdy doors and expensive cars. More often than not, cheaply made door popper kits fail to work well with heavy-duty cars and might even adversely affect the door and lock system.

This door popper system had high torque solenoids that help open the heaviest of doors just as easily. The system can be used on two doors of your car. Mostly, such systems are used with the front doors of the car. Additionally, the remote has four different functions that help you use the kit in multiple ways.

A great feature of this kit is that it has an emergency door popper button. This comes in handy if the lock of your door starts malfunctioning or if the lock gets jammed in accidents or such.

The kit itself boats really high-quality components and construction. As a result, it serves you for a long time. The kit is almost unlikely to fail due to shortcomings in quality. We assure you that this is one of the best solutions to your shaved door problems!


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 4-function remote
  • Emergency door opener button
  • Built-in door pop safety
  • Very easy installation 


  • Popper button gets stuck sometimes

2. MPC 2 Door Popper Kit 60 Pound System with Remotes Save Hours on Installation

MPC 2 Door Popper Kit 60 Pound System with Remotes Save Hours on Installation

The next door popper kit on our list is a great, durable kit that will help you fully automate the lock and handle functions of your car. With the option to work with two doors, this four function kit will help you save a lot of time and increase convenience.

Like all door popper kits, this also comes with a remote which you can use to control the doors. On the remote, you will find buttons designated for each door that you use the system with, so switching from one door to another, or making sure you open the correct door each time, is just a breeze.

If the door gets jammed, you no longer need to worry about being stuck inside till someone helps you out. This is because the remote also includes an emergency button, which you can use to open the door in urgent cases. If the lock malfunctions or there is an accident, you know you’re covered.

To install this kit is also fairly simple. Your purchase will include all the mounting hardware you will need as well as a braided steel linkage cable which may also be very useful not just for the installation but also for the maintenance of this kit if need be.

Made of chrome, the durability of this kit is not to be questioned. This kit is set to last you for a long time along with high-quality remotes that will not deteriorate with prolonged use.

Additionally, this system can also be used with the existing handles on a car door. It does not necessarily always have to be with shaved car doors. So this is a very multipurpose and versatile option for those interesting in such kits!


  • Braided steel linkage cable included
  • 4-function remote
  • Emergency button
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Great build and quality


  • May be difficult to install for first timers

3. JDMSPEED New Door Popper Kit Replacement for 2 Door with 2 Remotes - 80 Lbs Popper System

JDMSPEED New Door Popper Kit Replacement for 2 Door with 2 Remotes

The next recommendation comes with a relatively heavy price tag. If you are willing to invest this amount, you will get the return in absolutely no time. This high-quality door popper kit is compatible with several different cars and a range of car doors.

What we really appreciate is that the system is very easy to install. Many first-timers are also able to get the wiring installed in one go. Thus, we recommend this product if you are a novice at installing car parts. With a great user manual included, you can get the job done in mere minutes.

The four functions remote control system helps you make opening your car door endlessly convenient. Moreover, the remote takes care of both the doors individually, so you do not have to worry about the hassle of switching before doors.

This kit too comes with an emergency door popper button, which may help you get out of difficult situations. If your lock is jammed due to an accident, impact, waterlogging, or just any mechanical mishap, this button has got your back.

You can use this kit with cars that have shaved doors and well as those with the door handles still intact. So, as a result, you can keep the option of using the handle manually as well as automating it – the best of both worlds!

Being 85 lbs. gives the kit the ability to work wonderfully with many different models as well as doors. This is a very widely compatible kit. So as you can see, investing in it will definitely pay off. We really love the value that this kit offers for its price.


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materials
  • For both shaved doors and existing handles
  • 2 doors
  • Emergency button


  • Relatively expensive

4. CARMOCAR New Shaved Handle Door Popper Kit 2 Door Kit With Remote ONE SET 85 lb

CARMOCAR New Shaved Handle Door Popper Kit 2 Door Kit With Remote ONE SET 85 lb

The next product is one we would recommend to those who love products with great aesthetics. This door popper kit has a very high-quality look-and-feel and a premium gloss finish which sets it apart from most of the options that are available on the market.

