What Is SOBCon?

SOBCon goes further.

We know there are many conferences to choose from.

We know you have questions.

What makes SOBCon different than the rest? Why is this the right event for me? What will I get out of it? What’s the return on investment?

First, hear it directly from Co-Founder Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie

What IS SOBCon?

SOBCon is a 2-day interactive business “think tank” that moves ideas to action.  During the conference, attendees increase their business IQ in an engaging and positive learning environment.   They take away an actionable and measurable business plan, along with invaluable business strategies and skills, increased confidence, and a network of connections to drive their companies forward.

The SOBCon Formula

It all starts with the highest quality line-up of industry experts, thought leaders and sponsors delivering 6 blocks of cutting-edge and substantive business strategies. Then, the attention shifts to the audience.  There, SOBCon goes further than the traditional one-way conference.  It demands the direct participation of attendees, through interactive discussions that are mutual, thoughtful and transformative.  This dialogue is the beating heart of SOBCon.

Instead of a fast-paced event dashing from speaker to speaker, SOBCon takes a different, more mindful approach.  To integrate real and lasting learning, participants engage in ‘Mastermind’ sessions directly after each speaker.  These small groups of 4-5 people, with the aid of specially designed discussion models, provide attendees the opportunity to consult with one another, solve current problems, and apply the strategic insights they gained from the speaker to their own businesses.  Workbooks are provided to document the lessons and develop clear and detailed action plans that can be immediately implemented

As a result, there is an extraordinarily high level of engagement, networking and business activity during the event, and attendees depart invigorated and equipped to take action to drive their businesses forward.

SOBCon goes further.    We deliver an easier, faster and more meaningful way to connect.

Results and Impact

SOBCon started in Chicago in 2007 and is now in its 7th year – here are just a few testimonials from previous attendees:

 “It’s the conference where people with an appetite for action go to be kicked into action, get unstuck, and inspired. It’s not for those looking for passive entertainment. It’s the conference for people who want to make lifelong connections with a group of peers doing REALLY COOL STUFF.”

“Inspiration incubator. Place where ideas are nurtured and implementation is encouraged.”

“Amazing, informative about business and marketing- like no other conference you have ever experienced but should…”

“It’s business therapy for your online business. You can talk about what’s working and what’s not and get feedback from experts who willingly share their experiences and offer their insights into your problem, all in a very intimate setting.”

“An amazing collision of outstanding minds”

Based on these and hundreds of other past attendees that have benefited so greatly from this event, we can say with confidence that coming out of SOBCon you will drastically increase your chances to:

  • Form new and profitable business partnerships
  • Successfully revise your company’s service and product models
  • Fine tune your career to align with your highest interests and values
  • Implement new marketing strategies and tactic
  • Change revenue models to increase profit

It’s a unique transformative business and personal experience – Co-Founder Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie explains:

Who attends SOBCon?

 SOBCon attracts a variety of attendees, including chief executives, solopreneurs, marketing agency staff, consultants and community managers from top brands.  The people in the room are responsible for their business’s success and have come to expand their potential.  Titles include:

  • VP | Director | Manager | Owner | Executive Director |CEO | COO
  • Marketing | Communication | PR | Sales | Operations

The Deciding Factor

SOBCon Co-Founders Liz Strauss & Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie

Perhaps you need to convince your boss. Or, maybe you are an entrepreneur and want to feel confident about the decision to be away from your desk.  It could even be that, try as you might, you cannot talk yourself out of the intuitive urge to attend SOBCon.  We support you.

Go ahead. Go further.

Liz & Terry invite you to come to SOBCon and jump into the think tank with 149 other sharp and innovative business leaders – you’ll come out more confident, more connected and more than ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Because SOBCon goes further.

See you at a SOBCon event soon!

Chicago, Illinois  May 3-5, 2013  – Register NOW here

Portland, Oregon  September 27-29 – Save the date; details coming soon!

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