We Will Not Let You Fail: Reactions To SOBCon NW 2012

Photo by Angela Wheeler

{updated 10/8/12} SOBCon NW 2012 in Portland is history, and we’d like to extend our grateful thanks to our sponsors, event partners, presenters, hosts, vendors, and attendees for making it an awesome experience.

It’s always humbling and inspiring to read the stories of those who have been kind enough to write about their experience at SOBCons, and this event has been no exception.

We are pleased to share just a small sampling of these stories, and will continue to share them as they are posted.

SOBCon is a unique social conference experience

By Jeff Bunch

Quote: “There are events that can instantaneously change career and life paths in unforeseen ways. SOBCon is one of those”

How to Find The People Who Won’t Let You Fail

By Dusti Arab

Quote: “SOBCon is a unique conference in that it is small, intimate, and whether you like it or not, you get to know many of the people in the room – because after every presenter, you mastermind with your tablemates. And it works.”

What Impossible Idea Would You Attempt If Surrounded by People Who Won’t Let You Fail?

By Glenda Watson Hyatt

Quote: “Founder Liz Strauss kicked off the conference by pointing out we were surrounded by people who won’t let us fail. I definitely felt that. No matter who I shared my crazy idea with, they were all supportive of my intention to become a motivational speaker.”

A Few First Day Observations From #SOBCon NW 2012

By: Roger Courville

Quote: “Ideas are cheap, execution is what matters” – Lara Feltin, Biznik

Most Memorable Things Said At SOBCON NW 2012

By: Jane Boyd, on List.ly

Quote: “It’s tough to read the label when you’re inside the bottle” – Howard Mann, Brickyard Partners

Community “in the wild” – SOBCon NW edition

By: Rosemary O’Neill

Quote:  “It’s not a blogger conference, it’s not a small business conference, it’s not a revival meeting, it’s not a personal development gathering, but it’s a powerful mixture of all those things and more.  It’s a true community.”