Keeping up with several competing products, this kit too, offers a remote control that offers four different functions. The remote also helps you open two doors individually, and it ensures that you can switch between the doors effortlessly.

In cases of emergencies, the emergency door popper button will always be at your disposal. If you are stuck inside, gotten waterlogged, or into an accident, you can always count on the emergency button to ensure that you make it out of your vehicle safely.

This kit is also built with great materials that prove to be very durable time and again. We are confident that it will serve you without any hassle for a long time. The materials will not harm your car door or any other system, providing smooth service.

With heavy-duty solenoids, weighing in at 50 to 180 lbs., this kit can open the heaviest doors without breaking a sweat. This makes it a great match for expensive cars, heavier cars, and heavy-duty cars.

Owing to high-quality materials, great torque and solenoid, great aesthetics, and a reasonable price tag – we truly believe this door popper kit is one like no other. Even though we have placed it at the end of our list, let us assure you that it is one of our most favorite picks!


  • Premium high gloss finish
  • Heavy-duty solenoid
  • Emergency popper button
  • 4 functions
  • Easy to switch between doors


  • Some users complain about jammed remotes

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before going further, let us look at some features you can consider to ensure you are buying the perfect door popper kit!

Torque and Solenoid

These two properties are the ones that determine exactly how heavy-duty your door popper kit is. It helps open and push forward the door, to put it simply. Hence, the requirement for torque and solenoid will be determined by the car you are trying to install it in.

Higher torque and solenoid are preferred for heavy car doors and very high-end cars. If you are confused about what sort of torque and solenoid your car needs, you can check for your car’s model for compatibility with the manufacturer.


This is perhaps the most important feature to look into. Car parts can be made of various materials, and if you are not an expert, you may not even be able to tell them apart by sight. Thus, always check whether your desired product is made of good materials before hitting checkout.

Poorly made kits will not last you too long and may even harm your car. High-quality steel, industrial-grade metal, and chrome maybe some desirable materials. However, remember that great materials are likely to come with a heavier price tag; but, we assure you that every penny will be worth investing.


If you are looking for additional features, ensure that they are offered before purchasing your door popper kit. These features may include an emergency door popper button, alarm, and so on.

Number of Doors

An important aspect to look into is how many doors can be controlled with the system. The most common option would be two doors to be used on the front doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have still got questions related to door popper kits, we have got several questions answered below!

  • Can I use door popper kits with cars that have regular handles?

Yes! Most door popper kits can be used with doors that have handles, in case you want an automated way to open the doors too. However, as there is still a chance of a particular model not having this feature, you should always check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

  • Do I need professional help to get door popper kits installed?

This depends entirely on your level of expertise. You can do it yourself if you have some knowledge about mounting such systems and may also take help from video tutorials online. However, if you are unsure, we always recommend hiring a professional.

  • Can door popper kits harm my car’s door and lock system?

If the torque of your kit is not compatible with the car or the quality is too subpar, you may notice problems. However this is not too common, and if it does happen, the damage is not permanent.

  • How to shave a car door?

We recommend getting this done professionally. The results will then be more likely to be durable and perfect. However, if you convinced of DIYing it, there are several video tutorials online to walk you through the process. 

  • How much should I expect to spend on a door popper kit?

For a decent door popper kit, you may have to budget anywhere from 100 to 200 USD. The price tag will depend on various features like functions, quality, and durability, and so on.

Final Words

So there you have it! That was our guide on the best door popper kit and everything related to this system. We hope this guide proves to be helpful in your search. So get one of these systems installed and enjoy the beauty of shaved car doors or simply the convenience of having automated doors.

You might also be interested in sliding gate openers and peephole cameras for more security of your vehicle.

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