Jesse Petersen Loves #SOBCon

Recently we caught up with Jesse Petersen, head honcho of Petersen Media Group, to ask him how his business has benefited from SOBCon. What follows are Jesse’s unedited words.

Thinking back on it, SOBCon was something that “just happened.” I had just started on the blogging scene back in 2006 when I came across a blog called Successful Online Blogging. I started reading about blogging both as a hobby and a source of income. Before I knew it, I had left some comments that got some replies from some of the regulars on the site. Today, those people: Liz, Chris, Phil, Terry, Barry, and Steve are among my closest online friends and have become “real life” friends through SOBCon.

Jesse PetersenLittle did I know it at the first SOBCon in 2007, but these people would be catalysts to starting and successfully running my own business doing what I love to do most: help people in need. Their needs met my skills and the rest is history. Without the exponential word of mouth marketing that arises from these many quality relationships over the years, I would not still be in business, ever expanding and deepening my network that consists of both dear friends and valued clients.

The people at SOBCon are what make me different each year; they make you change your thought processes and way of viewing your online world through world-class presentations and round-table workshops. Toss in deliberate social networking events to mingle and learn from each other, and you have no option but to change for the better.

If you don’t want genuine interactions with people who care about you as a person, then you’re fine sitting at home or the office. However, if that is something you’ve never experienced but yearn to, you owe it to yourself to come. You’ll never be the same. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re an introvert! So am I — shuffle on over to me and we’ll strike up a conversation a couple of hours later.

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