About SOBCon09

Welcome! C’mon In!

It’s with pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you to the official home of SOBCon!

What is SOBCon?

To quote Tony D. Clark about SOBCon . . .

It’s fitting that a great blogging conference mimics a great blog…

  • Stays on topic, but remains flexible
  • Is informative, but friendly and welcoming
  • Is a conversation, rather than a lecture
  • Makes it hard to leave, but easy to want to come back

That was the beta edition of SOBCon. And like other exceptional online betas it set the path and standard for the SOBCons that followed.

Who Attends?

The attendees are just as impressive — the attendees ARE the conference. In the community of business bloggers and social media practitioners, this group of professionals is defining online business by the conversations and relationships they make every day.

May 1-3, 2009, 150 of the most deeply networked, conversational business bloggers and social media practicioners on the Internet will be defining how business works best there. If one evangelist can move a crowd, think of the influence in the single room that is SOBCon08.

The event includes a pre-conference “open mic” night with interactive storytelling. And a Sunday Meeting Time to seal the relationships and make plans for the future. Sponsors are planning interactive participation, including special events, woven seamlessly into the conference.

SOBCon is a one-of-a kind experience. You can find out more at https://www.sobevent.com/ or call Liz Strauss at 773 619 0371

What Is An SOB?

Let’s answer the question . . . about the SOBs, how it got started and what it stands for.

The SOBs started and inspired this conference.
And this year, we’re going to make it even better!


– Liz, Terry, and the SOBCon Team

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